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News HYIP industry 12/14/13

Today there are some very interesting news .

The first news of the project My Traffic Value

This project already has a very long and admin always showed a good side .

The project came the news that the opening of a new plan earn 110% within 96 hours !

The project is very interesting , it has games , the ability to advertise your site , monitoring investments and naturally !

Today I went to the forum / forum and saw a big banner on top of this project !

I do not know why the project started advertising for the new year , but I think this project will still live a long time .

Next, tell you interesting news about the project Alliance-development

We have already mentioned several times in this project our news. Today I looked into the theme of the project forum MMGP, and saw a very interesting post .

On Tuesday, I decided to go with a friend in Orekhovo-zuevo in office alliance-development to sign a contract on deposit proekt.Onlayn one contribution I have done had the idea to fill up in this way .
What about the trip left a positive opinion beautiful pleasant town ( bright advertising office in not noticed. ) But in the office explained that advertising on the Moscow area will be after the new year .
Managers answered all my questions , issued correctly agreement explained everything on the documents generally get a lot of interesting and useful information on the project and the company.
And of course the photo report on the trip

In the pictures we see an office building. Advertising the project in the building and the office itself .

What can I say , the project is developing well offline , online advertising is not seen aggro . I think this project certainly survive the new year. And after the new year it is safe to include in its investment portfolio.

Another news from the project Travel Profit

Project with high interest rates , opened yesterday . In the news admin reminds investors that it added a lot of monitors and monitoring of these offer a good return referral commission.
Also if you have any problems or questions do not hesitate to invest in the support site .

Came news from the project SNGMONEY

Let me remind you that the project does not work 18 days , he worked for about a week. the project was restarted a few days ago and he began to take on new deposits.

In the news tells us that they no longer accept investments through the payment system Webmoney, because this payment system is time-consuming for the administrator.

As you can see the project has several negative votes , but the project status PAYING. Negative votes from previous investors who lost money at the first start and are now trying to prevent the admin again gather up money.



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