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News HYIP 26.03.2014


Project news Inwiqu.

     How could the most observant notice - in profile on the possibility of including secure authentication. What is it like to use and why - we'll post-test separately. This is only part of the security updates that we had planned to finish the Restatement, but underestimated the amount of work required. Nevertheless - almost ready and soon we will explain in detail all the changes for the better.

     As work safety are not yet completed - recall that the conclusion to the payment systems need to be confirmed by email admin [DOG] (instead of [DOG] put @) with the registration mail party , with an login Inviku, purse number and the amount already submitted. For PM, may also need to adhere to the following conditions: the level of trust units 3 and match the name registered with the login Inviku PM (wanted to add that the PM account shall be verified, but decided to leave it to the discretion of the participants - if you have confirmed the number of purse letter can not be verified). Kiwi output size and remains fixed in the amount of 5,000 rubles per transaction.

     RECOMMEND: create new templates details in the right direction (payment systems), ALWAYS - in the title indicate the number of purse template (and then check when making a request to the conclusion that the right to request a purse).

     VERY IMPORTANT: exploiting vulnerabilities smoking, we monitor and correct them, but who observe in their use - will block before asking. At the stock exchange , be very careful and it is better not have affairs with untested sellers unrated and numerous customer reviews - if the seller will be blocked for fraud, no refunds buyer , we will not make (think of it as a price worth paying for a sweet discount). Do not want to risk - use a regular input.

     Reset button on the page refback Partner disconnected until check vulnerability restitution refbonusa under arrangements with your refami can do so far through internal transfers, if the limit on transfers will be exhausted - then (and only then) through the Consultant.

     As reported in previous news - March 26 in Nano canceled refund entry fees (except typing in Coyne - on them and still return full commission), which means that less than a day (before 00.00 am on 26 March), those who going to take part on past conditions.

     This week, the commission proposed to return in the following areas: kiwi and PerfectMoney. Featured Destinations O - Sberbank and Yandex (confirmation request) is also available on connected conclusion , Alfa Bank , TCS IIIB template output TCS must be present contract number), PM and Kiwi (about pm and kiwi see above), the remaining banks and interbank transfer will be in the template details should be given full details of the account .


     Today, March 26 protect F5veinvestors in the news announced its closing. Project and failed to get out of a minus, so its creators decided to finish the job.


     Royalearn - after five months, the project decided to close. Administration is not informed of the reasons for closing, it can have the money or just the administration does not see the point in the continuation of the project. The project worked five months and has earned many positive reviews.    



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