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News HYIP 18.02.2014

Present to you a selection of the most interesting news from Hyip industry for last week .


We are pleased to inform you that on 16 February 2014. Alternative-energy project has been running for 40 days. And now you can use inestorov respected online chat in four languages: English, Indonesian, Russian and Portuguese.



14.02.2014. PerfectInvestGroup project went for 10 days work. And the project continues to flourish and dynamics is increasing every day . In the project come more and more new investors. In this regard, the system becomes more reliable, stable and continues to grow.

Already this week there will be new photos from the first property - come out of " hibernation " , interior home has been finished , and the coming of spring will begin upgrading the site and preparing for a possible sale . We will wait for new news about this project, and keep you updated with the latest news.

Project changed earn interest Professional and at the moment it is 0.4 % of the contribution . Follow the news about all the changes , we will inform you in advance.

Today I received an interesting email from the news on the project I first saw this kind of advertising in Hyip projects. I think this project is set up on a long work time ordered such advertising. Nowadays it is a very promising form of PR, and therefore it is not worth the cheap. I think that investors should take a closer look at this project.


Dear users, we are pleased to inform you that the project continues to develop versatile offline advertising. This time the action took place in the Moscow region town of Orekhovo- commercials Bettcoin company can be seen at the following addresses :

North 2a ( contrary supermarket ATTACKS )

Biryukova 18c

Volodarskogo 43

Lenin 34

Madona 16a

Offline advertising will continue , the company will expand to other regions of Russia . In the near future will be open official offices in different regions of Russia .

Project updated their office address and telephone number on its manual page. Now you can easily apply to any project for background information .

March 16 in Orekhovo-Zuevo held paintball tournament , which has become the official sponsor of the project Do not miss this event .



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