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May 31, 2020
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LibertyReserve block users!

August 14 Online mmgp first reports of blocked users. First there was the assumption that the lock began after the update:
In an online chat response was:

«Brandon All accounts freezed by administrator was done because they violated the terms of services or were being used to scam peoples money. No more information was provided ... »
Later found out that most of it is blocked by the moneychangers out of Russia from abroad, almost no one touched.

As it turns out Blocking wallets were many monitoring and even ordinary investors and even came to the admin. Suppose the project the admin project also blocked purse LR. There is information that came to power following monitoring iehyip, hyiphall, list4hyip, hyipscope, uhyips, prohyip, gsmonitor and others.
TalkGold to write the following:

"I wonder about the guys who have accounts are locked with more than 10 thousand dollars, and they just posted in LR, e-mail.

Do you guys remember that Liberty Reserve SA is a company registered in Costa Rica, with offices in San Jose, Costa Rica. And LR is licensed to handle funds.
Why you do not get the company's lawyers in San Jose, Costa Rica, and legal experts to visit LR office or regulatory entity to know what's going off?
There are a bunch of lawyer in San Jose. I'm sure some of them will be happy to help you It should not cost more than $ 500-1000 for such things. "
"Do not understand why people still write about what LR Scam, LR closed. Like many other payment StormPay, Egold, Ebullion, AlterGold, GlobalDigitalPay, 1mdc .... For me, the payment system is the same as HYIPs, but a long service life. following scammers will PErfectMoney, OKPAY, SolidTrustPay, payza ...
Paypal also crook they blocked 6000 usd, a year ago for the fact that I had a number of transactions for 1 day. Money online is a scam on the Internet it can be investment, can be a payment system or even store "

But how did ProBusinessLtd:

"Currently, purses Liberty Reserve periodically blocked, due to the actions of administrators payment system. Specialists ProBusiness International Ltd have carefully analyzed the risks and came to the conclusion that further work with this payment system.
Your funds are well protected - even in bankruptcy Liberty Reserve you will be paid interest and returned deposits to other electronic payment system. "
So for thought and information in adult industry had a similar incident, the payment system Epassporte first zablorovalak all major accounts, then do all of the accounts, the results began to request documents, play for time and eventually lost ...
Please note that in exchange with X due to large courses mainly in Perfectmoney, other payment obligation normal course. Yesterday we exchanged all with LR to WMZ by 3-5%. Why am I writing about exchangers, because I was not disabled, and I am very surprised. Of monitoring, many immediately started to abandon LR, but they did not write that their account has been locked, just that they refuse.

Now people are going to try to obscure the exchangers to exchange their LR, my advice is be very careful.
One of me to write this interesting post:

"I do not know at this time, no me, which bypassed the lock.
I do not take into account any shkololo to reserve $ 100 for all currencies.
Talking to whom - all lokas. Some are two-fold. "
Until 19 August, all so far unchanged. Mmgp to have a new interesting news:
"Do not be a general panic, gentlemen! a week ago, my purse with a balance of 27K is also not open a couple of days, get out the words "your account is blocked," and then it worked and is still working properly. You just have to wait until this blows over. "

And here is another theory of

Exchangers with X accounts purchased from LibertyReserve money by wire transfer. LibertyReserve be eradicated obmenschikov left them to have more currency bought LR. Now a lot of wrappers flows to X account blochatsya obmenschiki left. LibertyReserve exchangers are restored and the X account ...
And the question remains unlocked LibertyReserve accounts are blocked, the personal opinion of mine is not ... before they were at all and do not care now, too.
1. Block mainly with large financial acca (there are exceptions, where 0 counts, but were driving).
2. Block mainly to CIS countries (with some exceptions).
3. Acca block that have a history (that is, little old).
4. Block acca not all, but only one or two registered to the same data.
5. Problems logging (often takes captures, constantly receiving letters from pincode, even when nothing has changed).
6. There are no official data on the system about the situation (the administration declined to comment.)
7. The result was that the blocked accounts mainly exchangers and private money changers. Moreover, the accounts X exchangers have received permission to exchanges LibertyReserve not blocked.
8. Block users number increases.



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