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Interviews with project Arena-Finance

Project Arena-Finance has worked 11 days and at once it was visible that the project took a good start, many investors have believed in the project and have started to do the contribution in it and on the 8 day there was one VIP  investor with the contribution above 2000$. And after such successful beginning we have offered the manager of the project Stanislav Sinjakovu to make interview which he has agreed to.


1. Hello! Please, be presented to readers and tell to us about your role in project Arena-Finance. What your obligations in this project? What management experience by investment funds do you have?


Hello. My name is Stanislav Sinjakov, I am the Manager of investment project Arena Finance. My Principal duties consist in support of functioning of all project as a whole. For example, the control of our investments, timely transfers for accomplishment of requests for a conclusion of means, the decision of contentious issues with investors and so on. I only have started to turn out management experience by the investment project, but there is a long-term experience of investment in similar and other funds, and also experience of forecasting in sports. Our command have already been working for a long time together, therefore problems in the project will not arise.


2. Could not you describe us some preconditions for a basis of the given project? How long have you been working over the project? What have you expected, first of all, performing the beginning of the project? Is there  somebody else beside you wno is working in Arena-finance?


Forecasting of the sports events is only one of the directions of our activity. Now we want to rise the level above and to expand our investment offers. We plan to increase monetary turnover for the account of the involved means and further to develop the project. Over creation of the project we  started to work  in the summer. We have tried to make it as much as possible convenient, clear and safe.

That we first of all expected? First, the purpose is to become the best investment project in the market. The preparation for the project was led very serious. Secondly, the main task before opening is to be pleasant to investors. The first task is executed.

We have the fully completed command. The operator of technical support works with me. In ICQ we are practically 24 hours a day, the most part of all requests for a conclusion is processed within 20-30 minutes, but under regulations till 12 o'clock. And also the specialists are  working in sports forecasting. The other people supporting our project are designers and the technicians performing round-the-clock monitoring of our server.


3. And what about the investment plans? Can you explain us the details? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investments? How often is it possible to order a conclusion, what minimum amount for a conclusion? Whether  is it  possible to lead you the contribution in advance or is there the restriction?


In our project there are three investment plans.  As our basic direction are sports forecasts  the name of plans was decided to make sports: Training, the Prime minister-league and  Champions League.

Plans are absolutely different from each other and specially developed under different desires and possibilities of investors. The detailed description of plans you can find on the  site in section "Plans".

The minimum amount for investments is only 1$, Maximum – 20000$. But in the future the lath of the maximum deposit will increase.

You can order payment at any time, in an every spot on the globe 24 hours a day and our operators as fast as possible will process your request. We try to render as much as possible convenient and fast service. Very few investment projects can brag of the same for today.

It is possible to remove the deposit in advance but with percent deduction as it is necessary to "break" our circulating assets and to pull out  of the schedule a certain amount. The commission constitutes are from 10 % to 20 % from the deposit enquired for the  conclusion.


4. Your site is translated into 3 languages why have you chosen them? Are you still planning  to add the translation into other languages?

I can tell to you itis only the beginning. And why for start we have have chosen them? Probably, because these languages are popular enough not only in native country, but also in others.

Next week from 07.11.11 till 13.11.11 the Chinese and Italian languages will be added. Later we will add about 5 languages.

The administration tries to make service as much as possible convenient for all investors of the different countries.


5. Tell  us about payment systems which are accessible in Arena-finance. Do you have deal with what payment systems by this time? Do you plan to add more payment systems? I have noticed that you accept payment through system WebMoney. They can block your account at any moment. How Do you avoid it and what will be if it  happens and your account with money blocks?


We work with the most popular payment systems:


PerfectMoney (the Account is verified)

AlertPay (the Account is verified)

Webmoney (the Personal certificate for constant partners)

Alpha bank (Direct transfer)

Приват24 (Direct transfer)

We want to notice that all our accounts and also the e-mail have the maximum protection with SMS authorisations and so on. I do not think that something else can be necessary for investors. But if there is  such requirement we will necessarily add. Probably, we will add one more bank.

According to the account webmoney. We have  the personal certificate. Transfer into this certificate is possible only for active investors with the deposit for a total sum 150$. That is we as much as possible try to secure ours WMID against competitors and ill-wishers. We use Webmoney only for acceptance of contributions instead of storage of means. Means after the contribution within days leave in work. The webmoney account is adhered to the bank account that allows us to do instantly transfers with the minimum commission.


6. How highly can you estimate thrlevel of safety  of your website? What measures do you undertake of protection from possible hacker attacks, attacks of competitors on blocking of your accounts, the domain etc.?


Our site is as much as possible protected from any attacks. Many monitorings in the reviews have stated  the estimation of our safety of 4.5/5 or 5/5. We consider it is the indicator. I will tell more in detail:

1. The allocated server from Dragonara.

2.  The certificate SSL from known Company Thawte which starts to work automatically as soon as you come on a site.

3. Round-the-clock monitoring is connected to the server. Specialists will react in some minutes if the site works not stably. Be it DDoS or something another.

4. Our working accounts are protected as much as possiblend as soon as it is possible in a payment system. There are sms activation, IP protection and so on. And also reserve accounts are stored on different computers.

5. According to the account of safety of the personal account webmoney I have written above.


7. What type of support of clients do you offer and in what languages? What is the best and rhe most effective method to contact you if I have a question? I know there is phone for communication. Tell  us about it more in detail, during what time I can communicate with you, who will answer and why the number +7985-4339511. Do you accept only SMS?


Our support works practically 24 hours a day. You can communicate with me having written in ICQ: 8-777-655. The operator of technical support will help you on ICQ: 135-053-701. You can write in Russian and English language. Further, there are phones: +7912-9722738 (Here you can talk to me personally from 9:00 till 15:00 Moscow time). +7985-4339511 have made for sms and  I can answer or the operator of support, and also it  is a possibility to send sms 24 hours a day.


8. Tell us about your reports on the site. Why have you decided to spread sports forecasts in Excel  format, it is not seems to you that the the depositors' confidence and potential investors would be caused by screens of your rates or video?

Why have you decided to do transfers in welfare fund WWF? It is a lot of various welfare funds, why have you chosen it?

You have laid out transfers in fund WWF in October, 28th 674 roubles and 2344 r in November, 2nd. So if we take the calculator and count, you have translated only 3018 r. It means that you have invested 301.800 r and on an average rate 30.5 r it turns out that you have invested 9895$ but in the site’s statistic it is specified that it is invested 12,729$.

674r + 2344r = 3018r*100 % = 301.800r / 30.5r = 9895$.


Reports in Excel are the most convenient method. In them you can see detailed forecasts and to lay out all in screens, it would be required to us about 300 files, this is  absolutely useless employment. Reports in detail comprise even coefficients of bookmaker offices in the moment of the rate and as you probably know, after game day the coefficient is already inaccessible to viewing.

Probably, we will think giving video of our account in the future.

WWF is the most known fund for the help to animals, and also as much as possible convenient for transfer of means and granting of proofs about transfers from our account. If we have chosen any other fund and have send money for it, how the investors will learn whose requisites are in screens of transfers of Alpha bank. And the last that I want to tell about it. We consider that if you have a possibility to help, it is necessary to do it!

According to the account of figures it is true, but we did transfer approximately in the evening and it  was not the VIP deposit. The sum of deposits on the statistic at the moment of transfer constituted: 9898.35$. The following payment will be made from a total sum of deposits, behind a minus 9898.35$. I hope I have completely opened your assumptions.


9. As it is written at your  site you ate engaged in «forecasting of sports events». Tell  us about it more in detail. Tell, how do you manage to get such high profit from forecasts. All money of investors at you is directed only to one direction investment or there is something else?


All statistics and monthly profit are in detail painted in reports at the site. Each match and each forecast can be seen and checked up (try to come into history of results of any bookmaker office and to choose any date from our files). The good experience, the good indicators which we only try to improve. The good monthly percent of profit allows us to pay the percent established at site to investors. And also about 15 % of circulating assets are involved in reliable investment projects. Iin this sphere we have good experience (therefore our site is  in many respects the  ideal among other investment projects in the market). Soon we will develop the program of private short-term crediting and as you know we will allow to have stable, additional percent.


10. It is written at your site that «In the near future we are planning  to begin the new credit program of our investors on the security of the deposit.» This question I think excites many investors how soon are you planning to enter the credit program? What conditions will be for issue of credits? Credits are not often returned, how are you going to struggle with it?


Here we will describe this question in detail later at the site. In the last couple of weeks we have left this question as densely prepared the project, but in the near future we will return to it, completely we will finish and we will paint all at the  site. One I can tell, it is the100 % program.



11. Is there the agreement with you as with the company or the private person? Which are the conditions? Probably, is there a meeting with you or someone from your employees.


At  present  we are the group of private investors, but already next year, we are planning the registration. It will be or offshore company as at investment business because it is very convenient, or "Open Company", but here there will be a decision of questions with the lawyer about licensing. As soon as we extend, at once we will solve this question.

According to the account of a meeting I have already talked to one of our investors. And I think of this question. The most important thing is to worry about  safety of our partners and project administration. All business on the Internet is dangerous enough to each of the parties. You understand, in our management there is big enough money of investors, and also complete access to accounts. Also now very big employment of all employees. To become one of the best projects in the markett it is not easy! Probably, in the future for constant investors we will be more opened. Also we will place screens of our reserve fund.


12. How do you advance project Arena-finance? What do you use as the advertising strategy? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future? Entering of the insurance, bonuses, competitions among investors and referrals are planned?


The first that has been made isthes addition of popular monitorings. We will apply in the near future aggressive enough advertising company. To buy banners, sticks, the best places and so on. There will have already been many changes by the end of November. The online chat, a forum in Russian and English language will be added (and developed for our site), modern languages, English-speaking support by phone and in an online chat will be added. The insurance it is not planned. And competitions we will necessarily conduct.


13. On support of clients you meet what questions, problems and other materials ate there more often? Is there  something with what you would like to address now to the clients that it should not contact you?


We have tried to make FAQ at the web-site as much as possible accessible and sated popular questions. Plus some moments I have opened in the  interview. At the given stage, problems in support of investors are not present. We have excluded all possible problems in advance.

The only thing that I want to tell in this question to investors: Please, read FAQ before circulation in support. The section the majority of questions is opened. If there are subsidiary points, welcome to us in ICQ, an e-mail or phone.


14. And the last, is there something what was not mentioned in the interview  and what you would like to tell? Convince doubting, what will you tell to involve to invest in your project?


Dear investors. Trust the means only to the best. Trusting Arena Finance, you not only keep the means, but also will increase them. With Arena Finance  you will know that your money specialists of the business manage and your maximum means are protected, and exits from force-majeur situations have already been thought in advance over by our command.


Thanks to Stanislav for answers. We hope that the project will really work successfully not only in the  new year, but also after. I think having read interview the majority of questions to the project has disappeared, now it is necessary to wait for the further development of the project and crediting opening, and who did not do by that the contribution to the project it is necessary to think, because it is a high time to dare to make it.


In case of copying of the material the direct reference on our site is obligatory!






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