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Dec 11, 2019
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Dec 11, 2019
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35% daily for 7 days
150% after 12 days
3500% after 70 days
800% after 15 days
1900% after 25 days
Dec 07, 2019
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2.2% - 2.5% daily for 20 days
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Interviews with Oilstandart


1.    Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us about your own role within  What are your own duties within the program? What is your own experience of managing funds?

I am proudly introduce myself as the owner and founder of, my role is shaping every and make a way for every who willing to take their part with us, and together bring their investment forwards.

2. Can you also give us some background on the program? How long have you been running? What were you hoping to achieve by starting it in the first place? Apart from you is there anybody else working on Oilstandard?

We have been online for 19 days for now. We are working in team, to bring every of our resources, funds and investment forwards for everyone who don’t have time to think and have no idea about how to achieve their prosperity. We are working in a brilliant way to achieve our goal, together with everyone who put their trust on us. 

3. And what about the investment plans? Can you explain us the details? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investments? Which plan is the most popular?

Below, is the table where we put our investment plan in complete for everyone to see. We don’t have “a most popular plan”, because each of our investment s uniquely designed, and all of it is our best.

4. Your site is only for english language? Are you planning to add more languages?

Unfortunately we only provide English for our site, since English is the most used language in this planet, we think that that language can cover many people from many country. But we tend to make our site is available to many language soon.


5. Tell us about the payment options available from Oilstandard. What payment processors are you currently dealing with? What is the most popular choice of the investors?

We have and accept 2 payment option at the moment,  Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, most of us know that LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney is one of the most popular payment processor in this world and its value is liquid. The exchanger is easy to find in many countries. It would make anyone who intends to join and make investment with us could fund their account on Oilstandard easily.


6. How highly would you rate the security of your own website? Tell us about your hosting provider and how highly would you rate them as a service provider?

We use as our host, they have Ddos protection up to 50Gb/S

They are one of the best in hosting business nowadays, it services used by many site. We would not think twice to recommend their service to everyone, and have no doubt about their capabilities and professionalism of their services


7. What kind of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most efficient way to contact you if I have any questions? At what time support work?

We plan to provide many kinds of support system to make us able to get in touch with not only our dearest client but also everyone who drop by on our site.

We will add  Skype support, live chat support, phone support, and email support at the moment to assist and provide support to everyone within 10 days.


8. Tell us how you generate such huge profits, tell us more about your business?

Oil Standard, known for its innovation, is one of the leading oil production companies. Within just 13 years, our company has established itself as a dynamically progressed organization, whose strategy revolves around powerful and onward development. From the starting days of being a service company, Oil Standard has now reached the highest level of fully functional oil Production Company thanks to its own infrastructure of mining, gathering, preparing and oil transporting.
We are focused on developing our own raw material base on legitimate territories, advancing oil mining technologies and oil recovery factor methods in order to receive the maximum profit. Currently, Oil Standard applies progressive scientific researches and technologies for searching, mining and oil preparing. It implements modern systems of collecting and analysis of industrial data and proposes large-scaled consultations, individual and convenient operational schemas for potential partners. We have huge experience in evolving of hard extracting oil resources and inflow rate stimulating in complicated geological conditions. Innovation, transparency and flexible problems solution methods give us a chance to make our business field wider and hence we get closer to our goals.

 “invest from the comfort of your home with just one click and we do the rest”

“We have the best team and instruments to provide the best service and make your stay with us be of your total satisfaction”


9. Is it possible to make an agreement with you as with the company or a private person? Which conditions are there for this?

We plan make it possible in the future depend on the condition and circumstances. We will do every possible way to make clients able to have contract with us in the future as company.


10. What have been the most common questions, problems, or other support related issues that you have had to deal with so far? Is there anything you would like to address here so that members can avoid having to contact you?

We don’t see any reason to avoid get in touch with our members or anyone who interested with, because Nothing in particular is threatening us, we are very open to any question not only from member but also for anyone who interested with us, there is no way we will avoid anyone who want to get in touch with us through any support platform.

11. What is your opinion on the currency crisis in HYIP industry? What do you think leads to that? Do you have any suggestions to improve the situation?

We have nothing to say related with the condition nowadays, because we believe we have the qualified staff, team, resources and instrument, which will make us different than the others. And we believe that we are not only good, but the best at it.

12. Are there any plans to develop Oilstandard further in the near future? Will there be any interesting changes made soon? How are you planning to keep the program competitive with so many new HYIPs opening every day?

Yes, because we keep evolving day by day, to keep up with the circumstances and condition of the investment business environment, we plan and tend to keep our performance better and better, until no one is better than us.




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