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Jun 04, 2020
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Interview with the project Probusinessltd

1.Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us about your role in the project Probusinessltd. What are your responsibilities in this project? What you have experience in the management of investment funds?
Hello! My name is Dennis, I am a manager for the development of the project.

2. Can you give us the basic information about the project? How long have you been working on? What do you hope to accomplish by running it in the first place? Except you are working on someone Probusinessltd?
«ProBusiness» - a unique offer in the field of open investment, created to increase your capital by implementing the most relevant international Internet projects. «ProBusiness» is an officially registered company, operating in accordance with applicable law. Our team of young professionals looking forward to a long and fruitful work of the project.

3. Tell us about your investment conditions. You have already changed plans at the beginning of the summer, will they change in the future? You have proposed two types of payment plans once every 10 days and at the end of which one species is more popular?

All of our investment plans are interesting program with different expiration dates and different contribution rates. Investment packages «ProBusiness» can be divided into two groups: the packages with 10-day payment and packages with interest payable at maturity.
I would like to note that at the moment there are tariffs SUMMER *. This special offer, with increased interest rates on deposits, which we offer to our customers in the summer of 2012. This offer ends August 31, 2012, so you still have the opportunity to make large profits. Popular with customers are the plans with interest payable at maturity.

4. Your web site is designed for Russian users. Do you plan to add other languages?
At the moment, we only work with Russian-speaking clients. However, in the near future, we plan to enter the English-speaking audience.

5. Tell us about the payment system, which takes Probusinessltd. What payment system at this moment you are already taking, and on what terms? Which payment system is the most popular choice of investors? Do you plan to add such payment systems as AlertPay, Egopay, SolidtrustPay?

In our project, we are actively working with leading and well-known EPS: WebMoney, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, QIWI. Also working with Russian banks through Internet banking: Sberbank, Alfa Bank, VTB, PSB, Messenger Bank. The most popular way of cooperation with our investors is a bank transfer. As for AlertPay, Egopay, SolidtrustPay, then at the moment working with the data not prudsmotrena EPS. Perhaps in the near future connect Liqpay.

6. How highly do you rate the security of your site and investment in general? What are you doing to protect against DDoS and hacker attacks, attack rivals for blocking domain accounts in payment systems, etc.?
We value the safety of our project and our customers and constantly carry a variety of work to reduce the risk of abuse of "third" parties and increase safety in general. To protect the site was used by a dedicated server, and SSL-encryption key length of 256 bits.

7. What type of customer support do you offer and in which languages? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have a question? I know you have a telephone number to contact 8800555 July 12. Tell us more about it, at what time I can get through to him, who will answer me?
Customer Support «ProBusiness» works exclusively in Russian. We have our own free line for residents of Russia, online chat support, skype, ICQ, and email. Management support services to our company will be happy to answer all questions from 9:00 to 18:00 GMT Monday to Friday

8. Tell us your referral program? Can any member may
to participate in it?
Affiliates «ProBusiness» created to give all users a source of additional income. To take advantage of our affiliate program, you need not be an investor - enough to place on the site, forum or blog individual link or banner.

9. Do you have a registered company offshore. Why did you register it in an offshore zone? Do you have a company office, I can take you there to find?
We are registered in offshore only to simplify the business and maximize profit at the expense of a more lenient tax environments. Registration also allows offshore without difficulty get our company in the international format of the work.

10. Can I sign a contract with you as a company or individual? What conditions are there for it?
Yes. Any client company wants to open a deposit larger than 1500 USD may conclude a written contract.

11. What were the most common questions, problems, or other issues related to the support? Is there anything of what you would like to address is to their clients, so they do not have to communicate with you?

The most common question, both existing and potential customers of our company is associated with risks. Once again we want to say, in view of the specifics of the company, namely the investment real existing Internet projects which make a profit all risks are reduced to zero.

12. What is your opinion about the problems with LibertyReserve? Do you think it's because of what happened? Earn it again LibertyReserve payment system or was it closed for good?
We operate with public information available on the site system, and as we learned in the CSE conducts routine preventive maintenance. I think that after solving technical problems, it will restore the work.

13. In the project, you can operate only << electronic currency exchange service >> when planning to open other projects?
Betting company will be launched in December this year. As for the electronic payment system ELPASY, there is nothing concrete to say we can not. In view of the complexity of the project launch, the period of its launch is not specified. Hosting service will be launched in the near future. By the way, we have set for ourselves is not expected that it will give priority to betting companies, although initially it was running down the list of projects.

14. How your project relates to << >> Tell me more. You simply invest money there and all? Or You are the administrator of the project and in control of everything that happens in the project?
The "» is a project of its own. Develop and fund it solely under «ProBusiness». At present the project has its own exchange service administrator who personally manages the service. However, full independence service "» does not possess.

15. Are there plans to develop Probusinessltd further in the near future? Will there be some interesting changes in the near future?

Yes. Development «ProBusiness» is permanent. As you can see - we never stand still. Continually improve the project is not only technically and functionally, but also make it more attractive and interesting. Apply new development in its project.
The most interesting change - a serial launch. And connecting the new payment systems, creating video training, redesign, development of the English version, and more.

17. Lastly, is there anything not covered in this interview, what would you like to say? Do you have what else to convince doubters that you say, to attract investment in your project?
I would like to say once again that:
• We have a clear understanding of the opportunities and conditions of the investment market.
• We use the directional approach to business development with real and achievable goals.
• We run into circulation significant financial resources.
• We are considering a move, adhere to the policy of minimal risk.
We multiply your money and do it wisely!



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