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Feb 21, 2020
OptimusMVGITO  VIP  Paying
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Feb 17, 2020
0.87% - 1.17% hourly for 120 hours
1.8% - 2.25% hourly for 72 hours
5.35% - 8.35% hourly for 24 hours
Feb 15, 2020
0.05% hourly forever
Feb 14, 2020
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Feb 21, 2020
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Interview with the project PARAMARIBO

Hello dear investors we are glad to present to your attention an interview with the admin of the project PARAMARIBO.

1.Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us about your own role and your own responsibilities in the PARAMARIBO project?

 Hello! My name is Alexander, I am the project administrator of PARAMARIBO. My role is to constantly monitor the work of the project (timely accruals and payments). I am also personally engaged in the development of the project, through the purchase of quality advertising.

 2. Can you give us basic information about the project?Why this name?

This time I approached as honestly as possible (whether it will give result, time will show) and at once told people that we work by the Ponzi principle - previous at the expense of the subsequent. So work 90%-95%, but hide behind the legend. The name chose a summer, positive, because the project should be in a good mood.

3. What can you say about the investment plans? The percentage of profitability is very good and the referral Commission is not small. Will there be any difficulties with payments?

 As a rule, sooner or later any project has problems with payments and my project is no exception. When will they? I say honestly, I do not know, obviously not tomorrow, but I do not dare to make predictions. Much depends on the investors themselves, if most believe, will be Doninvest, the project will show itself perfectly!

 4. Your website is currently available only in Russian. Do you plan to add other languages?

 Work on the introduction of the English language is actively underway and in the coming days this issue will be resolved. This, in turn, will give a good impetus to the project, because we will start working with well-known foreign monitors and blogs!

5. The project is now working with the payment system PAYEER. Do you plan to use more payment systems?

 Unfortunately, the script of the project does not provide for the connection of other payment systems, as the referral system is tied to the wallets of users.

 6. How much do you appreciate the security of your website? What security measures do You take from possible hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks competitors lock your accounts, domain, etc.?

 The script itself is tested and works 2nd year. By the way, initially there was one mistake, in connection with which my project was closed last year. By the way it worked for 50 days and nothing no signs of trouble (I was hoping to break all records of bessrochnim), but an error has occurred, which is simply not possible to solve immediately. Now all measures are taken, the script is stable. We use HYIP hosting from Geniusguard, there is protection not only from DDoS, but also from any hacker attacks.

 7. What kind of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have any questions? Does your support work around the clock?

 The best support is project mail. I monitor new letters literally 16 hours a day. Problems (error in the purse number, change of apline, other working issues)are solved in an hour, usually 5-15 minutes. There is a group Vkontakte, but it is created more for communication. Support is provided from approximately 8:00 to 24:00.

 8. Tell us how you make a profit, what is the essence of your business?

 While getting due to the fact that devany created the account and those who don't come for refferal link, get on it, I get a referral. In the future, as the amount of at least$ 500, I will make a Deposit in my own project.

 9. What were the most common questions, problems you faced? Do you manage to solve the problems quickly?

 At the moment, there are two most common problems. The first is the scammers who register other people's wallets for themselves, trying to make money at the expense of referral. I look forward to when they will register all their bases, then delete their accounts and the referral will not go away. The second is the human factor. Many are in a hurry and do not register the correct wallet (let's say they miss one digit), then make a Deposit, and the next day they enter the correct wallet (the second account is obtained), and there is no Deposit or statistics on it. I solve all this quickly and there are no complaints.

 10. Are there any plans for the development of PARAMARIBO in the near future?

 Plans of course there is. It is possible to add video testimonials in the main, will introduce the English language, there is a strategy of advertising.

11. How do you promote the project, PARAMARIBO. What advertising strategies do you use? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future? Are there plans to introduce insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?

 The development strategy is tested. The main thing is to maintain the inflow of investments and the growth of the reserve Fund. No matter how slow you move (even if the reserve is growing at a dollar a day), it is important how long you move. Competitions are planned, but only after we gain a good share of foreign capital. As the analysis shows, investors from the CIS have a very negative attitude to tenders, which leads to a decline in capital inflows and brings a deplorable result. On the contrary, foreign investors are very fond of contests and participate in them with great pleasure.

12. And finally, is there anything left out of this interview that you would like to say? Do you have what else to convince doubters, what do you say to get you to invest in your project?

 In the end I want to say only one thing. Do not waste time-in a week you will be a little sorry that you have not made a Deposit. In twenty days, you will realize that you would have already come out "to zero". The longer we work, the more everyone gets profit. Already many investors have made good deposits and now just get the money every day, while doing absolutely nothing.




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