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Interview with the project Delta-traders

1. Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us about your role in Delta-traders project. What are your responsibilities in this project? Which experience in managing investment funds do you have?
Hello, my name is Michael Meklin, I'm managing trader and founder of an investment fund Delta Traders. My key responsibility in the project is to build long-term relationships with investors in the fund, and these are not empty words, but comprehensive definition of our strategy. We have come for a long time and seriously, so I and my team permanently sharpen all the business processes in order to make the interaction with the fund investor as simple, comfortable as most importantly profitable.
Details about my professional experience is set out on our official website in "First Person".

2 . Could you describe us some of the prerequisites for the establishment of this project? How long have you been working on this project? Why did you name the project is Delta-traders? What did you expect, first of all, when launched the project? Is there anyone else besides you working in Delta-traders?
A crucial precondition for the Delta Traders was my dream to make the investment in the international currency market accessible and convenient for a wide range of investors .
In 2011, I formed a team of like-minded, consisting of young, but talented traders. Initially we worked on the principle of closed private investment fund, providing asset management services to our friends and acquaintances. In 2012, in response to the rapid expansion of investor’s number and our need for additional service and warranty, we established the company Traders Company Inc., on the basis of which in 2013 we created an open investment fund Delta Traders, which I have the honor to manage.
As for the fund name we proceeded on our basic desires to create a qualitative difference (delta) in the market as for the level of service provided as for a record length of a stable and profitable operation of the traders.
Our expectations regarding the launch of the fund were more than justified. When we first presented the project in a professional investor’s environment it was still quite damp and represented a wide field of criticism. But over a short time, we have made ??significant technological improvements and marketing plan, which of course could not go unnoticed - we started getting positive feedback and today we can safely say that the project is progressing well on our strategy in line.
The project team - this is a special object of pride, because it is no secret that the majority of existing investment projects, namely the personnel issue is a stumbling block to the development of a stable and high-quality work . In our case, all is radically different. We understand that only a professional team and system approach to management can give a qualitatively new results which will allow the project to take and hold a leadership position in the market. Today Delta Traders investment fund includes 7 structural units: a group of traders, investors support, financial service, service quality control, personnel service, PR service and security service.
3. Regarding investment plans can you explain us the details? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investment? How often can I order the withdrawal, what is the minimum withdrawal amount? Can I withdraw contributions in advance? Why did you decide to make a floating, and not fixed % of profit?
We have following investment offer: minimum investment of $10 and no restrictions on the maximum amount. The minimum term of the fund's account management is 10 days, after this time the investor can either continue with the fund or fixed income, withdraw all funds from the investment account. The average monthly income of our investors is 20-25%. Floating daily percentage (used due to the specifics of trading on the foreign exchange market) is levied on business (trading) days, from Monday to Friday. Interest on investment account is available for withdrawal from the first earn. No restrictions on the minimum amount of withdrawal. Applications for the input and output are processed around the clock, seven days a week.

 4. Your website is translated into two languages, why did you choose them? Do you plan to add a translation to other languages?

  Yes, our site currently has two languages: Russian and English – it is fully reflects our current development strategy. In the next quarter we plan to implement Spanish version of the site.
5. Tell us about the payment systems available on the Delta-traders. What payment systems you’re dealing with at the moment? I noticed that you take YandexMoney, how you are shielded from blocking bills because according to all known rules YandexMoney blocks not verified suspicious accounts?

  Investment fund Delta Traders are constantly expanding the list of available payment systems. At today to replenish the balance of the investment account, you can use: bank cards VISA/MasterCard, Western Union money transfer and Contact, bank wire transfer (available for the citizens of the Russian Federation) , and using the following popular electronic payment systems as Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay, LiqPay, Global Money , RBK Money, Bitcoin, Skrill, Egopay, Pecunix, Monexy, OkPay and YandexMoney.

With regard to YandexMoney we have developed a system of permanent updating of accounts used, which is still justified in practice.

6. How high can you assess the security of your website? What security measures do you take from potential hackers and DDoS attacks, attacks of competitors to lock your accounts, domain, etc.?
  Financial, technological and information security has highest priority in the operational management of the fund. Not by chance, we have created a separate department, providing comprehensive security of investors and fund as a whole.

7. What type of customer support do you offer and in which languages? What is the best and most efficient way to contact you if I have a question? I know you have a function of callback. Tell us more about it, how long the call will back to the one and who will answer?

At the moment we are supporting investors in Russian and English languages ??in the following formats: web chat, Skype chat, contact us through the form on the site, processing of requests for corporate e- mail, as well as in the format of tickets in investor cabinet, except mentioned above it is available callback function. The best way to handle is the one that is comfortable for you. For all channels, what would you choose, including a callback, our support will be provided you a professional and timely advice and assistance.
9. As it is written on your site you do trust management in the forex market, tell us more about that. Tell us how you manage to get such high returns without risk of losing money? Can I see reports on your last trade? All the money you have sent the investors only invest in one direction or are there any other areas?

Thanks for the question, because of the trust I am willing to talk endlessly. First of all it is my love and my calling, my path. Speaking from the perspective of the investor, the asset management is a unique opportunity to reduce the risks to a minimum and have a stable and high income, with overall not understanding the intricacies of trading in the currency market. This effect is achieved through diversification of risk - the investor confidence in their resources to professional traders, profits and losses are evenly distributed among them to ensure consistently high returns investors.
According to the regulations of Delta Traders investment fund, all statements in current and prior periods are published in the open access on the official website of the fund.

10. Tell us more about your referral system? We cannot find of the details on the website.
The detailed conditions of management of investment accounts are set out in the section "Client"/"Terms of governance". Size of partnership interest is 5% of attracted by you investor investment account.

 10. In section "About us" it is shown the certificate of incorporation. Is it possible to see the other documents confirming registration of the company? Do you give them to large investors as an additional warranty?
  Yes, of course, for large investors (with a balance of $ 10,000 and above) we provide all the founding documents and conclude an investment agreement with stamp.
11. In section "Vacancies" you are looking for Head of franchise center. Are you planning to build a regional network of franchise? Tell us more about it, what are the conditions, as it will be implemented?
That's right, at the moment we have an open position of the head of franchising center prior to 2015, according to the approved strategy of the fund and we will create a regional franchise network of consulting offices in cities - millionaire in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. On the conditions for future franchisees is too early to say, since we are currently working on the development of the concept as a whole, in the next few months we will provide a presentation of the project, including a partnership conditions


12. How do you promote Delta-traders project? What promotional strategy do you use? How much successful your advertising campaign was (which is written on the site)? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future? Will there be the introduction of insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?
 We support a system of large-scale promotion. This can already be sure, drawing attention to the “advertising campaign" (see website We spend a powerful offline promotional activities in Russia and Ukraine, and then plan to only increase its intensity and extend the geographical boundaries. It is worth to note that among the investment projects on the scale of offline promotion we give only MMCIS Company. But it's only a matter of time. In the coming months we plan to begin serious work on all fronts: review articles in top blogs, connect all reputable monitors , PR in social networks , large-scale banner advertising, direct marketing , outdoor advertising in the CIS ( billboards, brand mobiles, distribution of leaflets), partisan marketing, advertising on radio and even non-standard steps.
As for the changes and bonuses: in this issue we follow a conservative position and shifts the focus to the less stock and competitions exceptional service, prompt payment and stable work.

13. What issues, problems and other materials to support the customers you meet more often? Is there anything of what you would like to say clients, so they do not have to call you?
Most of the complaints of investors in the first phase of fund development have been associated with the expansion the list of ways to input and output means that we have to implement. So now basically our support service works as a consulting department for the general conditions of work and technical assistance to beginners.
14. Lastly, is there anything not covered in this interview about what you want to say? Do you have something else to convince doubters, what you say in order to attract investment in your project?
I'll tell you the main thing: we have come here to stay. To understand this look at our website and our advertising offline. It is evident that we are safer than any investment fund, which focuses only on the internet audience of investors.
We have big ambitions: we create exceptional high-yield fund. Our goal is to create a world-class project and set a completely new standard for quality of service, longevity and scale of the campaign.
Thank you for your questions and readers for your attention.

Sincerely yours, Michael Meklin
Managing Trader of Delta Traders investment fund



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