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Interview with Superkopilka


1. Welcome! Please introduce readers and tell us who you are in Superkopilka. What are your responsibilities in the project?

Hello everyone who reads this interview! Just want to thank you for the offer to participate in it. Honestly, more was not possible to communicate in such an interesting format. I am in the "initiative team" with the founder of the project. Holds the post of head of project expansion, to include a lot of functions and responsibilities. This is mainly PR, PR (CO). From there, it follows a lot of areas, such as affiliate program, working with partners, positive feedback about the project, the image of the project, webinars, presentations, promotions and contests, PR in social networks and the Internet in general, and more. et al., i.e. everything that makes the project fame and positive feedback.

2. Can you tell us more about the project. How did the idea of ??creating a project SuperKopilka?

SuperKopilka - this unusual project, as well as the team itself, the backbone of which consists of proven and complex situations of people.
How did the idea? That was in 2013. Based on the experience and the current situation at the time, the team has matured the idea that the mechanism of fair and equitable redistribution of resources can really be a very long time and the benefit of ordinary people. This understanding came when it was studied how the global financial system, how the banks themselves, financial institutions. Parallel to this were analyzed various invest-projects and the reasons for their instability, short existence. In one of the projects involved and the team itself. Understanding the principle of "fractional reserve" and how it works, it became quite obvious that you can create a similar system, but in favor of the interests of ordinary people. Such a system can work for a long time when you consider the mistakes of others and eliminate all sorts of Invest projects. At that time, our team once again failed in one of the projects, this led to the decision to create your project, give hope to the people who trust us.
By April 2013., Leader of the team, was offered a very simple mechanism for the redistribution of funds that combines the principles of transparency, reliability and stability. May 13, 2013, "was born into the world" project SuperKopilka it in the simplest form - with the usual linear queue, which is virtually a copy of the factory offices of the USSR. One becomes in turn, to contribute once a week and received 1.5 times as much. All funds collected for the week went to the payments to participants in turn. Very reliable and "eternal" mechanics, the most unpretentious, which can operate with a minimum inflow of new entrants or no. The only drawback was the inability to predict the payout period, contributions had to make sometimes very long. This is how the mechanics SuperKopilki 1.0. By the way, we can say that SuperKopilka (UK) - is in fact a former "partisan" (a term recently read in the Internet), many will understand me :). The project itself is not advertised anywhere, so no one in the forums created, worked only "word of mouth" and that, without the presence of the partner program. The only thing that can be found on the Internet, so it is videootzyvy in Youtube, for "m-super fund piggy bank" and see the date of the addition of these videos. That's the way one of them, dated June 2013.
The project started in May 2013 occurred with the number of about 100 participants. Then Superkopilki site was on a free hosting, there was no LC (all records occurred in the Google-tables by the initiative group), there was no affiliate program. That such "field" conditions the project worked successfully, thanks to the mechanics (Marketing). By 2014 the number of new participants numbered a little more than 500 people, the project has worked and continues to pay accumulation participants. It was amazing - we do not understand how this is possible without the presence of BOS, and in the absence of affiliate program joined us humans! At this time in full swing already LC development. We had a goal - to run personal cabinet to the birthday SuperKopilki (05/13/2014). Parallel to this, we have new ideas to improve the mechanics of the project, we wanted to make it more dynamic and attractive, while maintaining its stability and sustainability.
And now, to the birthday SC, we finally decided on the new and improved mechanics of the project. We immediately went to the development of new functionality and therefore launched LK couple of weeks after the scheduled date. For the first time, participants saw their offices and began to use them 3 June 2014. At the same time, we all have reported the good news that soon awaits them an updated version of the project - SuperKopilka 2.0. (UK 2.0)
14 June 2014. there was its official launch.

3. What is the reason the name of a super piggy bank and how it can be deciphered?

SuperKopilka name is connected with the very essence and mechanics of the project (marketing). There is no habitual for all deposits or "plans" as they like to call it. The fact is that not everyone has the opportunity to invest a considerable sum at once. Before something to invest, you need to save. That's actually why "Piggy," It's all to make savings, namely: small comfortable contributions (at least 1 USD per week), gradually save up the required amount. And when the time of payment, to receive all the accumulated bonus + 50% (or higher) to its sum. And that's why "Super".

4. What did you expect, first of all, start implementing the project?

First is that we will succeed and we will succeed.
We wanted to create a reliable tool that could significantly improve the financial well-being of ordinary people. Which would have worked for a very long time and we are also able to use it. We are often asked how we benefit from the project? And expect some standard answer, they say, take% of the turnover and all. Yes, a certain percentage of the maintenance of the project will be charged, but it is small, it follows from the very mechanics SuperKopilki. The main motivation for us is that we are participating in the project on an equal footing with all the goals and create their own savings to build a strategy ("loopback"). That is what motivates us to work on the project and develop it. We are no less concerned about the long-term project and its destiny. We want to prove to myself and others that build a stable, long-term, fair project, which will be good and beneficial to all possible!

5. Your site is now presented to investors only in Russian. Do you plan to translate all the same website in English and other languages?

Yes, we plan to translate the site into other languages, especially English. The fact that a website is not enough to translate, it would be too easy task for us. We need more private offices to translate into English, English-speaking employees to dial in support, to translate all the internal workflow in English, internal documentation and instructions to create a special department for working with English-speaking participants. So, in this direction a lot and we are working on it. In particular, already are interviewing English-speaking people in tech support, made some of the functions in LK.No we also realize that before going to the western user, we first need to implement important functions in the LC for Russian participants. Only then will we be able to fully translate the LC with the site into English and get quality on the Western market.


6. Now you SuperKopilka 2.0, and there are 1.0. Tell us what is their fundamental differences?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, the main difference - it is the presence of 2.0 private office and multi-level affiliate program. As for the mechanics of the project, the core remains the same, ie, weekly and weekly payment of contributions. For a better understanding of what fundamental differences 2.0 1.0, I will give some of the data.

Listed first major disadvantages SC 1.0:
Simple linear queue
Unknown date and payment amount is not known how many contributions should be done before you get paid 1.5 times more
Lengthening queues and long wait for payment
There is no way to quickly check the system for beginners. New need to stand in the queue and wait long for their payment
The lack of personal cabinet
Bulky manual accounting
The lack of multi-level affiliate program
It is not possible to advertise and invite the project

Now, the key points of SC 2.0:
Payment schedule instead of the queue
Free places in the schedule of payments for the new. You can even get paid for the first 4 weeks
Manual adjustment and balancing fees-payments.
Availability of LC
The concept of "Purpose" (in other words "the deposit")
Exact date and amount of payment
Members themselves determine when they want to get paid
The presence of multi-level affiliate program
The project can advertise and invite him

7. Why did you decide to do 2.0, what happened to 1.0?

Since the first version of the project did not happen, she continues to work and pay to this day. This can be seen on the website under "Payment Schedule" (HS). In addition to the schedule of payments of 2.0, there is in the tabs, there is the usual linear queue RUB and UAH, where you can see the weekly payments. Hovering your mouse over the amount of the payment is seen as accumulated as paid and how much is left to pay more.

payment of superkopilke
As I mentioned, the mechanics of 1.0 eternal, participants continue to make payments on 1.0 and due payment of these contributions originate. If a member's contribution does not, and it is not supposed to pay him.
SuperKopilka 2.0. - It is a natural evolution of the 1.0 version. You know, when something works successfully for a long time, revealed various shortcomings, omissions, in other words - things that previously you could not foresee or predict. Therefore SuperKopilka 2.0 - a grown-up child (1.0), who had received the steps in this cruel and complicated world :). Now he has learned, it was a good experience, is acting very wisely and confidently. But I want to say that he did not stop the development, it is bound to be constantly improved. It's unavoidable. SuperKopilka becoming more mature, and thus - better and stronger. All that is not developed and is in place - is dying. This is our fundamental strategy of development - continuous improvement.

8. Why do not threaten the system of 2.0, the same thing that happened to 1.0 at blocking payment system (2.0 system if the block PerfectMoney (such as with LibertyReserve)?

Because 2.0 remains the same core mechanics as in 1.0. This weekly contributions that's absolutely enough for payment of current week. Thus, in the case of force majeure with payment systems or something else, lost money, equal payments of just one week. If this suddenly happens, on this subject is provided in the rules of the draft Central repayment schedule. This means that the receipt of payment will move one week or more, depending on the situation. Fortunately, the resort to such measures, we do not have, and we hope that will never have. Yet, the measures provided for in advance in the event of any force majeure.
Tell us about the payment systems available Superkopilka.


9. At the moment, you are available and payment systems NixMoney PerfectMoney, but on the main page you have given them so much more, all of them you want to add?

In fact, you forgot to mention about the payment system advcash, which also operates the project. It just provides the necessary mechanism and gives the opportunity to work with all payment systems, which are listed on the home page: Bitcoin, okpey, paksum, kiwi, Yandex and others.

10. Why you decided to introduce its own currency "theta", why abandon standard $, usd?

Everything is a reason) I wrote that the team delved into the study of the global financial system, as it is arranged, how the issue of the dollar and all other currencies of the world. While our "Theta" is not yet a full-fledged currency. Now it is an internal unit of measurement of the mutual fund system. It allows participants to keep the accumulation of depreciation of the national currency of the country in which it is located. To do this, we are "tied" to the dollar it 1: 1, because the dollar is (still) the most stable currency of the world, and - the only reserve currency of the world. In the world of things can change and we can become attached at any time to another, more stable currency or gold. This is the first step towards our goal of a new world currency.

11. Tell us more about your affiliate program.

We wanted to make this affiliate program to participation it does not necessarily have to make savings in the project. We specifically made the project attractive to all categories of Internet users. And for those who just invest and for those who are actively working on various partner programs. Just one of the advantages is that there really comes true passive income, it follows from the mechanics of the SuperKopilki, ie is your invitation to make contributions established goals, all the while you are affiliate payments. Every week, for every contribution! But we all have many different goals, desires and aspirations. And the more we achieve, the more we usually want more :) So the flow of partner bonuses from our members has not dried up, and only a steadily growing. And so our affiliate program so attractive.

12. Why did you decide to do so many levels?

Well, probably because we have not been in the affiliate program 1.0, and we longed for it :). In fact, it says that the project is set for the long and challenging work. By itself% reward carefully calculated. At the lower levels - a small, but on the first level - a little more for themselves personal motivation and motivation of the partners to work with his first line, with a view to obtaining income by 8 levels deep. This affiliate program, we also increase the interest for the leaders of the various network projects who like to build big teams. And for lovers of affiliate programs is also a good tool spinoff. But we still harvested and a new version of the affiliate program, with a well thought-out system of motivation, status, level, etc., which must appear soon.
Explain that in the event held on a weekly basis to all partners and participants.
This online event, or in other words webinars. Pass they have almost every day, except weekends. On Thursdays, we have a presentation of the project, on Wednesday themed webinar for anyone who works on the affiliate program. On all other days are webinars on general topics such as leadership, time management, personal effectiveness, confidence, increase self-esteem, etc.

13. Tell us about your storage system. How does it work?

It works like this it is very easy! And the process consists of simple steps.
Step №1. Choose a target. As a goal, you can choose any material object or action, which requires money. Therefore, the purpose of accumulation can be at everyone. The main thing to know what it is in terms of money.
Step №2. Put a time frame. Give yourself a clear time of installation. How many weeks we are ready to save.
Step №3. We are making calculations. In SuperKopilke need to save ? of the value of the goal. Based on the selected time and the required amount, we calculate the size of the weekly fee that we will need to set aside each week.
Step №4. Getting accumulation. Swept aside all doubts and regularly, every week, we begin to put off a fixed amount obtained by calculations. Make ezhenedlnye contributions.
Step №5. Receiving payments.
As soon as the date of our payment comes, we get all the accumulated amount of 50% (or higher).
What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can accumulate?
Minimum and maximum amounts, as such, no. There are certain limitations for each week. But overall, if you decide to save some specific amount, it is possible to make over a certain period of time or to the desired size of contributions. Everything depends on how much time you are willing to save. Based on the available volumes of payments each week, you can choose an optimal plan or develop a savings strategy.
For example, creating one goal for 20 weeks, you can save a maximum of $ 3140, making $ 100 a week. Thus, for 20 weeks, you will make $ 2000, and the payment, taking into account the bonus will be $ 3,140. A second example: if you need to for the same period save in 2 times more, you can create two goals in the 20th and 21y week. Make in this case will have to be $ 200 ($ 100 for each goal). At week 20 you get $ 3140, and even after 1 week (21 th) - you will get $ 3360, for a total of $ 6,500. As you have noticed, the limit on contributions for each goal - $ 100. But if you need more save, please, create as many goals as you like.


14. Can I keep my savings to reinvest to get bigger savings?


Of course, you can also permanently reinvest their accumulated funds and thus constantly increase their capital. But there are also a variety of strategies which allow to enter the passive income when the money is not necessary to make, but only get paid every week. This strategy is called "loopback", it invented and developed by the participants themselves. The essence of this strategy is that the goals are on all week in a row, for example, from 1 to 26. After that, with the closing of each week, the participant simultaneously receives benefits and create one goal. Period loopback occurs when the amount paid each week exceed the amount of contributions for all the goals. That this difference is passive income, and it is almost never-ending process.
You can also create multiple targets consistently so that payments shorter targets pay contributions longer, reducing your costs and increasing profitability. This is another form of a comprehensive strategy to Reinvest.
And now, we have even a single assistant on computing and support the participants on profitable strategies of accumulation.
Tell us more about your system a mathematical algorithm and the distribution of funds among the participants.
Well, just very extensively and in detail, I can not tell you, this takes a lot of time. Yes, and to disclose all the internal mechanics and working algorithm we do not want. Trade secrets, you know. :) The only thing I can say is that all the funds collected for the week goes on payments to participants. That's all math. The main thing to observe this balance to the amount of benefits available in the weeks to create goals matched by funds coming week in the form of contributions.


15. Why is the project does not depend on an influx of new users?


To say that the project does not depend on an influx of new members - is wrong. SuperKopilka very close to that in order to exist at all without the influx of new members. If you compare SuperKopilku with all the other projects, it is much more stable and is much more stable. After all, if properly calculate the yield which it provides, this crazy interest and operates the project is already the third year. It also says that the project is less dependent on the influx of new ones. Fully working without an influx of new users will be able to project when implemented will be plans to turn "Theta" in this currency. But on this too early to say. Will it work now without the influx? Yes you can, and quite a long time. But after a certain time is a critical time when the collected funds will not miss out on payments. What happens in this case? The most important thing is that payments will continue to go, though the volume of payments will be reduced, and instead pay for instance 1,000 participants per week - will be paid 900 participants. The remaining 100 will be able to get a week later, and so every week. We'll have to recalculate the schedule of payments and postpone the date. Ultimately, SC 2.0 can become a 1.0, when the date of receipt of payments will not be known. But they will not know until then, until the necessary influx of new restored.


16. New tools that come, going to certain accounts or directly distributed?


Every week, come not only new tools! Slightly put the wrong question. After all mainly come every week "old" money, ie, from those who have already established goals and making savings (contributions). As a rule, large sums are coming from the old parties, as they are well-tested design and more confident in it. But come and new every week. At first, they make small contributions, test system, study it, and then "dispersed" ...
Naturally, there is nothing to be collected in the project, because the payment should be done every week, and go to that collected funds for the week. Frankly, there is two sides of the coin. It seems to be nothing to be stored, and it is very good in terms of safety. But if we want to be even more robust and stable system, it would not prevent the existence of some provisions in the period of seasonal activity that can be defined, and the drawdown racing. By the way, just recently, we have been introduced for this purpose a new species - "deposits". They have two characteristics. The first - a higher rate of return than conventional purposes. Second - what is needed to make the whole amount at once and not in parts. The fact that many participants are making the necessary amount at once, instead of gradually accumulating. This is due to the habit of investors to make a certain amount for a certain period. Sometimes even such that are not understood, some investors do not join us, because of the non-standard marketing and must be replenished every week. It really is not like usual and probably not for everyone comfortable. And those who understood, join and make all at once, a few weeks ahead. Thus, the participants on the balance sheet LK dangle money around. It is not very good - the money should work. If you are constantly on the balance sheets will accumulate surplus funds, they at some point it will be possible both to withdraw. And this is one of the most important factors of instability of any financial project. When we developed the mechanics SuperKopilki we exclude this factor. But in practice it turns out that the people involved anyway as it is convenient. Therefore such participants to use their available funds, we propose to place them in the "deposit" with a better yield. These funds now do not hang freely, and give a higher yield for the period freezing. So we removed several "rabbits":
We meet the demand of investors in the familiar form "plans."
There are additional provisions that will stabilize the system in the case of subsidence or jumps.
Excludes the possibility of simultaneous withdrawal of funds.


17. How high can you assess the security level of your, website? What steps do you take to protect against potential hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks by competitors lock your accounts, domain and so on?

For site security, we use a powerful dedicated server, one - a personal account and the other - under the site. Also, we have an additional server, which automatically backs up your personal account data in real time. This server is located in a separate data center. Even if our main servers will be physically destroyed suddenly, we will quickly restore the system from backup, with virtually no loss of data. Also programmers to develop the project, the team has a capacity of a system administrator, capable in the event of DDOS attacks to take appropriate measures. After all, a universal prescription of protection does not exist.
To protect user data and passwords from interception, we use ssl certificate in the LC. Himself domain purchased in the foreign registrar. In finance, we use only those payment systems that do not have prejudices against investment projects. And of course, we are verifying the maximum protection for workers and the project account.


18. What type of customer support you offer and in which languages? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have a question? (responsible Vlad

We tried to communicate with the participants by all available means, because the UK - is primarily a community, and thus internal communication and feedback is very important. Our consultants provide support for 3 languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian. Communication is carried out both through the usual channels: email, Skype chats, online consulting, and more specialized (in some cases) through individual skayp- and telephone consultations, technical webinars.
At the same time, we should not forget that the amount of the base members is constantly growing, and the load on the support of agents increases proportionately. In this regard, we have recently increasingly reduce the communication channels to a convenient interactive format online consultant and complex issues and particular cases are resolved promptly via email.
Skype demonstrations and plenty of telephone communication gradually fade into the background, and soon likely to be the prerogative of only the permanent members loyal to major savings.


19. I have no doubt that you have a lot of investors from Russia, why you have not opened an office in Russia, both for project participants, and for all who want to join you in the future?


The opening of the office project would give a huge step in the development of the project.
Yes, the opening of offices and representatives would give the project a rapid expansion and "conquer the world", I fully agree with you) For this it is necessary legalization. Russian legislation allows the creation of such organizations as the type of commercial and non-commercial. The only thing our marketing is not suitable chief financial regulator - the Central Bank. There are certainly ways around everything to be within the law, but in our opinion, they are not the best solution. On the design is too early to say all the time. We have it in development plans, we are studying the legislation and see what form we could exist. But before you start expanding, there are many other steps that we have to perform. Not all at once.


20. How do you promote the project SuperKopilka? What you are using advertising strategies?


Advertising, as such, we have never had, and time has not been particularly engaged in this. SuperKopilku advance by the participants. We have created a multi-level affiliate program that adequately rewards the participants for it. For them we have developed a high quality training for work in social networks, they receive passing skills in successful referrals. Also we are presentations and webinars to facilitate the task of the participants. Yes, send us constantly different promotional offers from everywhere. With some we even cooperate. For example, this interview is also a kind of advertising), but we believe that advertising itself, does not give the actual growth of new participants. Advertising, few believe. With it, you can only draw attention to themselves. Human fame is much better than any advertisement. Therefore, recommend and really promote our project can only do the participants. For our part we can only help them in this, to work with different resources, like yours. It is in this direction we will be more likely to develop further, so that we have more people to pay attention. Well, everything else will make the participants themselves.


21. Will there be any interesting changes in the near future?


Yes, changes occur constantly. Marketing has repeatedly been adjusted and improved. Now it is very flexible and adapts well to changing conditions and market trends Invest projects. I have already said, it is our fundamental strategy of development - continuous improvement. And our members like they see as the project is able to survive and fulfill its "obligations". The changes we are constantly taking place. In the near future the emergence of new useful features in LC for the participants, the changes will affect the partner program and of marketing. Also, we always inform everyone that the yield in the project will gradually decline, but so that our project anyway remains attractive against the background of all the other projects and proposals. Once again, what is not developed and is in place - is dying. For this reason, the project is working successfully and regularly pays every week, already the third year in a row!


22. What are the issues, challenges, and other materials to support the customers you meet more often? Do something with which you would like to now turn to its members that they do not have to contact you? (Answers Vlad)


Although the mechanism of accumulation in SuperKopilke is simple and intuitive, its details and nuances often require a more detailed explanation. Basically, we are faced with new questions about the nature of the participants, the order of creation purposes and principles of contributions and savings. Then come questions of a technical nature: adjustments to the BOS, with the objectives of the operation, the decision of individual questions, etc. In a separate category of treatment can be identified by calculating accumulation strategies, advice and assistance in the adjustment of existing strategies.
Our system does not stand still and is constantly evolving, improving and improving. In this context, regularly inform the participants about the nature and benefits of the latest changes in the mechanics of savings.
First of all, I would like to advise our members a little more carefully study the information on the new website On it operates convenient full-text search on all sections, and most likely, the answer to your question is already in the materials of the site. If you have to go to feedback or online consultant on the site, try to clear and detailed description of your question. If possible, apply additional. materials (such as screenshots), which will help support agent will understand and solve your problem. This quote their existing contacts for communication, and if you are already registered in the system, refer to the online assistant directly from LC.


23. Finally, is there anything not covered in this interview, what would you like to say? Do you have what else to convince the doubters, what do you say to attract invest in your project?


I want to say about another important principle in our work. Members believe in us and trust us, we want to honestly conducted their affairs. For our part, we work hard and develop the project. In response, we demand the same honesty from the other participants because the participants want it. We have one simple rule: in the project or to create multi-client, because it's very detrimental effect on the stability of the system. The system gives each participant as much as she can give. But the temptation to receive excess profits, at times, pushing the bad actions of scoundrels and swindlers. Such people are one, but they do not need much to harm the project. Therefore, we closely monitor such violations and to say that copes with that. Fortunately we have the tools to do so. That's it, we are just and justify the trust of our members, protect the project and the participants of such detractors. We try to always give due consideration and believe that honest conduct of affairs on both sides, will necessarily lead to the prosperity of the community. If you like this kind of attitude and approach to business, welcome to contact us!


Finally, I want to quote the movement "honest way", which supports our team: "We are tired of living in a world of constant adversity posed by the desire to chop off a piece of your neighbor. We do not want to take away, and do something new. A lot of new. And we know what is missing to our world. The world needs honesty. After receiving it, the world will change for the better. Join us and change the world with us! "


I wish you all good investment and peaceful sky over your head!
If you like our idea and our project, join us and save up along with the rest of the community SuperKopilka!




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