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May 25, 2020
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May 24, 2020
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May 23, 2020
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May 22, 2020
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May 22, 2020
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300% - 550% after 8 days
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May 21, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Interview with Simple Investment


  1. 1.  Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us about your role in the Simple Investment project.

 Hello! My name is Alex Gromov, I’m 30 years old and I am project administrator.

What are your responsibilities in this project?

To coordinate actions of everybody who involved in the project, its advertising, make payments and work with investors, answer their questions, update and improve the project payment plan.

What is your experience in management of investment funds?

Related to high-yield projects the Simple Investment is second one. The first project Invest Hall was acted for one and a half months and I think that with such rate of return it was an extraordinary achievement. Anticipating the question of readers – how could we get the nail on the head from the first time? There are a lot of projects, and only few of them reach the mark "100,000 paid". My answer is - the author's marketing, honesty and fair payment plans. The rest was up to investors - they answer us with trust as well as in Simple Investment project.

2. Could you tell us as about some of the prerequisites for the establishment of this project?

The main prerequisite of a project - the lack of quality projects in the field of high-yield projects with profitability more than 60%. In fact, we have created a project in which we would like to be involved.

How long did you work under this project?

It took us about a month to develop authoring software platform, and we are currently working on improving it. We are doing what competitors not - improving in process.

Why did you name the project as Simple Investment?

Cause it's Simple Investments. In fact, we call the project as it is. The name shows itself – there is no need to be a rocket scientist, study economics and read books on stock exchange trading in order to make profit in our project.

The only problem is to get deposits, which are bought at a tremendous pace.

What did you expect than launching the project? 

We expected the response of investors. Do they like the project? Are they willing to invest? Are they ready to talk about the project to other people? All these questions plagued us until we convinced that in the best traditions of MLM we got three "Yes" to our questions.

Investors had filled up the balance with amounts which they could not spend in one day (which, by the way, is a feature of our project, but more on that will be discussed later). Competition among investors was unprecedented! For one deposit there were 4-5 investors! Have you seen somewhere else that deposits were sold in seconds, and I do not exaggerate! I have not seen such speed in any project. And all this was despite the fact that actual number of investors is relatively small.

Is there anyone else besides you working in a Simple Investment?

  Of course! Such a project cannot be created, developed and updated by one person. There is a collective image called Admin. Behind this image in our case there is not only one person. This is a team of professionals whose main features are honesty and integrity.

3. Regarding investment plans. Can you explain us the details? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investment?

Everything is simple! There are 6 tariffs (investment plans) - "15", "25", "50", "100", "200" and "400". Names of tariffs display various amounts for entering project, such as purchase of deposit in the rate of "50" will cost you just $50. In each rate daily at 15:00 GMT (19:00 Moscow time, 18:00 Kiev time, detailed list of time is in Answers), we put on sale a certain amount of deposits, calculated on marketing. The investor buys a deposit, for example 1 deposit in the rate of "50”, waits for 95 hours (without 1 hour of 4 days) and receives on his balance in account the sum of 30% , in this case $ 50 + $ 15, which he is free to withdraw to his wallet. The minimum amount for entering is $ 15, maximum amount for today is $400, but in real the question of this tariff is still under discussion, and it is possible to be changed. There are only 4 tariffs, and two more tariffs are waited to be started.

I would like to mention one feature – tariffs up to $100 are charged in a single step, i.e. the payment of the deposit body + interest occurs at the end of the term. After $100 the tariffs are charged in two steps - the total amount of the deposit body and expected profit is divided in two, and charged for two times , first after 59 hours and 30 minutes and second after 119 hours.

How often the withdrawal can be ordered and what is the minimum withdrawal amount?

In fact, withdrawal can be ordered as much as you want. Restrictions are not set. In marketing it is stipulated that minimum withdrawal amount is $2, but this restriction will remain in the past soon.

Can I withdraw the contributions in advance?

It is impossible to withdraw contribution in advance, because it is technically impossible.

 When investment is available?

As I mentioned before in each tariff the deposits appear daily at 15:00 GMT (19:00 Moscow time, 18:00 Kiev time, detailed list of time is in Answers) 

4. Your site is translated or available only in Russian? 

The English version is being finalized, perhaps at the time of reading this article, the reader will see a fully functional English version of the site. 

Do you plan to add a translation to other languages?

Yes we do, but it is secret. 

5. Tell us about payment systems available in Simple Investment. What payment systems are used today? Do you want to add more payment systems? 

Since initially we focused on audience with which we worked at the beginning of project we have identified Perfect Money as main payment system.

After adding of English version we plan to connect Solid Trust Pay. Payeer payment gateway will be used in any way. 

6. What is the level you assess the security of your website?

Very high! Through admin panel we can monitor traffic of all participants and at any time to stop any attempt to deceive the script. The script might be fooled, that it is unlikely, but the second line - the administration, no hacker will pass. Other measures are kept in silence for safety, except the fact that there are lots of them.

What security measures do you use against potential hackers and DDoS attacks, attacks of rivals trying to lock your accounts, domain, and so on? 

DDoS protection is entrusted to most experienced professionals in the field.

Lock of purses, which we use to pay and receive funds, will give no results to competitors - they are transit and we do not store project funds on it for safety.

Blocking domain also will give no result. We already have several mirrors for which the participants are aware of only one. If someone wish to waste time on these children's "pranks" - let it loose.

7. Tell us about your advantages. 

The most important advantage is the long-term payment plan. In fact, there is no starting day of the project, as we have been working for 8 days and still not started – it is not run all of tariffs and investors do not have enough deposits. Starting day in understanding of many investors who are accustomed to short-term HYIP - is to invest in the first day and not other. We are leveling it. There is no first day.

Second - we have created a payment plan. Of course, we crossed with some projects in several nuances, but if payment plan will be considered in whole - it is our authoring. Only after the success of the first project, which was on a similar marketing, the "clones" start to grow everywhere.

Third – Reinvests do not affect the actual displaying of statistics. Reinvest from balance – it is the same thing as withdrawal of funds from the project (withdrawal sum will be added to the overall statistics of derived funds) and invest them again (amount will be added to "Added"). Any words everything happens within the account, participant will not lose money on unnecessary commissions, and thus earn more.

Fourth - small, but very important caveat. For a reason our deposits have the terms - 95 and 119 hours. They are opened exactly one hour before the emergence of new deposits, thereby helping to increase the number of reinvestments. Once you have funds on a balance you can reinvest them therefore you will always have extra time to be prepared for purchasing new places.

There are a lot of nuances, which are in secret at the moment. Otherwise, we will see them in the marketing of competitors.

 Why is your Marketing Plan is long-term?

Because there is a shortage of it. We are gradually building up the number of deposits, despite the fact that currently it is lack for everyone. If it will be enough the project would lose its zest. Each of the participants understands that today there is nothing to worry if he has no deposit. But this means that the project is needed and will bring me a profit.

How can you perform even distribution of deposits among investors?

To understand this, you need to buy deposit by yourself. Imagine that you have $1000 on the balance. As we know, large investor can significantly affect the operation of any project if they abruptly withdraw all funds. Try to "attach" all your money in our project for once. It is not so easy! You will need at least few days or even a week to get your funds be distributed between deposits. How to do it? Yes, the deposits diverge so fast that it is impossible to purchase more than one or two, maximum three standing deposits.


8. What type of customer support do you offer and in which languages?

E-mail, Skype, only in Russian for now. According to the situation we are ready to add English language.

What is the best and most efficient way to contact you if I have a question?


I know you have a skype chat, what kind of information you can get out there and explain why it is?

To be precise, we have three chats. On site in Contact section you will find a button to join one of them. In Skype chats can get all information about the project, both from the participants and from the administration. In chat you will always find most recent news and most recent reviews of participants. I strongly recommend members to attend such chats.

9. You have a section "Feedback", tell us about this section. When it will be started and how it will be moderated and so on?

Section "Feedback" earn just the other day, just participants will receive their first payment. Section will contain no reviews at all - we all know that if you want all the feedback from participants on the site can fabricate. The section will contain links to all the forums, groups in social networks where members post their screenshots and share their experiences. We believe that this is much truer and authoritative sources of reviews than page on site. Because it is impossible to moderate forums.

 Continuation of the interview...


10. How do you promote Simple Investment project? What promotional strategies do you use?
Again, I will not give you all the secrets. I can only say that the project is working as "on ground" that is, people talk about it to their friends when they met, specifically attract new members, and in Internet of course.
In the Internet it is ordered the listing on the best monitors, it is placed topics on the forums. The advertising campaign is distributed into several stages, because excessive publicity is harmful for the project - if the person who has never faced with such marketing in a few days will not be able to acquire a deposit (this happen very often), he will not experience the best feelings. Therefore, advertising strategy aims to inform potential investors with information about the project at the right time, when there is at least some chance to acquire a deposit for a few days.

Will there be any interesting changes in the near future?

Changes in the project are ongoing as noticeable to eye as not noticeable. The most important change - access to the international community. As a result, we may distribute the daily rate of a deposit on a few times, i.e. deposits will appear not only at 15:00 GMT, but sooner or later.

Will there be the implementation of insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?

Money likes silence. Promotions, bonuses - as a rule, projects are beginning to think of something when you need extra interest for the audience. Sometimes promotions serve as a starting point for the project. Therefore, in our arsenal of such "tricks" are not included.
Insurance is an interesting idea, thank you for your question, we will think.

11. What issues, problems, and other materials to support the customers you meet more often?
Today more often people come to us with a request to increase the amount of deposits in order it will be enough for them to buy it. One answer - it is not possible, we are not going to change marketing.

On a second place the questions about the system. Hope, when  this article will be issued there will be less questions.

On a third place is technical problem. For example, in very rare cases the funds may be not credited to the balance, as usual it happens when the payment systems fail. In such cases we accrue manually.

Is there anything you would like to say your clients, so they will not have to call you?
I know that it is very hard to read long FAQ, especially when you can ask something from administrator. Nevertheless I have a big request –read first the ready-made answers, in 99% of cases they contain the answer to your question. Save our time!


12. Lastly, is there anything not covered in this interview about what you want to say? Do you have anything to convince doubters, what do you say in order to attract investors to your project?
I think that interview swept all the questions that we would like to answer. The only thing that, on behalf of the administration I will dare to offer my vision of the right strategy for participation in our project.

Let's say you have $100. It is important that it was your own money, which do not play a critical role in your life, even if you lose them.

You buy a deposit "100".

After 59 hours and 30 minutes you will get the first payment of $65. We recommend to re-invest it immediately – it will be two deposits, one for $50, the second for $15. So, in your "arsenal" you will have three deposit. After 59.5 hours you will get a second $65 from your first deposit.

We recommend to bring a part of the proceeds, for example $50, and remaining $15 spend for buying the deposit.

After 2 days you will receive next payment on deposits of "50" and "15" in the amount of $84.4. Again withdraw $34.4 and reinvest $50.

So, in two series, you will regain $84.4, with that you have same amount as deposits.

Once they will be opened, withdraw $15.6 to your purse, in order to be sure that you will not risk with your money. Use earnings to reinvest in the project as much as you want with withdrawing profit periodically.


There are a couple of options - either you constantly increase the amount of deposits due to reinvestments or staying at some level (e.g. you will always have $200 in deposits, the rest you will withdraw to your account). In our opinion it is a very proper and adequate behavior of investors, which is able to provide a very long life of the project.
Finally I would like to say one thing - do not lose your head!
There are three extremes that investors allow.

The first extreme is when person borrows money or take out a loan to invest in the project. Never do it! There is no person who has the question in Skype whether to take credit, we never answer to do it.

The second extreme - the constant reinvest of all the funds in order to win the jackpot.

The third extreme - withdrawal of all funds to the purse, without any reinvestment. It's not fair to other participants, however pathetic it may sound.

Do not go to the extreme!

Good health, prosperity and big profit to everybody!



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