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Jun 05, 2020
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Jun 05, 2020
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150% after 9 days
175% after 7 days
250% after 5 days
400% after 3 days
Jun 01, 2020
1.09% hourly for 96 hours
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15% hourly for 24 hours
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300% after 5 days
7% daily forever
May 30, 2020
2% daily for 11 bussines days
66.5% on the 6th and 11th working day of the deposit
144% after 11 bussines days
10% daily for 100 bussines days
May 29, 2020
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Interview with Point-union


1. Hello! Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell about your role in the Point Union project. What are your duties in this project?

Hello! My name is Vladimir Korshunkov (Bлaдимир Koршункoв) and I'm a director of the Point Union Limited company and of the chief founders of this project.  Besides me there are also 4 people in the project - we all are players on the sport exchange Betfair. I don't like to use the expression «professional player» because playing on bets is a constant  perfection of analytical talents, gaining of new skills and experience.  But taking into account an experience of each of us and positive results during last few years a wingside spectator can see us as «professional players». Me and my partners are not against such an expression but I'd rather choose «successful player».

2. Could you please also tell us about some backgrounds for creation of the project? For how long have you been working on the project? Why did you choose Point Union as a name for the project? Does someone except you work on the project?

Point Union literally means «the point of the union». That is the place where five successful players united to create a powerful project for gaining money by making bets on the sport exchange Betfair. In the beginning I should make a short history note about how this happened. Each of us has his own way to become a «successful player» but we met on the BUV forum in the beginning of its existence. For that time it was the only Russian popular forum where bets and forecasts were discussed. We used to discuss matches through personal messages (some of them were copied to forum), share information from different sites, develop different strategies.  We all had a great interest for tennis. We did not try to find options for betting in other sports except popular European football matches of England and Germany. That's why after several years we concluded that the right fruitful strategy is to choose the best daily bet by deep analysis and collecting information about the match. It doesn't mean other strategies don't work but for us it gives more profit. The best daily bet - doesn't mean that a bet is chosen every day. No way! If we have doubts - we don't make such a bet but wait the next day and a new option, matches' analysis. After several years of using the BUV forum each of us left it. Now we communicate between each other, mainly by means of ICQ. Sometimes often, sometimes rare. But in the end of 2012 I've got an idea to create an investment project to attract money from other people and get more money from playing on them. I won't lie. The goal of this project is to greatly increase profit which we get by playing by ourself. And our investors will get a good profit from their investments. I offered this idea to my friends and partners. After a discussion we decided that we need at least half a year for final testing of the strategy in the framework of the project. From January 2013 we actually began to develop this project. In spring (in professional web bureau) we ordered a site and a script for managing investments. Some people reproach us for a plain design. But I think that placing big images or flash pictures on such a site doesn't make sense.  Management of investments is as easy as it can be. So anyone can manage how to use it. Complicated design and script will create additional questions for our support service.

3. Tell about your investment plans. What are their features, what minimal and maximal sums are? How often is it possible to withdraw funds?

As I said before the script for investments' management is plain but at the same time quite functional. We don't set long terms for investment and period for profit and losses charging is 5 days. I.e. we make charging every 5 days. Previously we used a 10 days period but due to investors' requests we changed it to 5 days. I want to notice that in such a small period there can be charging of losses according to our statistics before project start. A deposit can be done at any time but before 12-20 hours before charging acceptance of deposits is stopped. It is connected with counting of results on bets on the last period and choosing from which management capital profit will be counted. If you make a deposit you can make a request for withdrawal only in 10 days. And after withdrawal you can make the next request in 5 days. You can withdraw any sum but not less than 1$ using the Perfect Money system.

4. Tell us about payment options in Point Union. With what payment systems do you work for now? Why did you choose namely Barclays Bank? It is barely known and I really doubt someone will make deposits using this bank. Do you plan to add other options?

Main systems are Perfect Money and Sberbank. Sberbank will be in operation from December. Minimal sum for deposit via Perfect Money is 10$ and 1$ for withdrawal. Minimal sum for deposit via Sberbank is 5000 rub. and 1000 rub. for withdrawal. You can deposit and withdraw by any way. Payment via Barclays Bank is available only for foreign citizens.  In fact it is not advantageous for us to get deposits via a foreign bank. But if you found a company in Great Britain you need to open an account - that's why we did it in this bank. By the way, I personally visited England to do this. In future we plan to add some more payment options. Maybe a popular bank and the qiwi system.

5. How can you evaluate the level of security of your website? What measures do you take to avoid hacker and DOS attacks, blocking of accounts etc.?

I can tell that the site is on the server with ddos protection from Black Lotus Communications. Backup of the database is made every 2 days to independent information carrier. Soon we will add additional access settings to an account.

6. What support do you offer for clients? What is the best way to contact you if I have a question?

The easiest and fastest way to get an answer - email. Also you can call us in days of charging of percents. Questions on site and account operation (i.e. questions which need a use of the administrator computer) preferably should be asked vie email. In future we plan to add a ticket system so no question will be lost.

7. You deal with trust managing on the sport exchange Betfair. Are there any limits for bets and how do you pass them? Will it be possible to get reports on your bets?

The main advantage of the exchange Betfair is the absence of the limit for a maximum sum of a bet which bookmaker offices have.  There are some limits but they are created by the market. There is no big amount of bets for unpopular sports and the opposite situation for popular ones. For example on leading European football matches you can make a bet of several thousand dollars. The same situation for tennis. And we forecast only tennis and football championships of England and Germany. We provide reports on bets on the last period in the section «Statistics» of our website.


8. You have legal documents on registration in Great Britain. Why didn't you found the company in Russia? Do you provide an agreement for your clients? Is it possible to have a meeting with you?

We decided to found the company in Great Britain to avoid taxes. Also in England the company register is open and by paying only 1 Euro you can get additional information about founders and shareholders of the company.  We can send an agreement for trust management on the Betfair exchange signed by me and with a seal of the company. We don't organize meetings because each of us live in different cities of Russia.

9. How do you promote the Point Union project? What advertisement strategies do you use? Are there gonna be any interesting changes in the nearest future?

Our main goal is to earn money on the sport exchange Betfair. At the same time we understand that attraction of new investors will increase the popularity of the project and attract additional money using which we can increase profit from sport betting. After start of the project links for the project were placed of popular forums. We place advertisement in Google and soon in Yandex. Also we pay attention to offline advertisement. For this purpose we designed a special booklet with the information about the company. Our company already sponsored a paint-ball tournament. We plan to sponsor a rally team.

10. What questions, problems do you face when communicating investors? Do you have anything to tell you clients to avoid asking you in future?

As we pay a lot of attention for attraction of clients from offline resources we have a lot of questions about how to create a personal account on our website, in Perfect Money, how to deposit in a payment system. Soon we will place a detailed manual with pictures about how to do it. And one more question - why depositing is not available? Answer - we close depositing 12-20 hours before charging of percents. We need it to count results and define from which capital the profit percentage will be counted. According to investment rules you can make a deposit one day before charging and then get a profit percentage immediately. It is not important for us when a deposit was made. Profit or loss will be counted from the capital sum which is available on the closing moment.  However, to avoid the following situation: deposit -> charging in one day -> immediate withdrawal, we made a rule that the next request for withdrawal can be made not earlier than 10 days after.

11. What do you want to say in the end of our conversation?

 Taking into account all aforesaid I want to say that our project has long-term plans. We have a lot of development plans which we want to make real. We want to prove that profitable investment in Internet does exist and you can earn money on it. Join our project! Thenk you for attention and interest for our company!



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