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Nov 09, 2019
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Nov 07, 2019
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Nov 06, 2019
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6% daily forever
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8% daily forever
10% daily forever
3% daily for 5 days
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Nov 06, 2019
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Interview with Palarium

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1. Hello! Please introduce readers and tell us about your own role in the project Palarium. What are your responsibilities in the project? What you have experience in financial management of projects?

Hello dear readers! I am very pleased that you have invited me to do this interview, so I'm happy to answer all your questions.

My name is Denis and I am one of the project administrators Palarium. My job is public relations, or simply Public Relations (PR). Personally I am engaged in project development Palarium, and oversee all that is responsible for the advertising.

Since I am not the only one representing the administration, it will be better to speak for the whole team.

Palarium team was formed in late 2014. We all have good experience in different fields, the greatest experience of the author's concept of our project. The experience is really great, I think more than some of your readers.

Similarly, activity he began back in 1994, that is, experience - 20 years.

2. Can you give us the basic information about the project? How long have you been working on the project Palarium? What did you expect, first of all, start implementing the project?

Of course, we position ourselves as an open source project. All users can read many "nuances" and the nuances of the project Palarium. Our team started thinking about the first steps when our friend was offered a part in the investment project (without specific names will be, I think readers will understand what we are talking). Later he began to impose on us the idea of ??a project that has a lot of prospects and plans for the 4th century onwards, "guaranteed" payments and many other benefits for your money. This great phrase from the movie "The Diamond Arm" - "Who will buy a pack of tickets - get the water tower!". He spoke with such enthusiasm that we were ready to invest. Later, these projects began to implement its payment (currency) systems - and we understand that this is a gold mine!

Our colleague suggested making exchanges real cash scheme - the local currency project - real cash. We have tried, and the first customers do not have to wait. A nice plus in this work - do the administrators of investment projects will greatly facilitate our work. That is, they self-promote, advertise, popularize their projects and exchange. They independently "treated" people who are willing to contribute. We have just enough at the right time and the right place to offer these currencies for a good rate and in large quantities. Instead, we get a very real cash. For more details, we talked about the principles of our webinars that take place on a regular basis, and recording posted on YouTube channel.

What do we expect from the launch Palarium? There will not talk about the noble goal "to save all the participants of the financial crisis", "to create a unique community" and so on. We want to work and earn together with our participants! This mutually beneficial cooperation, which can continue until there are electronic money and the demand for them! There is a caveat, we have pointed out to him in our webinars. Ever since the '90s, we know a good rule of doing business "Earn - to know how to share." Please do not confuse income with "chopping cabbage" we earn on the back due to the funding of our investors - and we share with our investors profit!

3. Tell us about investing in your project. Why did you decide to make only one investment plan? In the last webinar, the speaker said that there will be additional investment plans, tell us about them in detail.

Our plan was developed income not random. It's many years of analysis of revenue by currency conversion. Therefore, we have found the optimum percentage that we can handle. In fact, it is undervalued, and this we openly told to webinars. But it allows the project to make good money, as well as our investors, our partners, and us personally. This percentage ensures us not disappoint our investors because we do not assume ambitious goals, is that at the moment we can do.

What investors get and what is our benefit. With each cycle, we get up to 8% of the initial amount of it. Our investors receive 7% (3.5% of net revenue and 3.5% of the "deposit"). Actual return our client is 3.5%. 8% minus 3.5% and we get 4.5%. 4.5% of this is that for which the project works Palarium.

Now for the new tariff plans. Yes, we are planning in the near future to enter the short term, but with a much lower yield. They will work as proof of success. To our potential partners could really be sure how our project and our team. I think the best time to get one on your wallet a few dollars than to constantly hear how the project is good and beneficial. Soon everyone will be able to open a small deposit on a short term.
Project Palarium

4. Your site is now presented to investors in Russian and English. Do you plan to translate the site into other languages?

Plarium team consists of representatives from different countries. Also support me informed about the participants from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Morocco and many small countries. At the moment, the most urgent amendments are translated into Spanish and Portuguese. We will move forward to our potential partners, but to call a specific time frame at the moment I can not.

5. Palarium contribution available for a lot of payment systems, but the withdrawal is available only two, what is the reason? How do you protect against lock in the WebMoney system and anti-theft system Bitcoin?

Yes, at the moment we pay only for the two most popular systems. This is due to the settings of automatic payments and minimum clearance necessary documents. Today, negotiations are underway with exchanger - a partner on the withdrawal of funds for participants to different payment systems, including credit cards.

To make a small announcement - so maybe we can please our partners at the beginning of November!

On the protection will not talk in detail, it is in our common interest. I will say this, our team is a man who is an active expert in information security of "Tinkoff Bank".

6. How high can you assess the security level of your, website? What steps do you take to protect against potential hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks by competitors lock your accounts, domain and so on?

Of course, no one can be 100% sure in such cases, but nevertheless we have taken the appropriate action. I am not an expert in this area, so you will not be able to devote all the subtleties of this process. But I am proud to say that our team has been successfully "repulsed" massive DDoS attacks, and our users is practically not affected.

7. What type of customer support you offer and in which languages? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have a question?

At the moment, we have hired several operators fluent in Russian and English. Also, they are happy to try to help you in other languages ??using their own skills and Google - translator! =)

8. As it is written on your site you do different areas of investment, but in the webinar but was told only about your one direction, namely, currency exchange, can you tell where everything is so invested funds of investors?

Almost all the funds are handled and in the exchange rates. They come to our trustees in Moscow, St. Peterbuge, Minsk, Kiev and Warsaw. All funds and exchanges are under strict reporting, so this eliminates the fact of fraud of our trustees.

9. How do you promote the project Palarium? What you are using advertising strategies? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future? Will there be the introduction of insurance bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?

Very interesting question. Yes, we are working on the development of a clear strategy. Maximum emphasis - a smooth development gains customers. It is important that the project has been received more than our team can handle. Yes, we have a certain "reserve" of growth, but it has limits. New project, so we are now working on reputation. Now the most important thing is not to let our partners. Smooth project output to the desired level - the best solution!

Insurance has introduced, are aware of this, our participants and guests of the webinars. On account of bonuses and contests are there dvohznachnost. Yes, we do "Shares on Fridays," which are aimed at the increase of development. But the bulk of shares - as long as we have no desire to spend. I think it is not necessary with a serious project, where people actually make money doing circus and fun ride. Let such engaged in pyramid and projects that lack of attention.

10. What are the issues, challenges, and other materials to support the customers you meet more often? Do something with which you would like to address today to its customers, so they do not have to contact you?

Questions are varied, to highlight any particular - I can not. Each question as each of our partner is unique, and the situation may be unique. Our support gladly try to answer your questions, no matter what language and how many times they are given.

11. Finally, is there anything not covered in this interview, what would you like to say? Do you have what else to convince the doubters, what do you say to attract invest in your project?

To convince the doubters? And I will not. We already have a certain base of partners who work with us. In principle, this is enough. If you think that we are a pyramid, or not worthy of your attention to the project - it is your right. On the first day I have personally answered the questions in the chat support. You would know how much I get the message "You are the pyramid, the project will be bent, rates are bad for the weekend you will not." And now I would like to see the look on the faces of these people.



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