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Interview with obmen-24

 Interview with the project obmen-24.
1. Hi! Please introduce yourself to the readers and
tell us about your own role in what your own
responsibilities within the project obmen-24?

Hello, I am a representative of the project «Obmen-24", my name is Victor.

2. Could you describe to us as some of the prerequisites for

Based on this project? How long have you been working on the project? What do you
expected, above all, launched the project? Is there anyone
besides you are working in obmen-24?

Currently, there is a tendency of increasing demand for e-currencies. This is due to many factors: the growth of commercial Internet sites, development of entertainment portals with the use of electronic money, the growing interest in the stock and currency markets, and the promotion of payment for various services through the Internet (taxes, communications, utilities, etc.). In view of the above, and the growing demand for electronic currencies. Reliable, high quality and safe exchange services is not so much, so we took the decision to launch «».
The project was developed about six months and, by exercising its launch, expected, above all, lack of interest in internet users in the initial stage of development of service. But a major advertising campaign conducted by us after the start of the project allowed us to discard all fears and begin exchange transactions with large sums of money at a very early stage.
As for the staff, the service works through the efforts of our programmers, managers, operators, customer service and project manager. We have a very friendly team of professionals.

3. Tell us more about the conditions of exchange. What are the minimum and
the maximum amount of exchange? What exchange automatic or manual? As
Currency reserves are replenished frequently? Which currencies you trade, whether
what special conditions for certain exchanges? What are your
features and chips << >>?


The minimum amount of exchange - 30 USD. The maximum amount is limited to the allowance for interest currency. Exchange transactions are conducted manually, through the operator. We work with the most popular CSE: Web Money, Yandex Money, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Liqpay, Moneybookers, QIWI, as well as with Internet currency known banks: Sberbank, Alfa Bank, VTB Bank Messenger, PSB.
We very much value our system of discounts for regular customers.


4. Your site is only in Russian, but you work with
payment systems LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay,
Moneybookers which employ a lot of English-speaking
users. Why you do not have the English version, and if you plan

Really at the moment we are working only with Russian clients. But in the near future we plan to enter the international format of the work.

5. Tell us more about the system of discounts and offers for partners.
Can anyone use it? Amount of exchange for
a one-time discount, or stored?

Discount system service «Obmen-24" is very interesting and progressive. Simply sign up to the site of the exchanger, and you are a member of this program. Discounts range from 2% after registering up to 50% of active cooperation.
Affiliate program is also very attractive. After all active partners can earn up to 50% paid by the exchange of their referrals.

6. How high can you assess the level of security for your,
website and the exchanges themselves? What security measures do you take to
possible hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks by blocking your competitors
accounts, domain, and so on?

Job security of our service at a very high level. This is due to the fact that all exchange operations we perform in manual mode, where the risk of diversion of funds "third" party is reduced to zero.

7. What type of customer support do you offer and in which languages?
What is the best and most effective way to contact you if
I have a question? I know you have a telephone number to contact 8800555
March 14. Tell us more about it, at which time I can on it
call who will answer me?

All methods of support, now made exclusively in Russian. We have a free hot-line (for residents of Russia), online chat support, skype, ICQ, email.
Free line is open from 10.00 until 18.00 GMT, Monday to Friday. Other contacts are available from 10:00 to 21:00.

8. Your project is already running more than 4 months, what the greatest
problems you faced?

The biggest challenge to win the market and become a serious competitor, sending numerous, but promoted exchangers.

9. Tell us your opinion about the situation with the payment system
LibertyReserve, what do you think? What happens if your account is
blocked, as well as in the event that LibertyReserve after prophylaxis
never regains its job?

To our knowledge, this CSE conducts routine preventive maintenance. Our account in this system if it turns blocked, then no, we do not incur losses.

10. In connection with the account blocking U exchangers and through obmenschikov
personal exchange, do you plan to get the bill X and PerfectMoney
LibertyReserve? Why do you have an account in PerfectMoney not verified?
Suddenly, the same mass start and lock system PerfectMoney.

Liberty Reserve system no longer gives X account.
We do not keep large sums in one wallet.
Soon pass the verification procedure Perfect Money.

11. Tell us about the system reviews on your site. Who are its moderates,
Does everything published reviews or only selectively?

All the reviews that leave our clients, the date and amount of the exchange transaction, without moderation are published in the appropriate section of our website. The remaining reviews filtered.

12. What currency exchange you plan to connect to the nearest
time? Many people wonder about the connection EgoPay. Do you plan
introduction of yet, any << >> chips and features in your exchanger?

There are plans to connect Alertpay.
EgoPay system we are not considering.

13. How do you deal with the draft Probusinessltd? You are a
project administrator Probusinessltd? Probusinessltd fully
financing your project, reserves, etc.? If the project
Probusinessltd, encounter any problems as it is reflected in the

Service «Obmen-24" under full control and financing of the project «Probusinessltd». But in spite of this, each of these projects, their manager, which allows to work in isolation to each project independently of each other, in case of any confusion.

14. In your opinion, what can be expected in the near future the market

exchange points? Please give me a little prediction.

I think the market will be filled with new exchange service. Amounts exchange transactions will undoubtedly increase, as well as the number of exchange. The market is not yet fully completed, but the pace of growth in a few years there will be very close and begin serious competition. Will open and the new EPS.

15. Please give me some advice for those who plan to run
and just launched his own exchanger? What you should pay
note that in any case can not be done? In general, any
practical advice is valuable!


The most important thing to spare no money to develop the service and its security. Choose professional performers to create unique designs and scripts. Although there are a couple of organizations that provide ready-made software for data services. Also, advertising - the motor trade. We must not forget.

16. What issues, problems, and other materials in exchange you
meet more often? Is there anything of what you would like to
turn now to our customers, so they do not have to communicate with

Especially any problems when working with clients did not arise.
After service «Obmen-24" was created to be the most convenient and affordable. Additionally, on site service contains detailed video instruction.

17. Lastly, is there anything not covered in the interview, as
would you like to say?

 I would like to say that if you appreciate the quality and speed of service - use our exchange service «Obmen-24."



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