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May 25, 2020
incomeb Paying
1.25% daily for 365 days
May 24, 2020
1.5% daily for 12 months (from 50 rubles)
1.9% daily for 6 months (5,000 rubles)
2.1% daily for 3 months (50,000 rubles)
May 23, 2020
5.5% daily for 40 works days
2.5% daily for 64 works days
May 22, 2020
104% - 150% After 1 Day
125% - 400% After 5 Days
170% - 600% After 10 Days
320% - 1800% After 25 Days
1000% - 3000% After 50 Days
2500% - 6000% After 100 Days
300% after 3 days
700% after 7 days
3000% after 30 days
May 22, 2020
105% - 140% after 1 day
115% - 168% after 2 days
150% - 245% after 4 days
300% - 550% after 8 days
1000% after 16 days
500% after 70 hours
May 21, 2020
1.49% - 2% hourly for 70 hours
5% - 8% hourly for 40 hours
15% - 18% hourly for 20 hours
1.2% daily for 60 days
110% after 4 days
6% daily for 20 days;
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May 26, 2020
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Interview with NewFixtrade


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1.Hello! Please, introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us what your role in the Newfixtrade project is? What are your functions in this project? Do you have any experience in the management of investment funds?

Hello! My name is Leonid and I’m head of the NewFixTrade project. Experienced and friendly team consisting of specialists in various spheres works on the project, but I am responsible to our investors. My most important duty is operational stability of our company and its competent development.

2. Could you describe prerequisites for the foundation of this project? How long have you been working on the project? What did you expect when you launched the project? Is there anyone else besides you who works in Newfixtrade?

Main prerequisite for the foundation of our project is series of scams in the industry. All of us do know what a decline is now in comparison with 2006-2008. It’s obvious that a good intermediary can work for two or three years, but unfortunately there’re a small number of projects like that. So I decided to make a contribution to the development of the industry.

Work on the project was started in June of 2012. I began to note down some of the ideas in a notebook, so by December I had a detailed plan. In December practical works on the project have been started, and everything was done in about 3 months. On 11 of March the project was launched.

As I said before, friendly team works on the project, we try to react operatively on all the difficulties faced by our investors.  Recently we found the forum. So it’s impossible to cope alone.

3. It’s written on your site that your company has been existed for 5 years. Who has invested you for 5 years or company has been engaged in trading on the Forex market using only its own money? And could you represent history of the trade, statements or something like that to make us sure that you have been trade Forex for 5 years?

Of course the company itself is under the age of 5 years, but the core of our team was formed just 5 years ago. Then we didn’t have any investors, we worked with our own money. First money was attracted 3 years ago and it was loan from our friends who are businessmen. 

We do not put our cards on the table because in that case all our major formulations would be unclosed. It’s called trade secret. The most important thing in business is trust.

4. You show only one document on the site, it’s a certificate of the possibility of shares selling. Why don’t you represent others documents on the registration of the company?

Generally, through the Internet we attract small investments of up to 50000$. Here everything is based on trust, there’s a great amount of forums and blogs, where our activity is discussed. We do work and people know that. Grand investments are documented by the contract. Usually investors arrive in our office, where they are acquainted with all documents personally.

5. In the contacts it’s written that your office is situated at the address «Puerto Rico, 2 Las Rosas Street, Santa Cruz Corner, Bayamon, PR 00961-7011». If someone would like to visit your office, will he find you there?

Yes, on any working day.

5. What about investment plans? Could you explain the details? What are the minimum and the maximum amount for the investment? How often can be placed withdrawal, what is the minimum amount of withdrawal? Is it possible to withdraw a deposit in advance? Is there any limitations?

Minimum investment in our company is only 1 dollar, because we want to be open for everybody. Everybody can invest in our company. We have optimal plans both for investors, and for us. 10, 20 and 30 days are very short periods of time, during which you can earn significantly. There’s no limitation, withdrawal is available every day, the minimum is 0,1 dollar.

6. Your site is available in two languages, English and Russian. Why did you choose them? Will you make versions in other languages? 

Yes, we plan to translate site into other languages to be available to an even broader range of investors. Our project develops bit by bit, so not all at once, it is a strategic decision.

7. Tell us about payment systems which are available in NewFixTrade. What payment system do you deal with at present time? Are you going to add other payment systems such as EgoPay, SolidtrustPay? Why don't have LibertyReserve system?


At present time we deal with LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Qiwi. We work with these systems directly through the merchant. Also quite recently we signed a contract with the processor of payments and now it is possible to replenish the balance via banking cards, Western Union, WebMoney, and via many others systems, there’re more than 150 systems. That is why it’s easier now to invest in our company. If it is necessary, at the request of investors, we will be ready to connect other systems, but I think it is enough.

8. How do you evaluate the level of safety of your website? What security measures do you take to prevent possible hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks of your competitors on the lock of your accounts, domain, etc.?

Before starting the project an audit of script code was performed by an independent company which works in the field of security. We were assured that nothing to worry about. Moreover, in security purposes we use two servers, one is the base and there's working script on the other server, they are they are connected by the Protocol VPN. Also we have one additional server with hardware firewall Cisco, today or tomorrow we will move to it. We will be available at the address

What about finances, there is nothing to worry about. We have significant reserves to make payments to our investors.

9. What kind of customer support do you offer? And do you offer customer service in foreign languages? What is the best and most effective way to contact you, if I have a question? I know you have a phone number +1-787-395-72-79 for communication. Tell us more about it, at what time can I contact you and who answers the calls?

There's English-speaking operator on the phone, this pretty girl lives in Puerto Rico. She redirects all the questions to me by e-mail. It's better to write to me to have all your questions answered in short time.

10. What are the questions, concerns and other stuff in client's support you face more often? Do you have something to say to your clients now, so that they won’t have to contact you on this theme?

We have no permanent issues and problems, because there's always an ongoing work on the project.  As soon as the question is repeated twice, we immediately try to make it clear to our investors. Yes, there were questions in the beginning, when the systems were being connected, not everybody knew that it's necessary to specify the number without +7 using Qiwi. We made hints in the personal account and now everything is clear. It applies to all the questions. We do everything to reduce a number of questions. But if something is asked, we react immediately.  Our partnership should be easy and comfortable.

11. As it is written on your site you are involved in trade on the Forex. Tell us about it in details. How do you manage to get such a high and stable profit from trading in the Forex market? Are all investors funds involved in only one investing program? Or there're any others? 

Everybody knows that it's possible to make good money on Forex, but it's not easy without any experience. We can't reveal our secrets; it's our business, who will invest in us then? We offer our partners a significant part of the profit from all the operations, and our profit is about 7%, we are not wizards.

12. Is it possible to sign a contract with you as with the company or a private person? What are the conditions? Is it possible to fix an appointment with you or somebody of your colleagues?

Of course, it is possible. Now all the work is organized thus to facilitate cooperation. You can invest in our company in a few clicks of the mouse. But when it comes to grand investments, we are ready to fix an appointment and sign all necessary documents.

13. It's a standard question from mmgp forum: Looking through the site one question arises, all the employees are Americans, the office is located in Puerto Rico, but the site is in English and Russian. Why?

Puerto Rico was chosen not in vain. It's a perfect place for a work, even though the office is situated in the business center, but there's a great view from the windows. Climate is wonderful. I highly recommend visiting us, you will realize everything. Three years ago after a successful trade on Forex, we had a journey to Puerto Rico, and then we moved here to live.  And the Russian language on the site is my personal prerogative, I often visit Russia.

14. How do you promote the project Newfixtrade? What advertising strategies do you use? Are you going to make any interesting changes in the nearest future? Are you planning the introduction of insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?

The main advantage of our project is an intelligent strategy of development. We know what and when to do. What about insurance, all in good time. The investors' trust cannot be bought for money, it is a false cooperation. We work honestly and accurately, you can read what is written about us on the Internet. We will not have any bonuses for the clients; we are open for all the layers of the population, minimal investment is 1 dollar. In our company there are no VIP clients and other nonsense. All are equal. Each investor for us is equally important. But tenders are going to be, one of them may be on this week. But it's not a call to invest in our company; it's a real and honest competition.

15. And the last, is there something we didn’t mention in the interview. What would you like to say? Do you have something else to convince the doubters? What would you like to say to attract investors?

I won't say that we are the best or something like that. Everybody has own evaluation criteria. Someone likes us, someone don't. It is absolutely normal; we're not the only ones. Look at us, look at the others, compare and think.
I wish all the investors a good profit, and participants of the market to work honestly for a long time.




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