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Mar 18, 2019
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Mar 14, 2019
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Mar 11, 2019
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Interview with Money-ferma


1. Hello! Please introduce yourself to readers and tell us about your role in Money-ferma project. What are your responsibilities in this project? What experience do you have in management of such projects?

I am the technical administrator of the project. My responsibilities in the project are the maintaining of the project in working order, communication with other team members and entire work control.


2. Could you please describe us some of the prerequisites for the development of this project? How long have you worked on the project? Why did you name the project as Money-ferma? Is there anyone else besides you working in Money-ferma?

Main prerequisite for the development of this project was playing on other similar projects that charitably saying were horrible and there was an idea to create a farm that will be beneficial to both creators and users, Money-ferma - sounds nice and essentially briefly describes the game. Except me, there are five more people who follow the economy, technical support, chat, etc.


3. Regarding investment in your project. Can you explain us the details? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investment? How often can I order withdrawal, what is the minimum withdrawal amount? Can I withdraw contribution? What % of income in the Money-ferma?

Regarding investment, this farm is different from the others in that there is no minimum investment and withdrawal amount, you can invest and withdraw even one penny, but withdrawal is only available three times a day and it is connected with safety, percentage of Money-ferma income is quite small and is about 5% of total turnover.


4. Your site is translated only in Russian, why you chose it? Are you planning to add other languages?

Currently we are working on English version of the site for a European audience.


5. Tell us about payment systems available in Money-ferma. What payment systems you deal with now? Do you plan to add more payment systems?

We use a lot of payment systems. Even you can recharge game balance with mobile phone. Soon withdrawal will be available on the most popular payment systems as local, as foreign.


6. How high can you assess the security level of your website? What security measures do you take from possible hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks of competitors for locking your accounts, domain, etc.?

We have very high security level. It is usage of payment passwords and withdrawal based on one time in 3 days. So any hacker can’t withdrawal all assets from farm account, etc. Every day we come up with more and more reliable measures, currently we are moving to a very good hosting and working on improvement of site safety.


7. What type of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have a question?

We have a huge range of customer support measures - this is chat, technical support directly on the site plus Skype and official group in Vkontakte and of course moderators. You can contact us using any way that is easy for you.


8. On your site you have no information concerning how you perform payments to members. How invested money is used or they just lie on the accounts?

Mostly all payments are made from the reserve that users investing to the project, but some part of the reserve is added to the project by us + sponsorship money, and other our income.


9. On website in section "site statistics" there is no information about the amount invested to your project. Can you exclusively for our interview write the amount of investments?

More than 250 000 at the moment.


10. How do you promote Money-ferma project? What promotional strategies do you use? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future?

For the promotion we use all currently available methods, including active advertising, advertising in social networks, any competitions for users to attract referrals and different bonuses for them.  In the future, we plan huge changes, we had mentioned about it in news. If you are interested in it you can read, there are so many new and interesting things.


11. What issues, problems, and other materials to support customers you meet more often? Is there anything you would like to say your customers, in order they do not have to contact you later?

There are a lot of questions asked. Most frequent question probably is, "Do you really pay" and, unfortunately, it was, is and will be, there's nothing to do with it and we should always respond to it. Relating saying something to customers? - If something is not clear or there is any problems - do not hesitate to ask and we will gladly help.


12. And finally, is there anything that was not covered in this interview, what would you like to say? Do you have something else to convince doubters, what do you say to attract investments in your project?

Last thing I want to add - we will be happy to each user and probably most important - to have income you don’t need to invest thousands, you can start with at least 1 or 10 rubles in order receive more information about the project. Successful game to all!



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