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May 25, 2020
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May 24, 2020
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May 23, 2020
5.5% daily for 40 works days
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May 22, 2020
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700% after 7 days
3000% after 30 days
May 22, 2020
105% - 140% after 1 day
115% - 168% after 2 days
150% - 245% after 4 days
300% - 550% after 8 days
1000% after 16 days
500% after 70 hours
May 21, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Interview with League-champions



Good day.

Today I want to present you an interview with Eugene - project administrator League-champions. I recall that recently we made for you an overview of the project in which there are a few interesting moments were some of the questions the answers to which we can see in this interview.

1.Hello! Please introduce readers and tell us about your role in proekteLeague-champions. What are your responsibilities in this project? What you have experience in managing investment funds?

Good day. My name is Eugene Kotov, I am an administrator and parallel project privateer Champions League. My duty is management of the project and game control Capper. I have management experience is not great, but in the 2 weeks I was able to learn a lot.

2. Could you describe to us as some of the prerequisites for the establishment of this project? How long have you worked on the project? Why did you name the project is League-champions?

The basis of the project served as my interest in the sport, I'm a pro in the betting bookmakers. Idea hatched from December 2013, but the implementation beginning to take place from mid-April 2014. Champions League Title - except as world and European championships, in third place was always UEFA Champions League, and in such competitions, I and my captors earn the biggest %.

3. What did you expect, first of all, the project was launched? Is there anyone else besides you working in a League-champions?

Expected to create an analytical team that could embody% on investments in reality. Team has more than 10 privateers, a team of programmers, speaker, advertising department, etc.

4. Regarding investment plans. You can tell us more? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investment? How often can I order a conclusion what is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum investment of $ 100, maximum of $ 10,000, the minimum withdrawal $ 50. Output can be ordered at any time.

5. What motivated you to make plans with the conclusions of the contribution at any moment?

Motivated investors' attitude to this method, because the output at any time is - what investors want.

6. Your site is translated only into English and Russian language, why you chose it? Are you planning to add a translation to other languages?

Translated by 2 language, will continue to have two Chinese and German language.

7. Tell us about payment systems available on the League-champions. What payment systems you deal by now? You plan to add more payment systems?

At the moment there Perfect Money, later in the process, we will add any payment system, for investors who vote.

8. How high can you assess the security level of your, website? What security measures do you take from possible hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks competitors lock your accounts, domain, etc.?

The security level of 10 9. since one error, and all can be destroyed. Protection against DDoS attacks antiabuzny hosting, mirror site, a staff of experienced programmers - all this makes the project attractive and safe.

9. What type of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have a question?

Feedback, email, voice communication for Vip investors chat + vebinarnaya room for active investors from $ 100. Supporting works on 9 out of 10 points.

10. You written in the section about the project that you are engaged in investing 8 years, why did you just now decided to open a website? And who are your investors for 8 years?

I have been betting on sports for over 8 years, I have my own team of people who invest in my skills.

Prior to this I had my bookmaker and online there was no need.

But I had to sell it, as Ukraine is very fierce competitiveness.

11. Why did you decide Statistics profit for every day display only the news on the site, is not it easier to make the general statistics indicating the average% yield, etc.?

In the news, daily statistics and personal cabinet in a simple and clear statistics all charges%.

12. Why in the "privateers work" in the screenshots a lot of bets on hockey than football, tennis, basketball, even though you wrote on the site that basically your work it is still football matches?

My activities football, but we are expanding market their services and attract a huge number of privateers, who play different sports.

13. And right there and then you decided to add a question on the screenshots you can see that the rates are in UAH, why not $, you also accept deposits $% loss on exchange rates, exchange, etc.?

In UAH play half the team, the rest of the team plays in Russian rubles, U.S. dollars and pounds sterling in different cities around the world.

14. You is written that when the contribution of $ 3,000, you can take advantage of voice support. Tell us about it in detail, if I'll use it, who will answer me, what business hours support?

Support works around the clock, you can always answer any questions you have, as well as to conclude on those payment details that you arrange.

15. What is the reason 15 (of accrual of interest if the contribution is made before 10am) and 22 point (blocking of Account) in the FAQ, why such harsh conditions?

Who will deposit from 00-00 to 10-00% he will get his next day, as we have time to transfer the money to the work of our privateers, and who will do after, he will receive a charge of only one day.

On a multi-accounts and referral chains from the same IP or the whole family, it's a scam and it is punishable by locking in the case of determining our security system.

16. Tell us, please detail about the webinar and chat rooms to investors that they discussed and tested as webinars?

Chat is open 24 hours a day for active investors from $ 100. Webinars are held 2-3 times a week. Mainly discusses and offers investors work privateers and the most important news of the project.

17. All bookmakers have limits on the maximum amount of bets, with large volumes of investors, how will you deal with these constraints?

At the moment, our team can easily cope with a turnover of $ 500,000 or 30% of the total pot. So the total pot 1,500,000 dollars if this threshold is more, we will expand the headquarters of players worldwide

18. Possible to conclude agreement with you, as a company or individual? What are the conditions for this?

Anyone who is in our country or in the country where our captors, may become familiar with our work live and discuss unclear points or suggestions.

19. How do you promote the project League-champions? What do you use promotional strategies? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future? Are there any introduction of insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?

Promote project HYIP monitors banner advertising, social networks, forums investing, well all the secrets do not want to disclose.
Bonuses, promotions and so on will always be, to raise morale and attitudes of managers and investors.

20. What issues, problems, and other materials to support the customers you meet more often? Is there anything you would like to turn now to their customers, they do not have to contact you?

All the questions and problems that arise are solved very quickly.

Its clients, I wish good money with the best sports-investment project in 2014.

21. Lastly, is there anything not covered in this interview, what would you like to say? Do you have what else to convince doubters, what do you say to attract invest in your project?

The best proof of our work is to pay the stated interest to our clients. What would understand how our unique system, you need to stop in and try it to be the best, who are now thousands of investors.

Many thanks to Eugene for his answers to our interview pretty volume. We hope that the project will only grow and develop in a better way!

I want to remind all readers of the golden rule of "do not put all your eggs in one basket" always invest a sum of several most reliable projects!



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