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Interview with Infinitycars


Monitored by

Interview with the administrator of the project infinity cars.

1. Welcome! Please introduce yourself, readers and tell us about your own role what your own responsibilities within the project? What is your own financial management experience?


Hello, my name is Ralph. I - CEO project INFINITYCARSGROUP LIMITED. In the project I'm doing almost everything: from the site of administration, to collaboration with advertising platforms. Constantly need to improve themselves, to assess risks properly build project strategy work correctly analyze the inflow and outflow of funds, and more.


2. Can you give us the basic information about the project? How long have you been working on? What do you hope to achieve in the first place by running it? Also you someone else is working on the project INFINITYCARS GROUP LIMITED?


The project works in ten days. Personally, from my observation - he is in demand among investors, and we have them for more than 700. I hope to work well not only for themselves, but for my investors against the backdrop of high-profile bench giants. Yes, we have a design team and executive manager (on support payments).


3. What can you say about the investment plans? Can you explain them in detail to us? What plan is the most popular?


According to statistics, most of the deposits made in the first plan, the second a little less. But gradually the project is gaining momentum and investors are on the third and the fourth plan.


4. Your website is translated into 3 languages, why did you choose them? Do you plan to add another translation into other languages?


Russian - personally, in my opinion, the majority of investors it is in the Russian segment.

English - so here it is clear - it is an international language.

German - from recently I began to actively cooperate with investors from Germany, I decided to make them a separate language formation.

It is planned to French, Chinese, Spanish.


5. What is the payment system is the most popular among investors? Do you have a contingency plan?


Perfect Money. There is some financial cushion.


6. How high do you assess the security of your site? What measures do you take to protect against potential hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks rivals in blocking your account, domain, and so on?


I believe that the project is protected well enough. We started on the hosting geniusguard. After several attacks have taken the decision to move to another hosting. As a result, we moved to the powerful DDOS - GUARD. And with the accounts is simple: we do not keep large sums of money on domestic and purses all the time hiding funds to spare.


7. What kind of support do you offer customers? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have any questions? Your support is working around the clock?


Skype, skaypchat general, a trouble ticket system, VKontakte, facebook and online chat in the lower corner of the site. The fastest way to contact support: write in an online chat in the lower corner of the site. Support work practically around the clock.


8. What were the most common questions, problems that you have encountered? Are you able to fast emerging issues?


The most serious and common problem was the problem of entry of some investors. The problem arose because of the move to ddos-guard. At the moment all NS updated and investors not having such problems. Support is usually quickly eliminates any - any problems


9. Tell us more about the referral program? Do you have any proposals to change the percentage refelnoy program?


All referral program has already been described on the site: three level 1) 5% 2) 1.5% 3) 0.5%. So far this referral system is large enough, some bloggers on the agreement to raise interest rates, but this is very rare.


10. Are there any plans for the development of Invest Stars Ltd in the near future? How do you plan to compete with the new HYIPs, which open every day?


We plan to soon connect several foreign advertising platforms, slightly modify the site, connect OKPay payment system, Payza, STP. Quality project assembly (believe me, now it is not every project can be seen), high protection, and of course an excellent administrator job, in my opinion it is - the most important of the three points.


11. How do you promote the project INFINITYCARS GROUP LIMITED? What you are using advertising strategies? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future? Whether the introduction of planned insurance, bonuses, competitions among investors and referrals?


Place on blogs, forums and popular monitors. Further webinars are planned, extensive advertising in the foreign segment. Insurance and bonuses as planned, but everything has its time. With our marketing is important to the smooth development.


12. Do you participate in charity events? Do you plan to participate in a future?


Not at the moment. We plan, but as I said above: all the time.


13. And finally, is there anything not covered in this interview, what would you like to say? Do you have what else to convince doubters that you say, to attract to invest in your project?


Here as everywhere else it works very well saying: less words - more action. In my opinion the best of belief: quality content and excellent administrator job.



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