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Interview with ImperiallFund

1. Hello, my name is Anton, I’m one of the monitoring Administrators of Today I will interview you. Could you first introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us a little about your role in the project imperialfund, and then about your participation in the HYIP industry. What fund management experience do you have?

Hello dear Investors, hello Anton. My name is Konstantin Sergeyevich Petrov. I am the Chief Administrator of the ImperialFund project. My responsibilities include coordination of work of our partners and employees, as well as online support and the support of correct site operation. I’ve been into investments in the Internet, as well as HYIP for 5-6 years already. Throughout this time period I’ve obtained experience, have found partners in various areas of investment business online. As for the experience in fund management I can say that this is my first and only investment project (fund).

2. Tell us more about imperialfund. For how long have you been into business? Do you work alone or with someone else? For what purpose have you opened the project at all?

Again, my own investment experience is of 5-6 years. A long time ago, a hobby turned into a stable income. I work mainly on the site support and VIP investors support. Have a look at our statistics, more than 1100 subscribers, about 600 active investors. You can see that one can not simply work alone here. I have assistants and partners who are working with our money and our investors’ money. All of this scheme can be enclosed in a circle; let’s say, I have it all work.
The project was opened for attraction of additional funds, improvement of web reputation and future establishment of an investment company. We have a great domain, excellent design, and remarkable service. Therefore, we have already left behind many projects that are several times older than us. We have a huge prospect of becoming the best on the market and giving very good money to our investors.

3. You site is translated into many languages, but you have news and plans only in English, why is it so?

Yes, you’re right. But I can say that this is not the limit. Within 2 weeks, we will add also the Chinese and the French versions. You can see our traffic at About 5% of visits are from China. Concerning the news and the plans, the answer is simple - the GoldCoders license script feature. We asked them and they said that the news may be in one language only. Strange, but not that bad. We in any case, we did our best to make the investors’ work in our project as comfortable and easy, as possible.

4. What type of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most effective way to communicate with you, if I have questions? I know that you also have a Skype account, is it possible to contact you by means of video/audio connection? At what time is the support available?

The most important contact we offer is e-mail (the support form in ‘Contacts’) and Skype. For VIP investors, we offer also my personal ICQ. In the nearest future the ICQ for all investors will be available. The number will be posted on the website in ‘Contacts’.
In Skype we only chat since we have no time for Skype audiocalls. I think you understand. Maybe in the future we come up with something more comfortable. Our investors are satisfied with the support. We try to reply as quickly as possible. But we trying to improve the service too. The approximate time of online support is 07:00 - 23:00, Moscow time.

5. For protection of investors you are using SSL and the GoldCoders license script. What other protective measures have you taken to better protect your project from hackers, DDoS and threats like that?

When we opened the project, I’m sure, our first investors remember that situation. Our project was massively attacked by DDoS. The more attacks came, the worse they were. Then we moved to a better dedicated server and successfully overcame the threats and then we did everything to avoid such situations in the future.

6. The screenshots of the LR and PM reserve accounts of February 16. Where did these reserve funds come from? They show quite a large amount. Why were such large sums added to the reserve fund instead of being invested? Wouldn’t it be better to have them yield profit, than just store them on the accounts?

See it as it is. All that money is not just stored. Part of the money is in operation. The amounts on the reserve accounts are displayed to prove that these sums are always ready for use in cases of force majeure. If there is even a portion of money in operation, it won’t take long to quickly withdraw them. These accounts are base on a separate computer, with separate e-mails. That is, they are not available for hackers and other individuals who have criminal intentions towards our project. We care about the safety of the investors’ funds and our fund. This is the most important thing when working with money.

7. Why did you decide to make the final plan with the return of the deposit at any time? Are you not afraid of the project collapse if many large investors request the deposit reimbursement at the same time? This question is motivated by the similar situations confronted by other ruined projects.   

You are not quite accurate. The latter plan does not involve withdrawal at any time. The deposit must operate for a minimum of 20 days, and only afterwards it can be withdrawn. We are doing a real work, why should we be afraid of it? All projects are to close some day, in 5 or in 30 years. But our project is the one letting many people make good money. If we say a VIP investor, it means we do our best to have large investors get the top returns. (Still remembering that we treasure every investor, even if he has deposited 1$).

8. Speaking of guarantees, do you consider it reasonable to talk about this in such an industry? Some of your payment systems can not offer it, so how can you give any guarantees? If (for example) LibertyReserve collapses tomorrow and takes all your money from all of your LibertyReserve accounts, how will you recoup the losses? And with what money?

100% guarantees do not exist, you know. But as an investor, I believe it reasonable to provide the maximum of the facts giving confidence that the project is going to last long, and the work we do is serious. Firstly, all our money is distributed between different payment systems. Secondly, we store funds on the working accounts only for immediate payments, everything else is in operation and on the reserve account. Thirdly, imagine that LibertyReserve collapses. In this case we can lose about 10-20% of our funds. What will we do? We will suspend the payment of deposits for a short time to until the problems with lack of funds are resolved and will work for zero income for some time, until we return our money. In the whole, you see, the collapse of LibertyReserve is an unlikely thing to happen. Fourthly, for this case, we have a reserve fund with PerfectMoney and we may not need to suspend anything.

8. Many people wonder if it is possible to meet with you in person, particularly, for concluding the loan agreement. Is it possible at all and what does one need to do for this? Perhaps some of major investors stay in your city and would be willing to meet you.

We haven’t yet received any requests whatsoever. We have additional information on the site for VIP investors, which is to be eventually expanded. As for the agreement, now there is an idea to conclude agreements with me as a physical person. The fact of my existence is proved in the section for VIP investors. In the future, we plan to create an investment company and conclude agreements on behalf of our Company. As far as I know, now there are no VIP investors in my city. Nevertheless, I think it will possible. Especially, when we have finished works on the site, I will have more time to communicate with our investors.

10. Tell us more about the general advertising and promotional strategies used at Imperialfund. On such a competitive market, what do you do to have broad investment audience learn about your project?

From the very beginning, we had a fairly extensive advertising campaign. We are placed at many of the best monitoring sites, both Russian and foreign. We install banners, order reviews. Our project is really very popular and its awareness is increasing. On average, we have 40-50 registrations a day. I will put it even more interesting, for many projects on the market our project is considered a competitor, while we do not have any competitors. We do not have many projects to outrun. Later, we are planning to make insurance for the most hesitating investors, to consolidate our topic on the forum. We will add banners on major monitoring sites. Maybe, we will start an advertising campaign in the search engines too.
Our fund has a great name. We have recently received a message from one of potential investors, saying ‘How can I invest in the Empire?’

11. Do you have a plan for Imperialfund’s development in the near future? Are you planning to provide special offers and various bonuses? Will there be any changes? How do you plan to keep the project competitive, when so many new projects emerge every day?

I partly answered the question above. Now we are going well in the sphere of professional sport forecasts. This kind of investment gives us monthly 50-60% on average. Why I say on average. There are months with profitability of more than 100%. Moreover, a part of the funds are placed in some secure funds where the risk of loss is minimal. We have an experienced team who always find relevant information. After all, many people know that the biggest value in the investment business is information. Now we are developing a plan for private lending. A counterparty’s personal WM certificate or seller’s certificate will be created. We are experience in this field as well. Our strategy is: first we try to work, we reduce all risks to a minimum and then involve this type of investment to work with the attracted money of the fund. We may even lend money to our investors. All the conditions will be specified later. The idea is to be developed. According to the plans, it will add monthly 15-25% to our turnover.
I would like also to comment a part of the review, for which I thank to the Administration of I would touch upon a certain point of the review. Regarding our account in the BK Marafon, and the rates. A new dollar account was opened, the money from the ruble account has been transferred to the new account. By the way, our VIP investors may monitor our rates’ reports every day. We stake only on the main events of the central stages. Who plays the Marathon knows that for such events stakes are accepted to the average amount of 40,000$ per outcome, which is very convenient for us. This type of investment has become a good stable income if one has the right approach.

12. And finally, is there anything else you would like to say unless it has been discussed in this interview? What would you say to potential investors to convince them to join your project?

In the whole, I think that we’ve had a good interview, in which we touched on many key issues. As a result, I’ say to our potential investors: You ask whether we have come to stay for a long time. My answer is YES. Our goal is to earn a very good reputation on the market and become the best. You ask if we are going to flee with the money. I say, NO. You earn, we earn. Any investor who joins our great team is very welcome, so we will be able to build our great investment Empire.
I appreciate the time you took to read this interview and thank the Administration of monhyip monitoring for the questions and the help in the development of our fund.

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