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Interview with GlobalFinance


1.Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us about your role in the project GlobalFinance. What are your responsibilities in this project?

Hello! My name is Galina Rezvonovna, I'm the Head of Global Finance. My main task is a direct management of the company. I'm like no one else is interested in the development and success of GlobalFinance. The effectiveness of my leadership directly affects the income statement. Can you imagine all my responsibility?

1.1 What is your experience in managing of investment funds?

GlobalFinance  - is my only project. Before, I was engaged in investments on my own, never lead anyone and never obey to anybody. Butfromthe deep childhood, I knew that my vocation is to be a leader, be a Head. When I began to have financial capacity, I never doubted what to do next. I opened the company GlobalFinance. Yes, it was hard, not everything was madeat once and was given very hard. During the five years of hard work I have achieved a degree of stability, and of course got a great experience.

2. Could you describe us as some of the prerequisites for the establishment of the project?

Prerequisites......, I already said, the main prerequisite was my desire, a wish, a dream of childhood, and of course a cold financial estimate.

2.1 How long did you work with this project?

The idea to attract investment through the Internet emerged a long time ago, probably in 2009, but first it was necessary to achieve stable results in the trade.

The work on the project we started in June this year.

2.2 Why did you name the project as GlobalFinance?

We are a global company (smile). We work with investors from around the world. In some extentthe name reflects essence of our business.

2.3 What did you expect firstlythan launching the project?

Investment flows and of increasing our profits.

2.4 Is there anyone else besides you working in GlobalFinance?

Of course, there are traders, accountant and analyst. Boris - my deputy deals the project on the Internet and advertising.

3. Regarding investment plans?

We have three investment plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold

3.1 Can you explain to us the details?

Our plans are balanced in such a way that even the most conservative investors with little or no risk could earn with us. Bronze Plan - provides a yield of 10% in just two working weeks. Theotherplansaremoreprofitable.

3.2 What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investments?

Minimum investment is only $15 or 500 rubles, maximum $ 100 thousands

3.3 How often it possible to order the withdrawal, what is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

You can withdraw profit every day, minimum amount is 10 cents

3.4 Is it possible to withdrawmy contribution in advance?

Yes, but in this case, we will deduct 10% of penalty

4. Your site is translated only into English, why you chose it?

English is the more popular international language, perhaps relating to extent of our growth and development, we will translate the site into other languages, this is not a big deal, and now I don’t see the necessity of this

5. Tell us about the payment systems available in GlobalFinance. What payment systems you're dealing with so far?

Today we are working with Perfect Money, Ego Pay and,also you can top up your balance with bank transfer. Banksare not very convenient because of the timing of transfers.

5.1 Do you plan to add more payment systems?

Yes, weplanit.

6. On your website on a page named asFaces of the company there are employees of the company, their authenticity was questioned on it was written on ammgpforum that there are similar people on the Polish site. What can you say about it?

Yes, there was such an incident. The fact that those photos were posted as an example of the designer, and then had to be replaced with our current photos. Because of the hassles associated with the launch of the project, everybody just forget about it.

6. How high can you assess the security of your website?

I'm not a technical expert to make an estimations, but I'm sure that everything is done at the proper level. In any case, customer is protected because the payments in semi-automatic modewe use other accounts, whichare replenished daily.

6.1 What security measures do you take from potential hackers and DDoS attacks, attacks of rivals for locking your accounts, domain, and so on?

Of course, the site is located on a secure dedicated server. We have many different accounts, besides all our accounts are verified and nobody has a right to lock them. Our domain is located in very loyal registrar.

7. What type of customer support do you offer?

We have an online chat on a site, support, skype, icq, phones and e-mail, I think this is more than enough. Any client always quickly get an answer to his question.

7.1 What is the best and most efficient way to contact you if I have a question?

Al l questions you have it is better to ask Boris through skype or icq.

7.2 On your website you have a link to the forum, but it does not work; when you planto open the forum?

It will work very soon.

8. As it is written on your website you deals with investment in stocks and know the nuances of the stock market. Tell us how you manage to get such a high profit. All investors’ money you sent only in one direction such as investmentor are there any other areas?

Most of the operations are carried out on FORTS derivatives market, recently we perform binary optionsvery stable. Some of the money is not invested at all times when we do not see the point in it and payments come from formedfund.

10. In the section "About us" you have written that you are a registered LLC in Ivanovo. Is it possible to see the documents confirming registration of the company? Do you give it to large investors as an additional warranty?

Yes, our company is officially registered. Here is the documents (she shows the documents, it is Certificate,Statute, etc.)

11. Is it possible to conclude the contract with you as a company or individual?


11.1 Whataretherequirementsforthis?

The minimum contribution should not be less than five thousand dollars or equivalent.

11.2 Is it possible to conclude contractcoming to your office?

Yes, it is possible but should be agreed in advance

12. HowdoyoupromotetheprojectGlobalFinance?

We have just started and have not started the proper promotion of the project, till now we held a rally for the distribution of leaflets in Moscow, and started advertising on the Internet.As the project will carry out a variety of promotional campaigns will be carried out. Today itis not seriously engaged.

12.1 Whatpromotional strategy do you use?

I have already answer in part, we have one strategy to win the trust of customers, and it can be done by consistent paying of income. Thisisthebestadvertising.

12.2 Will there be any interesting changes in near future?

If it will be a need to change something, I will do that, but now all goes on as usual, we are growing, there are those who made ??a profit, and people come to us. There is nothingto change.

12.3 Do you have offline advertising?

Yes, we distribute leaflets with our flag in Moscow. In near future we will carry out a variety of events. For example, on November 10thit will be held the amateur tournament in paintball and we are the sponsor.

12.4 Will there be the introduction of insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?

Nothing is planned for today. Maybe we will think of something later

13. What is sues, problems, and other materials to support the customers you meet more often?

We have worked out the Frequently Asked Questions section, those users who visit it do not ask for support. Wedon’t haveany problems, so there are no permanent issues.

13.1 Is there anything of what you would like to say your clients, so they do not have to ask you after?

I would like to remind you that we have no charges at weekends; the charges are made on working days.

14. Do you have something else to convince doubters, what you say in order to attract investment in your project?

As an investor I have learned one rule, never listen to anyone. Investments it is always a risk, so the decision should be taken only by yourself. Look on other companies,look on their conditions, think,thinkagain, and then come to us.

14.1 Lastly, is there anything, not covered in this interview about what you want to say?

I want to thank all our clients for their trust, for their support. Thank you.

Wish everyone a good investment and a lot of profit! Thanks to the administration of the project for interview and everyone who watches it. Good luck toeveryone and goodbye!



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