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Interview with Global Market

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1. Hello! Please, be presented, to readers of and tell us about your own role, what your own duties within the project? What is own experience of management of financial means?

Good afternoon. My name is Sergey Anatolyevich. I am the director of the company of GLOBAL MARKET corporation. My personal experience in the sphere of finance, a turn of liquidity and derivatives more than 15 years. Last place of work Sucden Financial Ltd company.

2. May you give us the main information on the project? What do you hope to reach first of all, having started it? Except you still somebody works on the GLOBAL MARKET corporation project?

The project is created for attraction of free finance of investors for receiving considerable profit on this capital. Our team consists of 15 people - all this professionals of the business, all worked in the sphere of finance more than 10 years.

3. What can you tell about investment plans? May you explain them to us in detail? What interest rates you offer and how long they will work? What plan is the most popular?

Our offer to investors, is very simple - we give from 1.5% to 2.5% of the investment sum. Payments go every day, is termless also without days off. This percent is proved by our experience and coordinated with consumers of liquidity. In the next 3-4 years percent and financial policy are thought won't be. It is difficult to tell what plan more popularly who wants to look as works the project invest on average $50 for 1.5%, but the plan from $200 begins to gain steam is and it is clear, the payback period is less.

4. Your website is translated into 2 languages why you have chosen them? Whether you still plan to add the translation into other languages?

These are two languages carriers of which are more active in the Internet business. But there was a group of the Chinese investors and if it increases, the website will be translated on Chinese.

Интервью с Global-market

5. Tell about payment service providers in your project. What payment service provider the most popular with investors? Whether you plan to use more payment service providers? You have a reserve plan?

We have connected one of the most popular payment service providers such as Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, OkPay, NixMoney, AdvancedCash. The choice on them has fallen because of their stress of stability. While the most popular, so to speak the leader is Perfect Money though she isn't really convenient for us as all calculations with consumers of liquidity go to Bitcoin - it is safe, quickly and the main thing remains full anonymity. And I have forgotten and on legal grounds it isn't taxed!

Проект Global-market

6. How you highly appreciate safety of your website? What measures of protection you undertake from possible hacker and ддос attacks, attacks of competitors on blocking of your accounts, the domain, etc.?

As I have told all capital to be transferred to Bitcoin - more safely now systems doesn't exist. Our technical specialists constantly watch safety of the website - both as you can see it works and it isn't bad. It isn't possible to block our domain as we the registered company and we aren't engaged in illegal activity.

7. What support of clients you offer? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have questions? Your support works round the clock?

We offer the round-the-clock support on the website, there is online a chat, Skype a chat, is tikt a sitem in the Private Office or it is possible to send e-mail through the Contacts page. The most popular support is online a website chat.

8. Tell how you get profit, in what an essence of your business?

We provide liquidity for the companies in the sphere of finance. The main stream of liquidity goes on several the most popular Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, and to also Dealing centers and the Brokers Forex and binary options. A business essence - we act as the opposite side in transactions. It looks so if you buy a binary option for $10 from the broker of binary options, then by rules he has to at the correct strategy receive $18, we provide these $18. If his forecast not of the correct $10 leaves to broker office and as we risked $18 in this transaction our remuneration will make $6. At the exchange more difficult and it is so simple not to write mechanisms. But representation from where there is money for payments of percent I have given.

9. Tell us more about the referalny program? Do you have offers on change of percent of the refelny program?

There is a referalny remuneration of 10%, isn't planned to change her yet.

10. Whether there are plans for development of GLOBAL MARKET corporation in the near future? How you plan to compete with new HYIPs which open every day?

 As well as any company of course has plans. This occupation of considerable positions in our sector of business. We didn't see still competitors. We have nobody to compete yet.

11. How you advance the GLOBAL MARKET corporation project? What you use advertizing strategy? Whether there will be some interesting changes in the near future? Whether introduction of an insurance, bonuses, competitions among investors and referrals are planned?

The whole strategy of advance is developed, I didn't want to open it, but will be a lot of things and for all, you watch news on the website. We like to please our investors and to do them pleasant surprises.

12. Whether you participate in charity events? Whether such participation in the future is planned?

Yes we participate, but we don't advertize it and we don't want to discuss.

13. And the last whether there is something not mentioned in this interview what you would like to tell about? Whether is at you, than still to convince doubting that you will tell to attract to invest in your project?

The first is if investors have questions - address in support and on any question the full answer will be received. And the second - we don't like to say much and we prove business the competence, in the form of daily automatic payments to investors. And I invite everyone to join our team of investors.



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