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Jun 01, 2020
1.09% hourly for 96 hours
4.2% hourly for 48 hours
15% hourly for 24 hours
1.5% daily for 10 days
300% after 5 days
7% daily forever
May 30, 2020
2% daily for 11 bussines days
66.5% on the 6th and 11th working day of the deposit
144% after 11 bussines days
10% daily for 100 bussines days
May 29, 2020
0.8% daily for 3 days
1.4% daily for 12 days
2% daily for 30 days
2.2% daily for 30 days
2.7% daily for 60 days
2.6% daily forever
May 28, 2020
116% after 4 days
125% after 5 days
138% after 6 days
150% after 10 days
180% after 20 days
May 27, 2020
AlysDax Paying
0.78% - 1.27% daily for 30 - 180 days
May 26, 2020
1% - 3% daily 30 days
6% daily for 20 days
1.5% - 4% daily for 40 days
2% - 5% daily for 50 days
3% - 6% daily for 60 days
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Jun 01, 2020
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Interview with Forexcompanyonline


1. Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us about your own role within Forexcompanyonline. What are your own duties within the program? What is your own experience of managing funds?

Hello! I'm Oliver Hall, 43 years old. I founded the project Forex Company Online in 2010, as far as I found it necessary coming from the turns of my company since 2007. I have been trained to work in the exchange market Forex and New-York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for a long time., my work experience is more than 12 years. I often follow the legendary Gerry Livermore in my strategy - despite the fact that he worked at Fund Stock I take some of his examples at exchange market - in the moments of maximal volatile, when the most of players - wait - I act and I know what I do. I also find attractive the strategy of Linda Rakshe.
I trained my team in such a way that they always remember - not We must work for money, but the MONEY MUST WORK FOR US. And this acclaiming really works.

2. Can you also give us some background on the program? How long have you been running? What were you hoping to achieve by starting it in the first place? Apart from you is there anybody else working on Forexcompanyonline?

Starting the program leaded my company to the new level - giving the clients on-line an opportunity to work and receive a stable constant profit.
The background on the program was my company in reality - the office location of my company is pointed out on the site - The head office is in Chicago. We have been working on the project for more than a year. My company has more than 20 workers. In perspective we are planning the expanding and opening the office in Russia. I didn't defined the exact place, but most probably it would be Moscow.

3. What about the investment plans? Can you explain them in detail to us? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investment, what rates of interest are on offer and how long do they run for? Which plan is the most popular?

What about the investment plans - they are clearly specified on site. As to the higher profit receiving - this is possible to decide through the extra consulting with our Support Service. Because daily growing allows us to give more serious % profit a day, but on the special conditions the minimal sum is 1$, and the maximum is limited for 50000$ in the site, however out of the site there is no limits. All the investment plans are made strictly according to the need and each of them is popular for the certain investors groups and according to the development of my company on 01.06.2010г. For 01.09.2010г the % of interest grew higher due to the successful trainers work, that is why I bravely assure that with the individual work the % of interest may reach 3% with the portfolio creation for more than15000$ running more than 3 months. As you can see the conditions are very interesting, and the safety guarantees we may prove with the agreements on portfolio sums not less than 1000$.

4. Your site is translated into 4 languages, and the video you translated only in two languages, Russian and English, why? Are you planning to add more languages?

My company use multi-languages - American - Russian - German - Chinese. The decision which languages to use in video was thought thoroughly - and the final decision was to use English-Russian variant, as it is the most popular.

5. Tell us about the payment options available from Forexcompanyonline. What payment processors are you currently dealing with? What is the most popular choice of the investors? Do you have a contingency plan?

My company has a possibility to work with the following Payment systems: Remittances inwardly USA, Germany, China. Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Liq Pay, Western union and remittances presently adjust with Russia, Webmoney on special conditions. All the details of the acceptance of web money are through the online support.

6. How highly would you rate the security of your own website? Tell us about your hosting provider and how highly would you rate them as a service provider?

The security level of the site Forex Company online was estimated by specialists for 5 points from 5, due to the fact that we chose the trustful hosting provider with the modern protection from DDOS attacks I am fully satisfied with the hosting provider of the project.

7. What kind of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most efficient way to contact you if I have any questions? I know you have an On-line Chat and phone support. What time (according to Moscow) they work?

I have decided long ago that the customer support services plays a very important role in functioning of many companies, so I have come to a conclusion to organize the work of support services in the following way: Alive Chat for work with clients from any point of the planet, the multi-language workers of support are competent and loyal, they passed the special preparation according to specifics of my business and regularly pass testing on increasing of the professionalism, according to these tests results they get the special bonuses and encouragements. At present moment all the tests were successfully passed by my employees. Also the addresses and the phone numbers are pointed out on site. One of the phones is free for the clients from America, other ones are with the loyal prices for the clients convenience. The phone support works daily< the same is about the Support service. In case of operator absence any client may leave the message and receive the fast decision in one-two hours.

8. Tell us how you generate such huge profits? How did you reach this at Forex market? You write on site that the investments are without risk and all the money are insured, tell us about it?

I don't think it to be such huge profit - colleagues I've been training with - now make 5-6% on average a day. I work with a strict strategy - hedging and front information from the exchange stocks. Of course, any information is checked thoroughly and analyzed due to the fact that we can't trust the information for 100%, because there is always 1 % that something may change - some extra-ordinary circumstances. But I have insured these circumstances, that is why I write that the clients won't lost their money, all the troubles lie on my shoulders and the shoulders of my workers. 50% of all the capital is insured, and for the present moment it is more than 1.700.000$, however the most of investors work off-line, still the number of on-line investors grows every day in geometric progression.

9. You've been working on Forex since 2007. Have you got any stories of your previous trades since 2007? Do you introduce now your investors the history of your trades or the monitoring of your account?

Of course, all the history is saved; we introduce it to the clients if they are interested.

10. You have the registered off-shore company. Why did you register it in the off-shore zone? There is a pointed address on your site, is it a company's office and I can find you there; or is it just your post address?

Yes, we are registered in the off-shore zone on Virginsky islands. The company is registered there for more of security and safety of clients' funds. You may find us according to the pointed on site address.

11. Is it possible to make an agreement with you as with the company or a private person? Which conditions are there for this?

To make an agreement is quite possible - from the name of company. The condition for making the agreement is the portfolio sum from 1000$. The extra conditions are discussed individually, according to the client's convenience to receive the sample.

12. What have been the most common questions, problems, or other support related issues that you have had to deal with so far? Is there anything you would like to address here so that members can avoid having to contact you?

The questions we deal with are of great variety. The target auditory of those who address to us is about 70% of clients, 20% advertisement services, and 10% other projects and traders asking about work. We try to avoid talking to advertisement services due to the fact that there are a lot of add services that can't provide a high level of advertisement but ask for huge prices for that. In whole all the information for clients is written in the license agreement of public offer and other sections of site. Also we often meet the questions about the project's perspectives and making contracts with the payment systems of liqpay and webmoney and alertpay.
Support Service for clients of the company Forex Company Online is ready to answer any questions of the clients. I only want to add that my company has only the professionals - and I am telling of all the spheres - no matter whether it's about traders or about Support Service.

13. You've got the Reserve Fund. Tell us more about it. Where it comes from? Can you tell us the size of this Fund, and where it is spent for?

Of course, we do have the Reserve Fund, which is about 20% from daily profit. It is made for extraordinary circumstances, for us to compensate the loss in order not to allow our clients to doubt about our professionalism and correctness. The size of the Reserve Fund for 01.09.2010 was about 1.000.000 $. It is not spent anywhere, we realize the trade through it but not with the aggressive methods and strategies; in order to support it without the loss according to the inflation.

14. What is your opinion on the currency crisis in HYIP industry? What do you think leads to that? Do you have any suggestions to improve the situation?

No, I disagree that the industry of investment projects has crisis. It's only a little fall of investors' activity due to the fact that they are afraid to invest because they were deceived many times and they lost a lot instead of making money. Moreover now there appeared a lot of dirty advertisement services that take huge money and do not give the whole information about the project, and they advertise in the first turn the projects that are not even worthy of attention, because they seem to be done with a fast hand, not accurately at all, without any professional features. I don't want to boast about my own business, I will only mention that the most trustful indicator is the time of the project's work and the competency of the Support Service, the speed of any investor's questions and problems solving.

15. Are there any plans to develop Forexcompanyonline further in the near future? Will there be any interesting changes made soon? How are you planning to keep the program competitive with so many new HYIPs opening every day?

Of course we are not going to stay in one place. As soon as I connect the work online of Forexcompanyonline with the bank remittances in Russia; and clarify the work with webmoney and other payment systems for the clients convenience to work with the project. Moreover I am going to work on making contracts online. We are planning to organize conferences in countries with our partners. Also we are going to publish the project on crediting private clients and the legal organizations with whom we cooperate.

I also want to wish all the clients from me a great success in choosing the company for making profit. Do not run for the huge % of profit, but trust the professionals. Have more of optimism in contemporary severe economical conditions. I also want to wish health to you and your people, dear investors. And remember: not You must work for money, but money must work for You.

Successful to you of your investments!




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