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Interview with Dandelion Finance

1. Hello! My name is Anton. I am one of the administrators of the site Today I will take an interview from you. First of all, please, introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us a little about your role in the project Dandelion Finance and about your participation in HYIP industry. What experience of managing funds do you have?

My name is Oreshnikov Vsevolod Sergeevich. I am the manager of the internet project «Dandelion Finance» and one of the managers of the company DCSI Finance Inc.
I am responsible for the functioning and development of the internet project. Hoever I am not its owner, the “admin” in its usual sense.
I am experienced in work with both internet investments and offline traditional investments. During 5 years I have been consulting investment and insurance funds in Germany and Israel in their Russian services.
In the end of the last year some my partners from the previous projects have decided to organize the financial company for advancement of several highly remunerative projects in a network of the Internet. For realization of this idea the company DCSI Finance Inc was created, the Internet representation «Dandelion Finance» of which I have pleasure to supervise.

2. Tell us more about the
Dandelion Finance. Why is it called so (Dandelion is a flower)? Perhaps, it is connected with something, tell us more. And what was the project opened for in the first turn?

To be honest, the project name, style of its registration and even some moments in advancement, is an earning of our expert in advertizing Svetlana Mois. She has suggested to put the basic emphasis on the project non-ordinariness. Svetlana has created the concept which we try to adhere now and we will realize in the future - the project should surprise with everything, beginning from the name finishing with the offered possibilities, and is simple in some moments to discourage the client. The client, working with is supposed to be a part of the advertizing company too – he should knock to friends in icq and tell the family at supper «oh! in a dandelion today administrators made such things! I’ve never seen such things!». Adhering to the given line of development of the project we reduce publicity expenses in several times, almost all the work is done by virus advertizing.
 The main goal of the project was the creation of club of investors. I am going to tell you now something that wasn’t told anywhere else and wasn't written – the system of serial leaving of plans in private has the logic end, we plan to collect round the project of 20-30 constant investors and in the future to be guided by them, almost all plans will be private. Open plans will be there once a month for a week and a half and than to leave in a private.
 The ready club of investors will allow us to develop the projects, and it will let the investors to get profit.

 3. There are three men written at site: Andre Leorson, Vsevolod Oreshnikov and the financial manager . So, who of them is the director of the project? Tell us more about these people. Why the name of the financial manager isn’t mentioned?

To understand who the director is you need to understand the structure of our company.
The company is called DCSI Finance Inc and consists of four groups of people working in different directions and in different countries. These people are united by total management and the financial base – that allows us to redistribute means from a direction of work brought in the serious income in others which at present are not so successful. Without mutual cooperation none of our projects could work stably.
The group which is engaged in rates on sports is based in Israel, financial consulting for the Internet of projects is made by our affiliated firm in the Netherlands and its branch in Lithuania, some our representatives in the USA, Russia and other countries work with credit services.
Андре is occupied with the general management of all the project. I am responsible for its Internet representation. The names of financial managers (it’s not 1 person, there are 3 of them) we don't announce as they are hired workers, just employers.

4. The site is translated in two languages: English and Russian, but there’s also an icon of German language, when is it going to be available? Are you planning to add more languages?

The German language is quite popular with some our partners, so at the present moment the German version is being tested. I think it is going to be available not later than on May the 5th or 6th.

5. What type of clients Support do you offer? What is the best and the most effective way to contact you if I have some questions? I know that you also have an online chat. What time does Support work in online Chat? Are you planning to support clients by phone?

The most effective way to solve any problem is to connect the specialists of the Support in online Chat in the site main page. They are ready to answer any your question or to say reference to address from 10 in the morning till 18.00 from Monday to Thursday. And also there’s a night shift, but its schedule is not regulated. The Support works in Russian and English, but soon we will speak with clients from Germany and Spain in their native language.

6. I see, what for investors protection you use SSL, and what other measures have you accepted in order to make the protection better and safer from hackers, ddos and other similar things, can you to tell us about any methods which are impossible to see to the usual investor, and you know only?

The project has some degrees of protection – these are certificates ssl, antiddos from company Dragonara, system of internal monitoring of accounts and operations. We do everything that means of our clients stay under constant control.

All payments are made by financial managers of the project in a manual mode, before payment of any demand the manager checks history of operations into the account of the client who made an application by means of the special program. Therefore even if someone manages to draw money or to steal them from other client, he won’t be able to output them from the account. Any suspicious demand is frozen and transferred to me to further detailed consideration.

7. You have a very extensive referral program, both cards and a bonus from the contribution, even a bonus from creation themes in forums. Don’t you consider that you encourage your investors too much? Why have you chosen such referral program?

It is a part of strategy of development. Basically investment projects advertize themselves by means of banners, monitors, invited papers and reviews … it isn't interesting to us. Let's count – we pay to the monitor about 100-350 dollars for listing, how many advantage we receive from it? At the best the monitor will involve several investors; in the worst it will just take percent for posts at forums from us.

Now we will look at cards – a discount from party of cards in 3000 dollars is approximately 350$, it means we actually pay 350$ for the guaranteed attraction of investors for 2650$ in the project.

 What kind of advertizing do you think is more beneficial?

8. We haven’t seen the project’s banners, why? Most often the projects immediately offer their banners to make the project more popular.

Partially I gave the answer for this question answering the previous one. The banners of the project are ready and are going to be published on the special page soon. We do not have a goal to attract as many investors as possible for a little period of time. We continue to develop slowly. I believe that healthy growth without hurry and responsibility in all our beginnings will be one more our differentiating feature.
9. You have a certificate of your company in your site at page faq/aut1.html. Can you give any other papers except the simple certificate, for example a photo of the charter or some other documents? Also at this page there’s your legal address. Can I find at this address your office or does this address serve only to receive the correspondence?
We don’t have a physical office. And we are not going to open such. The pointed address serves for receiving correspondence. I have already been discussing with Andre the publication of the scan-version of the whole package of documents and the certified extract from the bank account for the first month of work. I think during a few weeks these documents will appear in the site.

10. Can you tell us more where you put  money of investors. How do you manage to get such a profit? It is written that you work with credits. Is it possible to take a credit from you?It is written about the rates on sports. Is it possible to see at least the screenshots of your rates? It is written you make financial consulting and support to the Internet of projects. Can we see at least one project to which you gave this kind of service?

At the present moment the company managers do not find it necessary to give such information in public researches as some people can use this information to make harm to the commercial interests of the company.

If this position is changed or there is a possibility of partial publication it will be announced additionally.
I am planning to give the private credits in the leading western forums and runet communities in the nearest future.
So, follow the news.
11. You have so many payment systems for the money input into the project, but there is not such very popular  system as Alertpay, why? (Alertpay demands obligatory verification, but your account in Perfectmoney is already verified. So, you shouldn’t have problems here). Also it is written that soon you will accept input through Visa, Master card, checks, so open the secret, how soon is it going to be?
The systems  AlertPay and LiqPay for automatic money acceptance will be included during 2-3 weeks. You can use credit cards to pay right now using the exchange point we work with. You can get the contacts of the exchange points both western and Russian writing to our financial department of the company.

 12. While studying the payment systems we saw that reception of means by cash also is planned, does it mean that the office will be opened? Or is the representation opened? Tell us more how are you going to accept cash?

 The detailed information on reception of checks and cash will be published on a site by the time the given function starts working – I will tell you directly I simply do not want to give false information, it is Andre who is responsible for this question.

13. It is possible to see that there is the so-called "a special mode" in the site for work with the finance (on page dpay.html), for vip investors, from what sum is the investor considered as vip, in what countries personal meeting is possible?

 The vip investment – from 50 000 dollars for the input from a year. The meeting is possible in Denmark, Germany, the USA, Israel, Sweden, Cyprus. In all countries where there are our partners. Collector services are given in the USA, Israel, Germany

14. Is it possible to make contract with you on investing money into your project? For example the loan contract? So, what is needed to do it?

 The order the registration of the contract for each separate input is possible through the support service. After the order you receive the contract text on the concrete input – you should put on it the signature and assure it at the notary. It is necessary to send the certified document to our legal address and on the address of the lawyer of the project (you can also receive it in the support service).
After reception of your documents our lawyer will bring the given contracts in the official register of the company, will put our requisites and the press on the contract and will send you them back by post.
All expenses for the registration of the legal contract are paid by the investor.

15. Studying your plans we see active plans, non-active plans and private plansTell us more about these statuses. Tell us more about your investment plans. Also could you tell us what plans are going to be included in future?

Active plan means a plan available for any investor in any time without any limits.

Private plan is the plan which doesn’t imply new investments and there only those investments work that were made by investors while the plan was active.

 We are going to change the line of plans constantly, to start on the new plans and to make the old ones private. Such an aggressive approach to formation of the investor’s package is one more our differentiating feature.
In the middle of May the start of the plan with floating percent and change of several existing plans into new is expected.

16. Do you have a plan for development Dandelion Finance in the near future? Are you planning any actions and various bonuses? Will there be any changes? How do you plan to keep the project competitive when there are so many new similar projects opening every day?

 We have a strategy of development of the project. I can't tell everything, but I will make the small announcement of that our investors will see within May.

The Start of the affiliated project – coin-box with instant payments is expected, the introduction of the system of loyalty for clients of the project «D-Stars» is also expected. It will allow investors to trust to the project and help in its development to receive more income from the investors. We plan to enter percent payment for the day rest in the account of the project. And the most interesting thing is that our investors will receive the tool which hasn't been in the market yet, a stock exchange of deposits. Any investor who wants to receive additional earning can open the investment in the beneficial investment plan, to wait until it leaves for being private, and then to sell the investment to other investor who wants, but can't be enclosed in the given private plan. Such stock exchange will add interactivity to our project and will give to internal currency of the project the bigger liquidity.

Many other things are planned, so watch the news.

 17. And at last, is there anything else you would like to say, that hasn’t been mentioned in the interview? What would you like to say to the potential investors to convince them to join your project?

I don’t want to attract anyone with standard phrases and promises…The investors will see everything themselves)



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