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Oct 11, 2019
SOLOO Paying
2.5% daily for 5 days
4% - 13% daily for 10 days
9% daily for 20 days
7.5% daily for 40 days
9% after 3 days
21% after 6 days
60% after 12 days
132% after 24 days
288% after 48 days
Oct 10, 2019
OxeBit Paying
103-112% after 1 day
130-230% after 5 days
200-530% after 10 days
350-1100% after 15 days
Oct 10, 2019
3.66 daily for 30 days
2.03% daily for 60 days
1.5% daily for 90 days
Oct 08, 2019
2.4% weekly for 775 days
1% - 3.5% daily for 120 days
3.5% daily for 85 days
4% daily for 60 days
4.5% daily for 40 days
5% daily for 30 days
Oct 07, 2019
0.3% - 0.37% daily for 30 days
0.47% - daily for 90 days
0.57% - daily for 180 days
Oct 07, 2019
2% weekly for 500 days
2.2% weekly for 600 days
2.5% weekly for 700 days
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Oct 14, 2019
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Interview with BTCCLOCK


1. Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers and please tell us about your own role and your own duties in the framework of the project BTCCLOCK?


Good afternoon, my name is David, I'm one of the organizers of the project. The project involved marketing.


2. Can you give us the basic information about the project? Besides you who else is working on a project BTCCLOCK?


Of course. The team is great, but international consists of 20 people from different countries of the world. Nearly half of all employees - traders.


3. What can you say about the investment offer of the project BTCCLOCK?


We often ask why this percent. Indeed, at first glance unusual - not 5% or 10%, namely 3.84%. In fact, before you come to this figure, considered 3 different project development scenarios - pessimistic, optimistic and compromise - realistic. According to the latter, came to the conclusion that we can provide such % during the year, the project was aimed at 12 months, almost 3 of which we already operate. Also, as you can see, decided not to restrict the client's time frame for deposits, this is perhaps our main feature after per-minute charges, we give the user the ability to move at the pace of the modern world, where the situation is changing almost every minute, and therefore the money you may need at any time.


4. Your website is currently presented in Russian and English. Do you plan to add other languages?


Yes. In the near future, consider the Vietnamese, Chinese and Polish. By the way, for some time made it a rule not to translate the website into the most popular languages, see where more interested users.


5. Tell us about payment systems in your project. What payment system the most popular among investors? Do you plan to use more payment systems?


Of course, Bitcoin. The dollar on the platform initially was not planned. This had to be added in the spring, when there was a terrible lag in the blockchain, and users waited a long time for their deposits. At the moment there is a development of Ethereum, also solely at the request of our investors.


6. How high do you assess the security of your website? What security measures do You take from possible hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks competitors lock your accounts, domain, etc.?


We paid a lot of attention to the security of our platform. We are aware that in the sphere of high yield investing circulated the term “script”, and in most cases this is generally true of course - PHP is a language interpreter, and most programs use exactly the PHP code. I will not discuss the shortcomings of this approach. But we went radically the other way. Our platform is implemented as a full-fledged server-side application that runs in a binary code. The load capacity of our platform was much higher than able to provide the service CloudFlare, which we use as a CDN and DDoS protection. In fact, our platform now offers a simultaneous presence on the site 1200-1500 users and it does not affect speed. We have experienced more than 15 DDoS attacks, and only one of them was quite noticeable for the user, but even she did not cause the spot platform. I think this perfectly characterizes our service. As for the attempts to lock our accounts - our main offer is investing in Bitcoin - that is, no locking of anything is impossible in principle. A hypothetical blocking wallets AdvCash or PerfectMoney, we are not afraid, because all of the tools we bring to the exchange immediately upon receipt.


7. What kind of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most effective way to contact you if I have any questions? Your support is working around the clock?


Our support team is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 GMT. Withdrawals are processed MON-Fri from 9.00 to 20.00 GMT about once per hour. On Sundays, the processing time is from 9.00 to 20.00 GMT approximately every five hours. Contacting support or opening a ticket in your account or by mail [email protected]


8. Tell us how you make a profit, what is the essence of your business?


Everything is very simple. But really, only in words =) We tradin cryptocurrency, using their own bots to analyze their prices. Our bots programmed to predict the growth of prices for new altcoins within the next few days. Today there are more than eight hundred altcoins, whose price may increase even in half within weeks or even days. Thus, we constantly buy the most promising currency and sell at the peak of their value. This business model works due to the large volume that we give customers ' investments.


9. You have the office of the company, with whom I will be able to meet?


We are a modern company, though it is somewhat immodest - we are a company of the 21st century. But in what office to invite clients? Technical offices are located in three locations around the world and to invite anyone - at least unreasonable from the point of view of security. Our it professionals - the heart of our business. The financial office is certainly not the place for the visits of outsiders. Support is also distributed, many of our employees work remotely.


However, we plan to open a representative office, at least as a tribute to the traditional business.


10. How many people work in the company BTCCLOCK and how to split responsibilities?


The team has grown, we now have already more than 20 people. 7 of them traders, 2 analyst 4 programmer, 6 support staff, 1 marketing specialist, 1 financial Advisor.


11. Do you cooperate with some other companies?


I do not quite understand the question...


12. Is it possible to enter into a contract with you as a company?


Of course! The service is also available for those who invest significant amounts.


13. What were some of the most common questions, problems that you faced? Do you quick solution of arising problems?


Mainly technical difficulties, for example, we really like the DDoS-ing and we are constantly in a state of readiness to protect our website from attack. With regards to the questions of users, many have to explain about specifics of the blockchain, on strengthening of security measures complex password and two factor authentication. All questions are solved quickly, because we simply ingenious designers and the most tolerant in the world support team.


14.Your project is very interesting referral program. Tell us more about it.


The affiliate program offered by our chief financial officer, and as practice shows - it is popular, though, and looks a little unconventional - has only 1 level. We are sometimes asked why exactly, but all we can answer is that we spent all the necessary calculations and at the moment can only offer this option. In General, often ask: what do you think about one or another of the figures in the project. Always answer that we don't think we are all carefully calculated.


15. Are there any plans for the development of BTCCLOCK in the near future? How do You plan to compete with the new HYIPs that are opened every day?


Our most important trump card - it's reputation among users, which we really appreciate and will never risk it. In future plans the addition of several foreign languages, the completion of the function of the reinvestment, and the addition of Ethereum cryptocurrency to create deposits. Still more distant future - it's still a mobile app that wants customer.


16. How do you promote the project BTCCLOCK. What are you using an advertising strategy? Are there any interesting changes in the near future? Are there any introduction of insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?


You know, the most important goal for any project is when the brand speaks for itself, and has such recognition that no one has to explain what it is and give additional advertising. I realized that we have come to this, when the user has sent a screenshot of the banner with the text “This is not BTCCLOCK”. That is, we are already so recognizable! Here, see for yourself - ,


Project promote mainly by contextual and banner ads, work very well with social media, mostly video content, but the main thing is, of course, personal recommendations for investors.


Insurance we have and so. Literally every transaction I try to defer % our own insurance Fund in case will a temporary slump in profit.


As for the contests, serve as sponsors of such third-party platforms such as profvest, mmgp.


17. And last, is there anything not covered in this interview, what would you like to say? Do you have what else to convince doubters, what do you say to get you to invest in your project?


I think many have heard that we are introducing to the platform trading reports. Previously did this only for VIPs, but now decided to provide information and to ordinary investors. In the meantime, the website is a special page for this purpose, a report can send a PM to anyone who asks. We try to do everything possible so that our investors feel comfortable and secure.


Thanks for the interview!





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