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Interview with Arlanda Travel

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1. Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us about your own role within  What are your own duties within the program? What is your own experience of managing funds?

Hello, my name is George Carpenter and I am CEO of Arlanda Travel Limited. Our duty in all aspects of our business is success of our partners and our own success. My experience is huge and I can’t place it in one line, I will just tell that headquarter of Arlanda Travel hired me as a professional of funds managing and I came to this company with my own team to bring our touristic business to the next level and we are successful in it.


2. Can you also give us some background on the program? How long have you been running? What were you hoping to achieve by starting it in the first place? Apart from you is there anybody else working on Arlanda Travel?

Yes, of course, we are working already  420 days, we have developed a plan which will be implemented now. Our main aim is extend the business of Arlanda Travel Tourist Company, that’s why we made cash flow to support payments to our investors first and only after it we have launched advertising company for the Arlanda Travel Limited to not work as pyramid and have additional source of revenue. And now we are ready to share our revenue with our investors. And other aim is to bring Arlanda Travel to IPO, to attract investments from commercial structures and as we planned it will be in 2017. Yes, at the background of Arlanda Travel Limited works 4 people only in promotion department and other 30 people in other departments as Technical, Financial, Support and Marketers, who ensure successful work of our investment platform. They are my team and my family, and each of them big professional.


3. What about the investment plans?You have already added plans once whether they will change in the future?  Can you explain them in detail to us? What rates of interest are on offer and how long do they run for? Which plan is the most popular?

Yes it was the process which we had to do, we were adding plans and watching how people will react on it, while collecting information from the investments market. And now we announce final investment plans which were developed with all experience that we have collected during this year. No we won’t change it anymore. You can watch our plans on our web-site it is available for everyone


4. Your site is translated into 2 languages why have you chosen them? Are you still planning  to add the translation into other languages?

First of all our Company is located in London of course our language in the team is English but we have to say that our team is very international. Second language we have chosen is Russian, because as we announced we are planning to open for us new markets - CIS countries and as English is language of the half of the world, and of course as Chinese and as Portuguese those 2 languages will be added soon, follow our news.


5. Investors have the opportunity to conclude an agreement on cooperation, can you tell us more? How many customers have already signed a formal agreement?

Nothing to say more, we are legal Company and our priority is to keep our investors satisfied and calm. And one more thing It is not just a paper it is legal document which is under jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Courts. The owners of our agreement already became 40 big investors. And now they are sure in the tomorrow.


6. How highly would you rate the security of your own website? What measures do you undertake of protection from possible hacker attacks, attacks of competitors on blocking of your accounts, the domain etc.?

Our site is very secured, server is dedecated and fully secured from any kinds of DDoS attacks, our technical department always monitor the situation around our servers and software that we use. Our employees using licensed software it is exclude the hacker attack from inside. You can be sure, your money is under professional protection in our company.

 Проект Arlanda Travel

7. What kind of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most efficient way to contact you if I have any questions? At what time support work?

We offer various ways to contact us, telephone support, skype chat, skype agent, online consultant on the site which is available almost 24 hours, e-mail, ticket system in the personal account. You can choose convenient way for you  We are always glad to hear questions from you, doesn’t matter how you contact us.


8. Tell us how you make a profit, what is the essence of your business? Can I use your tourist services?

Essence of our business is described on our website, don’t want to repeat it, if you are really interested in cooperation with us you have to go to our website anyway  You can, but to try our Tourist (planning and organization of your recreation from A to Z) services you have to visit our offices, at the recent moment we do not promoting our tourist services on the internet, our crowfunding platdorm it's a first step in this promotion compaign which is starting right now, later in 2017-2018 we are planning to open big tourist portal, when we will have offices almost in the all biggest cities around the globe.


9. You have the registered off-shore company? Do you have a company office, with whom I will be able to meet him?

We don’t have registered off-shore company, we are registered company in London, UK. We pay taxes, but only for the services we provide as Arlanda Travel Company. Arlanda Travel Limited is registered so to not make taxes problem to our investors. Better save taxes and give it to our dear partners. Our team of lawyers considered all ways how to make it legal.


10. You have the site listed a phone number with an area code of Moscow, if you have an office in Russia?

We do, but for now it is an office only for our technical stuff, and that team is preparing our office to the official opening. It will be soon, follow our news.


11. What were the most common questions, problems that you have encountered? Are you able to fast emerging issues?

Of course that’s why we are professionals because we solve issues faster than appears new one. The most common questions is are you really working 425 days, unfortunately answer is only one yes, that’s why it is boring to answer


12. Tell us more about the referral program? Do you have any proposals to change the percentage of the referral program?

It is very simple, you can participate two types of referral program, both of them has 2 level deep: Client – 7% and 2% can participate each member even without personal deposit, Representative – 10% and 3% (to become representative you have to have 1000$ min personal deposit and contact our support to reach this status)


13. Are there any plans to develop Arlanda Travel further in the near future? How are you planning to keep the program competitive with so many new HYIPs opening every day?

A lot of plans, follow our news and you will have always good mood. If you are the best just keep it going and you won't need to competitive with anyone.


14.  And the last, is there something what was not mentioned in the interview  and what you would like to tell? Convince doubting, what will you tell to involve to invest in your project?

Yes, just one thing - do not think that there is no fair investment Company, we will prove opposite!



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