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Interview project SapioFund

1.Hello! Please, introduce yourself to the readers of and tell us what your role in the SapioFund project is? What are your functions in this project? Do you have any experience in the management of investment funds?
Hello, my name is John Underwood, I'm chief public relations officer at Sapio group. I supervise promotion and public image of the group. I have been active in financial industry and public relations since more than 20 years.

2. Could you describe prerequisites for the foundation of this project? How long have you been working on the project? What did you expect when you launched the project? Is there anyone else besides you who works in SapioFund?
Sapio group has been active as an offshore investment fund since already several years. At the beginning of 2013 top management of Sapio group has made a decision to open the fund to general internet public, with the main goal of attraction of additional liquidity for our trading. Currently we employ around around twenty traders and fifteen specialists in computing, customer support, risk management.

3. What about investment plans? Could you explain the details? For example why did you choose these interest rates? and terms of the plans? Is it possible to withdraw a deposit in advance?

We offer two investment plans with fixed daily interest rate of 3% and 4% respectively. Both plans have maturity of 50 business days. The initial deposit is paid back as a part of daily payments, it is not returned at the end of the term. Such payout structure guarantees the stability of our program in the long term.

4. Tell us about payment systems which are available in SapioFund. What payment system do you deal with at present time? Are you going to add other payment systems such as SolidtrustPay?
Currently we work with bank wire transfer to our Estonian bank accounts, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and Egopay payment systems. We plan to add Solidtrustpay and Bitcoin soon.

5. You partner program 10% of each deposit made ??by referrals, why did you choose this affiliate program? tell us more?
We would like to build a strong investor communitity around our program, to that end we feel that we need to reward our active promoters correspondingly. 10% referral bonus aims to do just that.

6. How do you evaluate the level of safety of your website? What security measures do you take to prevent possible hacking and DDoS attacks, attacks of your competitors on the lock of your accounts, domain, etc.?
Our website is extremely secure, it is hosted on a very well maintained dedicated server, DDoS protected and constantly monitored. The script of the program is custom-coded and checked for vulnerabilities by independent contractors.

7. What kind of customer support do you offer? And do you offer customer service in foreign languages? What is the best and most effective way to contact you, if I have a question? I know you have a phone number +1 (213) 260-3305 for communication. Tell us more about it, at what time can I contact you and who answers the calls?
Currently we offer email, web-chat and phone support. Phone and web-chat work 8 hours a day now, but very soon they will be on 24/7 schedule. 8. What are the questions, concerns and other stuff in client's support you face more often? Do you have something to say to your clients now, so that they won’t have to contact you on this theme? People often ask us why we have no compounding option. We would like to minimize the risks of instability in our program, but compounding can jeopardize the stability of our cashflows. So we do not and will never offer automatic compounding. On the other hand you can reinvest your profits with us manually, achieving the compounding effect this way.

9. As it is written on your site you are involved in trade on the Forex. Tell us about it in details. How do you manage to get such a high and stable profit from trading in the Forex market? Are all investors funds involved in only one investing program? Or there're any others?

We use patent pending techniques allowing our traders to predict strong market movements before they happen. This way we can pick the most successful instruments for trading. It works both for Forex and for stocks trading. This way our trading is diversified between various instruments, thus reducing our risk exposure. The funds attracted in Sapiofund program form a separate fund, and do not mix with our other funds. So it is always backed with our own

10. Is it possible to sign a contract with you as with the company or a private person? What are the conditions? Is it possible to fix an appointment with you or somebody of your colleagues?

You can download the contract in the member area. We plan to arrange general investor meetings in July this year. Private meetings can be arranged too.

11. How do you promote the project SapioFund? What advertising strategies do you use? Are you going to make any interesting changes in the nearest future? Are you planning the introduction of insurance, bonuses, contests among investors and referrals?

Currently we rely mostly on word of mouth and referral program. We feel that slow growth is the way to maximize the stability of our program in the long run. Also we plan to introduce a bonus for new investors within a month.

12. And the last, is there something we didn’t mention in the interview. What would you like to say? Do you have something else to convince the doubters? What would you like to say to attract investors?

We are doing our best to offer you a lasting and stable high yield investment program. Watch us grow and make your investment decision when you are ready. After that watch your investment grow for years to come.




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