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Jun 05, 2020
1.44% - 2% hourly for 72 hours
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Jun 05, 2020
15% daily for 7 days
150% after 9 days
175% after 7 days
250% after 5 days
400% after 3 days
Jun 01, 2020
1.09% hourly for 96 hours
4.2% hourly for 48 hours
15% hourly for 24 hours
1.5% daily for 10 days
300% after 5 days
7% daily forever
May 30, 2020
2% daily for 11 bussines days
66.5% on the 6th and 11th working day of the deposit
144% after 11 bussines days
10% daily for 100 bussines days
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Interview project Cube Sport

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1. Hello! Please, be provided, to readers of and tell us about your own role in the Cube Sport project what your own obligations within the Cube Sport project? What is an own experience of management of financial resources?

I welcome all readers. My name is Maxim, I am a head is sports - the investment project Cube Sport. Briefly I will tell about myself and what everything began with.

I am engaged in sports Betting (rates on sport) about seven years. Everything began with the fact that at me friends at that time very much were fond of soccer, and not badly earned on it. I became interested in this subject as saw as my friends earn and began to study information on sport, visited football matches, studied statistics of all teams. The first 2 years I in practice tried all possible strategy, since forks, Martingeyl, Kelly's Criterion and various schemes. Took different courses on a privateering, read a set of the books connected with rates. Having accumulated experience I developed the strategy of rates and learned to manage correctly game bank that allowed me to earn not badly. My results all this time was watched by my friends, acquaintances then they gave me means in management (increased their means receiving from it the %). Affairs went very well and more and more persons interested to give the means in management began to appear as I gave quite good % of profit. I had an idea with which I addressed the colleagues, which as well as I earn in a sports industry. The idea consisted in creation big confidential management in which the whole staff of experienced analysts will manage that will allow to manage large sums and to minimize risks as if one had a sag that there will be an opportunity to block it to other analysts. So later half of year we developed the project with the adjusted system and staff.

2. What can you tell about marketing? May you explain us it in detail? What interest rates you offer and how long they will work?

Marketing at us rather simple. There are 2 tariff plans for a period of 180 days in case of which the potential project participant earns from 30 to 33% a month together with return of the deposit, the percent depends on an investment bag. That is the net income of the participant constitutes from 80 to 98% of a net profit in 6 months that is quite good. Percent are charged daily. Withdrawal of funds is performed on the weekend: Saturday and revival. Requests for a conclusion are performed for 7 days as the regulations of withdrawal of funds from some bookmaker offices and the sports exchanges take up to 5 banking days.

3. Your website in Russian and English. Whether you plan to add still some languages?

Yes certainly we plan to add also other languages. What will depend on audience of overseas partners.

4. Tell about payment service providers in your project. Whether you plan to use more payment service providers?

At the moment we use such payment service providers as Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash but we plan to add and you learn other payment service providers about it in news on our website.

5. How you highly appreciate safety of your website? What measures of protection you undertake from possible hacker and DDoss of the attacks, the attacks of competitors on blocking of your accounts, the domain, etc.?

We use one of the best methods of protection today. We use a licensed script of H-Script. Also we use SSL enciphering and GreenBar. We guarantee confidentiality of all information provided to us by our clients, and information on all the performed financial operations isn't transferred to the third parties. The server with protection from ддос the attacks. After new year we plan to move to higher level, watch the website and all will see.

6. What customer support you offer? What is the best and most in an efficient manner to contact you if I have questions?

At us on the website the set of methods of support is provided. If you have questions, address in online support, our consultants are always glad to you to help and to give answers on all interested questions within 5 minutes. Also you can write to us on mail or Skype.

7. Tell how you get profit, in what an essence of your business?

We have a department of sports analysts, each of them specializes in separate sport. Generally it is soccer, and also tennis. basketball, volleyball and occasionally other sports. The essence of work of analysts consists in enhancement of means on bookmaker offices and the sports exchange. You can find more detailed information at us on the website, and also in social nets, in the form of a photo of reports, video of reports in which will be employed analysts,

8. How many the person works in the Cube Sport company?

The structure of our company includes engineering office, Treasury Division, support department, the marketing specialist, department of sports analysts, well and of course the project manager, that is I))

9. Whether it is possible to sign the contract with you, how with the company or the individual?

The agreement is signed in electronic form in case of registration on our website, in case of the agreement with rules.

10. Tell us more about the referral program?

At the moment we have the 7th-level referral program of 21% (10-5-2-2-1-0,5-0,5) which will allow the project participant to earn the quite good amounts even if he has a small deposit.

11. Whether there are plans for development of the company in the near future? How you plan to compete with new HYIPs which open every day?

We have many deliberate plans and strategy for development of the Cube Sport company some depend on needs of investors, others on dynamics of development of the company. Cooperating with the company you will be pleasantly surprised. We don't set before ourselves the purpose in the direct competition to other companies and projects. Our purpose to succeed due to improvement of working conditions of partners, doing it more comfortable and pleasant. Our task to make the reliable and stable tool of earnings for what different development strategies are developed. I think our partners will be happy with our work and will appreciate it.

12. How you advance the Cube Sport project? What you use advertizing strategy? Whether there will be some interesting changes in the near future? Whether entering of bonuses, tenders among investors and referrals are planned?

We advance the Cube Sport company rather quietly and slowly as came not for a short time. Concerning advertizing strategy, the best I think it advertizing of happy partners who will earn and will help others. Changes in the project will be depending on development stages to which we will pass, but you shouldn't worry about it, we will warn people about all changes in the section "News" on it in advance watch news and nothing will become for you a surprise. If you have a wish on upgrade robots of the company, or write a wish on simplification of your work with the website of the company or other moments on the mail. Pleasant bonuses and tenders on draws of forecasts for sports events and a draw of the branded products from the Cube Sport company wait for our partners, but when I don't tell. You watch project news not to miss the most sweet offers.

13. If whether I the good analyst I can be included into team of privateers?

If you consider that you own necessary qualities of sports analysts and at you is personal results which you can report, then address to support service, or on the mail. We will consider your candidacy and after successful passing of a probation period on the bill which we will give you with pleasure we will take you in team on mutually advantageous conditions. ATTENTION! I will tell even more if you the professional in the case also consider that your specialization can be useful to the company, then address us on the mail. We are always ready to expand staff with people who I know the case.

14. And the last whether there is something not mentioned in this interview what you would like to tell about? Whether is at you, than still to convince doubting that you will tell to attract to invest in your project?

I am not going to convince you of something! There are two methods will be convinced of the robot of the company: to be included as the analyst into team of analysts of the company, to purchase the forecast and to check work of those analysts. In return we will provide you information in the form of a photo of reports, video of reports, and also wait for holding webinars where you will be given the answer to your questions. That who doubts now, will regret that he didn't begin to earn with the company earlier!

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