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May 27, 2020
AlysDax Paying
0.78% - 1.27% daily for 30 - 180 days
May 26, 2020
1% - 3% daily 30 days
6% daily for 20 days
1.5% - 4% daily for 40 days
2% - 5% daily for 50 days
3% - 6% daily for 60 days
May 25, 2020
incomeb Paying
1.25% daily for 365 days
May 24, 2020
1.5% daily for 12 months (from 50 rubles)
1.9% daily for 6 months (5,000 rubles)
2.1% daily for 3 months (50,000 rubles)
May 23, 2020
5.5% daily for 40 works days
2.5% daily for 64 works days
May 22, 2020
104% - 150% After 1 Day
125% - 400% After 5 Days
170% - 600% After 10 Days
320% - 1800% After 25 Days
1000% - 3000% After 50 Days
2500% - 6000% After 100 Days
300% after 3 days
700% after 7 days
3000% after 30 days
May 22, 2020
105% - 140% after 1 day
115% - 168% after 2 days
150% - 245% after 4 days
300% - 550% after 8 days
1000% after 16 days
500% after 70 hours
May 21, 2020
1.49% - 2% hourly for 70 hours
5% - 8% hourly for 40 hours
15% - 18% hourly for 20 hours
1.2% daily for 60 days
110% after 4 days
6% daily for 20 days;
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1. Hi! Please introduce yourself to your readers and tell us who You are in the project and how you are connected with it?

Hi there. I am one of the creators of the community. Yes, it is a community, because for fast and furious has more signs of a community than a project. We recently introduced the concept of crowdfunding, where people help each other achieve any goals. This gives more value to the project than if it was all about money.

2. What prompted You to create a rather unusual project using smartcontact?

The desire to give people a really effective and safe tool where participants will not think about the risks, because their money at all stages is only in their own hands. This is facilitated by technology that has replaced the centralized approach to creating investment and matrix projects, and has made an evolutionary leap in the online network industry. This is blockchain technology and the ability to execute smart contracts in this environment. The effectiveness of the project has already been proven by the results of many partners, who in just a couple of weeks show results in tens of thousands of dollars on their wallets.

3. Why did you decide to create exactly 2 programs for 12 sites in your project? What is the main difference between these sites and other similar projects?

When creating a marketing plan, we were faced with the choice of one of these two programs. We didn't want to part with any of them, so we decided to give people the maximum and go all-in. And as it turned out, not for nothing :)

Each of the programs has its pros and cons. It is their combination, simultaneous activation, that creates a balance in which the disadvantages are leveled.
We have prepared another program, but we decided to launch it later, as an extension, because it was necessary to first show how x3+x4 work successfully.

4. Why did you decide to use Ethereum, and not any other system, or even make a multi-currency system?

Because this currency has the ability to place smart contracts in its network. Yes, it is not the only one, but its popularity leaves no options, since Ethereum is the second most capitalized currency among all cryptocurrencies.
Undoubtedly, of all the cryptocurrencies on which it is possible to create a smart contract, Ethereum looks the most stable in the long term.

5. Can you give us basic information about the project? Have you reached the level you expected at launch? Besides you, how many other people work and support the project?

To date, we have implemented no more than half of the plans that were defined before the launch of the smart contract. Despite this, we occupy the leading positions in many ratings. For example, we are the 5th in the ethereum network by the number of unique users joining per day (dappradar version). A on an information resource we are now in the TOP3 members of the network for spending transaction fees. In addition to us, a large number of participants work, as we set up the community for team-wide friendly work in the concept of UGC (User Generation Content). People like to be part of the community and our crowdsourcing is built on positive emotions!

6. I think many people who are familiar with the project had this question: what do you think, which of the 2 programs is more profitable to develop?

It is profitable to develop two programs at once.

7. What do you think is the fastest way to develop an inexperienced investor?
First of all, you need to establish your competence. For example, I first send almost everyone interested in the book "Cryptojumatics", where the author speaks in simple words about how the entire cryptocurrency sphere works. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced. I read it myself in one go in one breath for 3 hours. Then everyone has their own strategy. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone else. When a person is motivated, they find ways. The main thing is that this person has a clear idea of how it works.

8. how much security do you think is in Your project and how much are you protected from interruptions? From hackers, ddosers and similar figures…

A week after the launch, we became victims of strong DDoS attacks. The site was working with severe interruptions for about a day. But fast and furious is not a site and server. Fast and furious is a smart contract. The site is just a tablet showing information from the contract, which is located in the blockchain network. And thanks to this, you can interact with the contract without visiting the site. The server still counts such events and outputs the information immediately to the accounts when syncing with the contract. And I'll reveal some cards from our deck) One of these days, we will launch a website using IPFS technology. IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is an open — source hypermedia communication Protocol that allows peer-to-peer nodes to store and distribute data in a single distributed file system. After launching such a resource, we will no longer have to have a server and worry about attacks. The operation of such a site is supported by the users themselves and any attempt to attack will have a boomerang effect for the attacker. That is, in fact, it will perform an attack on itself. Also, the advantage will be that the domain will have a separate decentralized DNS server that will store a record of our domain in the Ethereum blockchain. This means that no structure can block access to the fast and furious platform!

9. Tell us a little about your work with the project. if You don't manage the project, what do you do in the project? Do you develop your own network of investors or just make sure that your site works consistently?
We are engaged in scaling fast and furious in the international space. Also, we adhere to the technique of daily small improvements, which was at the heart of the success of such a well-known company as Toyota Motors. We regularly upgrade the platform, demonstrating growth to participants, which is also projected on their personal results.

10. In your opinion, how long can this project exist, and in General can it happen that it will close and the influx of new investors will roll in?
The only thing that really threatens us is a power outage all over the planet :)

11. I on site except chat telegram, not found not what ties with support. If something goes wrong, how can I contact project support?
We read the chat ourselves, and in practice there are no failures in the contract. Otherwise, it would have already appeared among 350 thousand transactions.

12. Are there any plans to develop forsage in the near future? Will there be any interesting changes made in the near future?
There are many plans, some of them I have already outlined in other answers. To learn about all our plans and experience the impact of their implementation, we invite you to
our community. By mid-summer, we plan to become the First ever decentralized interplanetary matrix based on an Ethereum smart contract, bringing together more than a million people from all over the world!



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