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How to avoid account blocking in payment system investing in HYIP

How to avoid account blocking in payment system investing in HYIP. Kind time of day dear readers. Today we will talk how to avoid blocking in payment systems at investment in HYIP. At first we will discuss Russian-speaking payment systems, such as YandexMoney, WebMoney and others. And then the basic foreign LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and others.

In YandexMoney good enough and fast support in this connection both blocking and unblocking are carried out quickly and quite for the clear reasons. In YandexMoney account blocking is possible for the several reasons. To you suspicious transfer has been made, for example, have remitted money from the account on which the complaint has come or have translated the sum more than 100 thousand rubles (in this case it is blocked automatically and expects check) or you already have made more than 10 transfers in this payment system. In all cases if you account is not verified, ask to pass verification that is simple enough. It is necessary for you on the data specified in the letter through system of transfer's contact, to send transfer 100 rubles. And while translating you should show the nameplate data, as will be account verification (be attentive some points of contact not can send transfers into the legal body (and YandexMoney), therefore before a campaign in branch for transfer it is necessary to call and ask that legal body). As verification probably at a binding of a card to the account for this purpose you ask the employee of bank to make the power of attorney in which as the permission to give your nameplate data of company YandexMoney in case of their request legally will be specified also. A conclusion: from outside work in HYIP through YandexMoney is attractive; verification to take places the investor without problems, and it is possible to deduce instantly money for a card. And from outside founder HYIP, it is inconvenient that it is necessary to verify the data and without it to accept Yandex currency many transfers will not turn out т.к to be carried out and will necessarily ask to pass verification, therefore as you can notice YandexMoney almost somebody does not accept in the projects.

WebMoney support usually answers once a day, there is a possibility with it to communicate on wmid and on email more than any kinds of communication with them is not present. Blocking can be carried out for everything that will not be pleasant to support WebMoney and they refer to rules of the system always vaguely without instructions which point you have broken. BUT because of a considerable quantity of transfers and small staff of workers of support WebMoney, account blocking is carried out, only if your account has appeared connected with roguish transfer, into you the complaint has been submitted. Roguish transfer usually considers if who or to you has translated it is admissible 300$, and they have appeared stolen with what that of a purse and that if you prove that this money has been translated you for certain services you will unblock. While blocking is not present all it will be good at you, after blocking begins long time. If you have no personal certificate you will be obliged it to receive that a purse have unblocked, thus they can tell that you have broken rules of system and to you for a conclusion of means from the account, it is necessary to receive the personal certificate and to deduce means for the bank account which is registered on you. But, even having satisfied all their conditions, there can be a problem that they will refuse to you an unblocking and a conclusion of means while you will not come personally to office WebMoney and write a declaration of abandonment to service and show them the passport, only after that within 1-2 working days, you can easy deduce means in bank and forget about this system. Recently administration WebMoney began to forbid an exchange of the currency for others, therefore official exchangers which will exchange to you currency WebMoney for another already almost is not present. Appears more and more personal exchanges and not official exchangers. A conclusion: From outside to be afraid of the investor blocking it is possible, but it happens in rare instances, therefore simply enough not to hold many money for the account in WebMoney and in case of blocking not so it will be dangerous the big delay of its unblocking. From outside the founder of the project, WebMoney quite good enough system as blocking not frequent, it is possible to accept investments and it is necessary to find only a way of a conclusion of money from system (as official exchangers almost are not present) and not to hold money for the account.

Other payment systems: For example, system W1 on it is possible to remit money through some exchangers with LR, PM, WM the conclusion on YandexMoney is etc. possible (the commission, in my opinion, 2 %), blocking is carried out too seldom enough and even if happens it is possible to take place verification and to return all sum which have blocked. For example, in system zpayment, there is a possibility of verification with the help WebMoney or sending of documents by it. Some exchangers change with LR, PM for this currency, but often commission not small but as system through which it is possible to overtake money where that or the system in which it is possible to hold simply money not bad approaches as there is a possibility to deduce on YandexMoney. These are those systems, with which I used and got acquainted with them and if to look and study can be found others, will be fast us to become more in detail about such systems and how to deduce with LR or PM money instantly!

LibertyReserve. The payment system existing already for a long time, replaced earlier existing system e-gold. Has been created especially for work with HYIP, therefore basically blocking of accounts here happen only in case of swindle which concerns account theft. Support works badly and answers well, if once a day letters which to them have come. There was a history about thefts of the large sums of money from accounts. Online their chat happens sometimes is accessible, but in 95 % cases it not ра ботает. Usually block the account on which stolen money has been remitted. Sometimes block adjacent accounts, there where stolen money was overtaken further and analysis begins for as to whom this money has been translated if to prove that for what that service your account will easy unblock. Try not to accept too tempting transfers or exchanges if to you, for example, suggest to exchange yours wmz on LR with surcharge of 5-10 % such exchange rates do not happen as if will count, to exchanger it will not be simple favorably. A conclusion: For the investor system good, but with a conclusion of money to cash and in other system high enough commission, and safety not at height. For founders HYIP the system is very loyal, it is possible to store fearlessly means even on the account, to use some accounts and problems will not be.

PerfectMoney. The payment system has appeared in 2008, became the basic competitor LibertyReserve. Good protection, is enough ways to fill up system, as and through system of vouchers through WebMoney, through bank remittance, sms. And here to deduce it is problematic enough, bank remittance on a conclusion very long, an exchange the big commission. To HYIP concerns loyally, but in case of the complaint can request verification in the form of sending of nameplate data by it on that on who have registered the account. Blocking there was cases only in case of complaints, and is simple so to block, that account verified the such did not hear. A conclusion: For the investor system quite good (my personal opinion that is better, than LibertyReserve), is possible are not afraid for loss of means and easy to store them on the account and thus easy to invest money in any project as 99 % of projects accept PerfectMoney. For founders HYIP, the system in all is good also safety high and it is easy possible to store means and to accept investments and there and then without an exchange them to pay from the same payment system, the problem can arise only in case of blocking and if to use some accounts also it is possible not to be afraid.

Other payment systems: There are other payment systems, such as StrictPay, AlertPay, Liqpay etc. in all of them there are quite good positive sides. All is good both support perfectly works also protection good, but for work with HYIP a problem only one everywhere is necessary verification, and it means that work probably, but thus, having possibility to be verified. And if not to pass verification blocking already almost from the first transfer or from the very beginning of registration transfers only after verification are accessible. In different payment systems there are different conditions for a conclusion of means. For example, in StrictPay it is possible to get their card and to deduce on a card with the commission only 2 %. For investors: systems are attractive, but not all HYIP them accept, therefore if there is a possibility I consider that it is better to invest from them, if possibilities are not present to be used PerfectMoney or LibertyReserve. For founder HYIP if you have possibility to verify account it is final very much a positive side for your project and possibility to accept the investment from these payment systems and show the gravity to work long and to do stably payments.



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