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Jun 05, 2020
1.44% - 2% hourly for 72 hours
4% - 7% hourly for 48 hours
12.5% - 20% hourly for 24 hours
Jun 05, 2020
15% daily for 7 days
150% after 9 days
175% after 7 days
250% after 5 days
400% after 3 days
Jun 01, 2020
1.09% hourly for 96 hours
4.2% hourly for 48 hours
15% hourly for 24 hours
1.5% daily for 10 days
300% after 5 days
7% daily forever
May 30, 2020
2% daily for 11 bussines days
66.5% on the 6th and 11th working day of the deposit
144% after 11 bussines days
10% daily for 100 bussines days
May 29, 2020
0.8% daily for 3 days
1.4% daily for 12 days
2% daily for 30 days
2.2% daily for 30 days
2.7% daily for 60 days
2.6% daily forever
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Jun 05, 2020
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Have you come the first time on a site?

Have you come the first time on a site? You are here. Welcome to a site, we are very glad that you have come on our site and is final at you there were many questions that this such and where you in general have got, in this article we will try to answer the majority of your questions. If you do not wish to read all of us specially have made in the reference beginning:

1. Introduction.
2. What projects happen?
2.1. What there are charges of %?
2.2. Through what payment systems it is possible to enclose in the project?
2.3. How are deduced % from projects?
2.4. Legends, on that where they earn stories of managers of the project.
3. Where HYIP the industry is the most popular?
4. The most popular forums and how them to use?
5. Some council about initial investment.

1. Introduction. You have got on so-called monitoring of highly remunerative investment projects, so-called HYIP - highly remunerative investments. You at once I think, have noticed banner advertising and inscriptions on it about such maintenances of 105 % after 1 day, 2 % day, 3 % in day for 60 days. Be not surprised it not lie you the truth will receive such %, but not all projects constantly work also someone stops to pay, and someone only opens and starts to be advertised actively. Our monitoring also will serve you to choose more profitable projects where you with большей probability will get profit, we will help and we will teach you to separate "bad" projects from "good". If you doubt, whether can get profit or in the free time read our other article and will see that all it is achievable.

2. What projects happen? Projects have different plans, conditions, site language, a script, giving of the information, ways of their earnings etc. But they are united all by one, in all of them it is possible to put up money and to get profit. We for ourselves divide projects on Russian and English. We distinguish them basically on language on a site and in what language it is possible to talk to the manager of the project. If in the project there are 2 versions of a site both English and Russian, but support and the administrator of the project can speak only in English, we consider it as English, if in Russian, Russian. You can define for yourselves as you it it will be more convenient.

2.1. What charges happen? Projects happen to charge of %: daily, on workers, every week, every month. Contribution terms of return happen different: in the end of term, it is possible to take away at any moment, irrevocably the contribution sums. If the project Russian all is clear and if foreign and all is written only in English we will explain some plans: 102 % after 1 day (102 % after 1 day) having enclosed it is admissible on December, 1st at 16:00 20$, on December, 2nd at 16:00 at you it is accessible to a conclusion 20.4$, and т.е 102 %. 30 % daily for 4 days (30 % a day for 4 days) in most cases at such plan the contribution do not come back, we will explain, having enclosed on December, 1st at 16:00 20$ you on December, 2,3,4,5nd at 16:00 will observe at you on accessible balance to a conclusion of 6$ (and т.е 30 % from the contribution sum) and so within 4 days and after 4 days the contribution sum will simply be gone. 1 % daily for 270 days (1 % a day for 270 days) at such plan most likely the contribution comes back in the end of term though there are also plans where does not come back, therefore be attentive.

2.2. Through what payment systems it is possible to enclose in the project? I will list payment systems on popularity which use projects: PerfectMoney (PM), LibertyReserve (LR), Webmoney (WM), StrictPay (SP), AlertPay (AP), SolidTrustPay (STP), YandexMoney (YM). The most popular is LR and PM, on that and the most popular that 99 % are used by projects to do payments and the contribution. Such as WM and YM it is used basically in Russian projects, and in foreign only if they leave on the Russian audience. And AP, SP, STP such payment systems are used basically only in foreign projects т.к at us have not strongly got accustomed. You certainly will ask a question and how to open the account in what or payment system, how there to remit money, through what such exchangers etc. How to open the account of some payment systems is considered at us on a site, the others will be added and while you can find the instruction in the Internet. And how to translate into accounts, it will be described more low. Now about each payment system in brief:
LibertyReserve (LR) it is used in HYIP the industries for a long time already for acceptance and payment, became strongly popular after blocking of accounts on e-gold. Use 99 % of projects. Though there were many conflicts with LR (the most appreciable history with breakings of accounts of exchangers), but all the same to it use. Verification does not require the account is blocked rarely support responds poorly Work with HYIP is not prohibited. Perfect Money (PM) is the main competitor LR. Right after opening of the beginnings of are good for untwisting and in due course has put itself on ровне with LR. Good protection (breakings of accounts yet to time were not), does not demand verification, if blocks the account ask to send скан passports for verification, support good, work with HYIP is not forbidden. WebMoney (WM) is the payment system most popular in Russia. Recently does not allow exchanging the currency (wmz, wmr etc.) On other currencies and rules of system it forbids, but for the present remains popular. Very good protection (at installation of all parameters of protection she is equated to 100 %), verification selective (demand for choice who has not taken place verification to make it), support answers normally, work with HYIP (it is possible to work only through their credit service) is forbidden it is possible, in case of blocking of the account return of means is possible only in case of verification. YandexMoney (YM) is the payment system second for popularity in Russia. In case of doubtful transfer's demands verification, verification to make easily by means of transfer contact. Protection at first was bad, but now in due course began to improve it, support answers quickly, work with HYIP (in case of verification it is possible to work) is forbidden, and support answers quickly. AlertPay (AP) is foreign payment system. Verification obligatory (passports + one more document). Quite good enough protection, support answers normally, work with HYIP is possible in case of verification. StrictPay (SP) is one more foreign payment system. Verification is obligatory. Normal protection, support answers quickly, work with HYIP is possible in case of verification, good + that it is possible to enter money from LR and to deduce on a card in bank. And in a case if the project accepts SP is direct in SP and to put.

2.3. How is deduced % from projects? After you have deposited money, payments happen different: automatic, manual, instant. Automatic - you have deposited money and then you have it is not necessary to come and order on payment of % which to you were charged, and they will be automatically paid to you into the account, more often at such payments, you do not need even to create account in the project, and you simply invest, having transferred into account and then to you payment into that account with which you will become have filled up. Instant - you have deposited money also to you for reception of % it is necessary to come each time on a site and to order payment and it is instant after the order will be transferred to you into account. Manual - you having deposited money after that for reception of % you need to come in account and to order payment and it will be paid you only after processing of payment by the manager.

2.4. Legends, on that where they earn stories of managers of the project. Almost in all projects on the main page it will be always written a legend where they gain money and from what to you it will be paid such high %. Yes their majority not the truth, but happen and when money the truth invests in what that a kind of activity basically Forecs. Pay attention that during some moments texts happen are very similar, because them have simply copied. Therefore it is not necessary to pay strongly attention to it, but if the text unique and idea exclusive the project can become popular.

3. Where HYIP the industry is the most popular? HYIP the industry is the most popular abroad and basically all in English. At us in Russia popularity HYIP only type and in some cases happens that the Russian project on popularity is more than good foreign. But there is one lack for example abroad if the project it has typed popularity will long work and live, and at us long will not live and will early be closed, or because of greed of the founder of the project, or because of that that investors start to ruin the project. Even having paid attention to the big popular forums about investment in HYIP in Russia it is one and a half forum, and abroad there are 4.

4. The most popular forums and how them to use? The most popular Russian forums it and, Mmgp is the most popular Russian forum on HYIP the industries. Here it is possible to find a lot of the interesting information. Also you can make a personal exchange electronic currency in the section.
Investtoday is the Russian forum following on the popularity, there are not much information on it, but there are often enough interesting discussions about the project, so there are a lot of information for you. Rusmmg next most popular Russian forum on it at least possible to find information, but at the same time there is presence, what is interesting, so come and see more than not. The most popular foreign forums are,,,
Moneymaker group is the most popular foreign forum. you can often see the discussion of the draft where you can find many interesting things. Referral links to leave the subject who created the theme can be. Please pay attention on this section. Talkgold is the next most popular forum, but the referral link here can not be in any form, only in the signature. Pay attention here on this section.
It Dreamteammoney made so-called "point" for which the only possible create a topic, if not take, you cannot create a theme. Pay attention on this section.
Rolclcub this forum is popular to visit as the same as moneymakergroup, but here is bad, that the moderators are watching badly for everything. As such there cannot keep referral links when creating topics, and all leave and did not remove someone, it can be created for 3-4 themes of the same project.

5. Some council about initial investment. Simply consider them before you are going to invest. Do not pay attention to projects where the income very high. All hourly plans in 95 % are a deceit there are seldom projects something like 4.3 % at an o'clock at 24 o'clock it approximately 105 % as a result it turns out or 8.5 % at an o'clock at 12 o'clock it approximately in 12 hours of 102 %, such plans still pay, all other hourly workers where % above do not pay. As absolutely unrealizable 200 % after 1 hour, 600 % after 1 day etc. never pay anything. Whether at investment by means of a site of payment system LR or PM and others always look you have come on a site of payment system, all completely побуквенно because do false sites. Learn so your passwords and steal all money from your account. Use programs Liberty Guard it have made the owners of LR to protect such here подставы. Always before investment you look at statuses on their monitoring always will find on allHYIP, here are it is absolute all projects! (Can where that costs expectation or problems if costs specify at the manager of monitoring why at it such status if such status on many monitors most likely the project any more does not pay or the site is not accessible). If on our monitoring costs, pays, and where that already problems or does not pay, make a good deed and inform us that in this project any more do not pay and help not only to us but also other investors. Always look through forums, look let not all themes but last pages; can at someone already problems with payments or with a site. At investment with WM or YM be ready that the project can close reception of investments and payment into accounts of these payment systems in connection with that that its accounts have blocked, therefore always have on call the account in other payment system for payment it is admissible LR or PM. We very much hoped that this article to you has helped to understand at an initial stage the HYIP-industry, but experience always comes in due course.

Successful to you of investments!

Article is written by managers of a site At full or partial copying of the information from our site, necessarily write the reference to our site in the beginning of the review and in the end of the text.
Please at the answer necessarily keep correspondence history! Yours faithfully, administration Best regards, admin




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