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Jun 17, 2018
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Jun 18, 2018
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Charitable action from the company Tokyo Investment Company "Lend a helping hand"

Every day we encounter good and bad, black and white, joy and grief. We are so mired in the routine of life, I don't want to ignore what is happening around us. We help children, the elderly, animals - is certainly good, prestigious, fashionable, properly - this is not ashamed to shout on all corners.

But with us every day starving people, but all as if in parallel, in a different reality, we don't want to see and hear other people's suffering, we turn head to the side and go to my cozy home... And where they go... Sometimes you should just stop and think and, if possible, to help, and that was done.

With the support of Tokyo Investment Company was a chain of actions "helping hand", aimed at helping people who are in difficult life situation and are not able even to feed themselves.

Actions always speak louder than words.








It is not necessary to find out or invent reasons for their troubles. I just have this other side of life, there's little of joy and smiles, there is only hunger, poverty, but the enormous desire to survive...



In today's world a person ceases to be valued as a person, if because of any reason he ceased to meet the generally accepted standards. Let's at least sometimes to deviate from the cliches and to help not only those who we want, but to those whose lives depend on it every day, as does the company Tokyo Investment company



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