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Dec 13, 2018
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Review Аrlanda Travel

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Проект Arlanda Travel

Дизайн Arlanda TravelDear investors, offer you a long-term perspective project Arlanda Travel - it is an officially registered company in the UK, with a complete set of supporting documents, which are available on the website, upon request, provide you a cooperation agreement with the company seal. The activity of the company is the provision of tourism services around the world, while having a lot of contacts and accordingly a wide customer base, the best prices and so interested in developing their network attracting working capital. Additional activities are the sale of airline tickets, hotel reservations, tours, arrange car rentals. Company site is made in a non-template-style with all the tabs in the navigation bar, which is also not available as standard. The color scheme matched perfectly with a bright eye-catching accent. Made in two versions (English and Russian). On the technical side of the site has all the necessary methods of protection from unauthorized access and attacks.

Investment Opportunities:
The project offers 3 investment plan, with the return of the deposit at maturity and accrues daily output with the included in the deposit payment.
Tourism Plan
Profit 30%
Deposit term 30 days
The minimum contribution of $ 10
The maximum contribution of $ 500,000
Your profit will be 1% per day
The deposit is refunded at the end of


Plan Adventure Travel
Profit 80%
Deposit term 60 days
The minimum contribution of $ 1,000
The maximum contribution of $ 500,000
Your profit will be 3% per day
The deposit is included in the payment
The bonus of the deposit - 5%

Plan Adventure Life
Profit 50%
Deposit term 30 days
The minimum contribution of $ 5,000
The maximum contribution of $ 500,000
Your profit will be 5% per day
The deposit is included in the payment
The bonus of the deposit - 5%
Планы проекта Arlanda Travel
Conclusion on the plans:

Analysis of all proposed investment opportunities we get the following: Tourism first plan offers 30% of revenue at the end of the period and the lowest minimum contribution of the entire line, being apparently a test. Adventure Travel Plan offers income - 80%, the yield to breakeven when the contribution of 60 days will be held for 33 days and 27 days respectively, the remaining net income. Adventure Life plan offers 50% within 30 days, with an increasing amount of the minimum deposit and access to breakeven after 20 days, net income within 10 days. As an additional enjoyable moment is to have a bonus in the form of 5% of the deposit amount.

Affiliate program:
The referral program has two lines of remuneration with an additional two levels. For investors and representatives.
Level 1 - 10% of your contribution guest investor
2. Level - 3% of the contribution of your guest investor
Level 1 - 10% of your contribution guest investor
2. Level - 3% of the contribution of your guest investor

Payment systems:
Payment systems available in a wide choice of both Russian and foreign investors.
- Perfect Money,
- Payeer,
- Bitcoin,
- OkPay,
- NixMoney,
- Yandexmoney,
- Qiwi
- Payza
- Visa MasterCard

Features of the project:
[ Dedicated server]
[Exclusive Script]
[Exclusive Design]
[Registered company]
[Live Chat]
[Verified PM]
[Verified Payeer]
[Green Bar]


Contact website offers by departments to support new users: [email protected], Finance Department: [email protected] also can use Skype: [email protected] or support phone: +7 (499) 643 56 27 +44 ( 203) 608 50 20

Social networks:
                  In social networks, there is a project active in the following groups:
and classmates ,
on facebook , where you can learn the latest news.
And as in Twitter


Due to the fact that the project was in the shadow of more than a year, the initial reviews are not characterized by positive moments. But with all the negative comments at the moment the majority of reviews are positive in stable operation of the project.

The conclusion of the project:

The project is an interesting legend, easy to understand and inspires confidence with the amount of positive emotions, based on the memories and thoughts about the upcoming holiday. Web site design, though not surprising originality is not strong at the same time tasteless template. For a long time, the project has worked in the "quiet" and to gain experience and seniority was released in the new format replacing the design and thoroughly worked the entire project. The site is in two languages ??with convenient navigation for comfortable operation, input and output means provides a wide selection of payment systems. Plans are offered at different times and with different minimum deposits. Overall, the project is oriented as shown himself to a long-term renovation. But on the other hand it depends on the patience of creation a year in the trenches is now in a counterattack.



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