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Jul 22, 2018
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Analysis of the advertising company Arena-Finance

Today I want to introduce to your attention the analysis to the advertisement company of the program Arena-finance. I think it should be interesting not only for those who are going to make the investments but also to the investors and everyone watching this program.


Arena-finance has already been working for 10 days. According to the statistics the investments sum is $18.500, and the transactions are for the sum $3700. Meanwhile, the Alex traffic shows that the program popularity is really not bad. And there are only 48% of visitors from Russia, all the others are from different countries. We’ve also checked the monitoring and the forums and tried to study the advertisement of the program. In total, the program is added to 42 monitors, from them 4 monitors show the status Expectation, 2 have no status of monitoring, 1 monitor has the status free listing, all the others show the status Pays. All in all the investment sum of monitors is 2407$. Now let’s look at the banner advertisement of the program:


At the monitor maxhyip the text block is added at the right side, located up to November, 17.


 invest-tracing banner 468х60 expires on November, 7.


Allhyipmon 3 banners 125х125, the exact expire term is not known.


Uhyips located the banner 125х125, the term is not known.


All-hyips two banners 468х60 up to November,18.


Hyipbanker the project is attached, the term is unknown.


 check-hyip banner 468х60, the expiry date of the advertisement is not known.


pro-hyip banner 768х90, also the expiry date of the advertisement is not known.


hyip4you banner 768х90 up to December, 30.


hyipmaster banner 768х90 up to November, 27.


hyipclub banner 768х90 up to December, 6.


aim-proffit  banner 468х60 up to December 12 декабря 2012 (i.e. for ever)


Donhyipmonitor banner 768х90 up to November, 20.


tryhyip banner 768х90 up to December 11 2012(i.e. for ever)


mega-hyip banner 768х90 up to November, 8.


allhyip banner 768х90 up to November, 11, the corner banner 125х125 the expiry date is not known.


hyip-cruiser banner 768х90 the term is not known. banner 125х125 up to November, 30.


Gsmonitor  the text block is added in the left corner (for ever), takes part in the HYIP battle.


It wasn’t noticed in the context advertisements in the searchers, the banner at forums were not noticed. In total the advertisement is located at 20 monitors. 8 advertisement places were bought up to November, the others up to December and further. As for the banners we may conclude that there were located 4 banners 468х60, from them 1 is for ever, 3 banners125х125, 8 banners 768х90 and one from them is for ever, 2 text advertisements addede, one of them is for ever. In total, there were 15 banners, 2 text advertisements and attached at one of monitors. At our monitoring the program was replaced to the top 10, and also the interview and the review to the program is now prepared.


The program develops, and so the advertisements. According to the terms of the advertisement we may consider that the program is going to work in the worse case up to the beginning of December, and in the best case up to the New Year the program is going to work. So, the plans for 24 days have their place to be! And making the investments now you will be in time to earn the profit and transact it! So, everyone who hasn’t invested here yet, but think of it you’d better do it right now.   


The analysis of the advertisement company was made by Anton, one of the admins of the monitoring; in case of copying this text the reference to the original source is obligatory!



Dinamic banner 175 x 73:
now online: 122  authorized online: 1