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A look at the HYIP investors

So it turned out that, the last years I sit at many forums devoted to earnings at a network and I read (sometimes even I write) in the chats devoted to this topic. As it seems to me, the main problem of people who participate in similar investment projects is that they consider all industry very narrowly, without trying to penetrate into a global picture of the events at all. And after all on-line project industry is the huge mechanism, and it is better to consider big things at a distance, as the ancient people told.

Let's consider all players of this market and their roles, first of all let’s count them, and then we will analyze all the points specifically.

In a ring place of honor team of those who creates on-line projects:

1. Administrators of projects

2. Team of administrators — technicians, designers, a support service.

3. Black investors

4. "Roof"

The participants of these projects are in the medium place of the ring:

1. Investors -"volunteers".

2. Investors -"herd from streets".

3. Investors -"specialists"

4. Investors - "pro"

As the referee on a ring, those, who earn on one and others:

1. Registrars

2. Insurers

3. "Independent" bloggers

4. Dear “old men” at forums and chats. (pro)

5. Swindlers

6. Professional referrals

As you see, a quite good second-hand market turned out on the ring. But it is only the beginning. But you should consider that practically all participants very often try the roles of each other … But let’s talk about a bit later.

Only the clear understanding of a role of each participant, the scheme of his work and receptions will give you a chance how to behave correctly at the market and to estimate a situation objectively – having removed pin glasses and having understood, that you should not take chances, rely on knowledge and experience.

Now, we will start to describe all the players in more detail:


Administrators of online projects.

Wedo not know why, even an experienced investor imagine the administrator of online project as a certain terrorist in a mask, sitting behind a laptop with hundred wires to a proxy as if he hides. I assure you, thanks to my experience, on administrators’ online projects (I was a freelancer — the programmer in several projects and closely communicated with administrators in Skype, of course I do not know their names, and who speaks to me)) The administrator is quite adequate adult, with 1-2 higher educations and experience on a senior position. I met administrators who worked at big positions in the state structures (for example, in the cadastral register of the Russian Federation). The legend is about that that the administrator is surely the swindler and the thief in real, at last, a bandit raised by the investors who don't understand the principle of work of the industry… to direct the project which can bring hundred thousand dollars, a criminal will not be put, they need other intellectuals.

The legend that says about, that that the administrators hide behind one hundred proxies of servers  sitting in the bunker, was invented by those who vainly tried to find the administrator and did not manage to do it… or did but it was a shame to tell about results. As far as I remember, the administrators used not so terrible and easily counted anonymous programmers   and only not to be seen before administration of forums and monitors.

Nobody was afraid of investors and their search programs… for 2 reasons:

1.     99 percent of searching is gone to the flood and nobody search it.

2.     Those who find face a “roof” and regret about their searching… Let’s speak about it further.

What work does the administrator carry?

It is strange, but the administrator, in 70 percent, is a worker, who carries out the management order (who is being spoken) please, read below the text and, simply fulfills the salary (if the administrator is good the salary percent from the project income is got by him).

The administrator’s duties are as follows:

1.     Project planning.

2.     Intake of a team for service and calculation of its work.

3.     Opening of accounts for the project.

4.     Choosing of potential partners for promotion.

5.     Efficient and flexible management of the project.

6.     Closing the project and transfer of earned money.

And no more… investment plans a legend of the project and date of its closing and the administrator in 90 percent gets as the accomplished fact from his employers. If you faced the situation, in that the administrator promised to work a month more, but he went in a week – probably, he did not lie to you. He just did not know the end of the work.

 So let's start understanding that 80% of administrators are highly educated people with good work in real, for whom, online project is simply favorable business in which they are themselves are directors. They don't hide in bunkers and to put it mildly they do not afraid of investors. I never meet criminal administrators.

I meet administrators (pupils) – 15 percent and administrators (players) – 5 percent. But it is another topic of talk. We will speak about them in this blog further.

Service team of a project

These people rightly estimate and put everything in the right order the investors’ work, the topic of the project – movement, design, hosting, certificate, legend.

The freelancers do all this work – as administrators say “weeks”, because the freelancers work about a week.

The good team of a project includes: the programmer, the designer, the copywriter (the one who thinks out a legend), "psychopath"(a student from the Faculty of Psychology or a girl from the courses of Neuro-linguistic programming, who chats with you for 100-200$). Sometimes, these people do not know what they do; sometimes they do 3-4 projects simultaneously. This movement is from here and “I saw this design somewhere”.

At once I want to notice that the team is mercenaries and receives for the work the fixed rate — from 200 to 700 dollars a month. So the request not to confuse freelancers to the administrator…

Black investors

The most interesting and important people, people who are at the top of the ring, cook porridge and sponsor the creation of the project. They manage the administrator and speak when the project has failed or resell the project to the other colleagues. We will talk about resale of projects and about that the online projects are kept by low, further in blogs.

Who are these companions? You know, many of them had a talk with  many  people at forums, estimating the projects and said “ Thank you” many times These are the same investors as you, simply they understood, that playing with investors is dangerous, is better to be with administrators. One familiar administrator told me, that he always noticed that those people who were in his project lost a lot, then found him and suggested the next project to do together. Administrators eliminate some of such people, some are taken to business. After couple of projects such former fools become black investors and dictate to administrators their own rules…

“The ROOF”

"Oh the administrator I will find you and then I….” such words are seen practically in all the topics about online projects at the end. Investors train eloquence promising the recent idols and supporters terrible and painful death.

As I told before, the administrators are not afraid of it, but it not their bravery - simply behind them there is another player of a place of the top — the ROOF.

What do you think if there is a security at the company with income about 20-30 thousand a month and those who get their salary in the envelope… is it real that there are such people in online project with its income in 100-300-500?

The roof is usually found by administrators at the request of black investors - these are bandits from real, authorities on the city where the administrator lives. For a certain percent they protect dear administrator from those who will find it … well hypothetically. I heard a legend from one administrator that he was found after all by angry investors and the roof — interfered - according to my teller, those who found him were paid 3 times more than wanted to take away from the administrator and left his hometown. About the appeal to militia it is worth forgetting at once – I will write about that further.

As you can notice everything is more difficult, than it seems, but it is better to understand complex things, than that is easy to part with your own thing.

For today, it is all - I will tell about other players on a ring very soon.


Yours faithfully, Ovod



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