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Feb 21, 2020
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Feb 20, 2020
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A look at the HYIP inside!

The Article is taken from the Ovod’s blog.

Today we will talk about those, without whom there would be no industry, those who fool it with earned money more, than for the first year. We call them investors. Frankly speaking, I am against such designation of these very people. The majority of them are better to be designated as players. And many of them, unfortunately, had not passed yet “fools”, who hope, that the thimble rigger after all has a ball under one of thimbles.

Their division into the following conditional groups also depends on their understanding of a real situation:

Beginning players ("Volunteers")

Invited from the street (slangs of online projects — "herd", "victims", "neighbors")


Professionals (probably, only who can be called "Investors")

Let's consider now each of points in detail. At once I want to notice that this division is quite conditional, but is applicable to the majority of participants of the market, something like evolution of Darwin among players in online projects.

Beginning players ("Volunteers")

Everybody passes this step who wants to begin a game in online projects – the man, who has casually learned it is possible "to earn" in Internet, usually enters in Google the necessary search inquiries and s for gets on one of one thousand sites devoted to earnings to networks where finds references on online projects, monitoring, forums with discussion of projects.

And, unfortunately, the majority of these people received at once such volume of information fall into a condition of euphoria (easy earning of money! I work hard at a factory! ) and also start making the same fatal mistakes. This situation reminds me something as if a man gets into a car for first time and takes a rudder of a car at automobile school —there are  around a heap of buttons, pedals and so beautiful car but about rules of driving … forgotten, let’s go!

As such a sin, a driver investor with sin is dangerous as to the financial and physical health, and to people around.

I will list typical mistakes which are made by the beginning investor:

1.     Belief in a legend of online project ("Yes they actually trade on Forex, oil, brilliants …. ")

2.     Haste at a choice of online project (We trust the first positive response, we don't read forums and reviews — why … after all we feel success!)

3.     Pursuit of big percent ("I will quickly beat off! » "1, 5% a day? For fools! ")

4.     Inadaptability to analyze correctly online project and its potential.

5.     Ignorance of rules of division of the risks (We put everything in one project and we hold fists!

6.     We forget about a risk after the first one.

7.     We throw everything away after the first failure.

8.     Blind belief in that that is written on monitoring and the paid blogs of "specialists".

9.     Use of another’s’ or necessary means for game

10.                       Involvement of friends from real to the liked project.

It is a gentleman's set of fatal mistakes the most part of which each beginning investor makes

There is an article at monitoring and forums about earnings in a network "10 pieces of advice for the beginning investor" .But 9 of 10 beginning investors ignore this article, because the article breaks his dream of easy earnings.  It is sometimes so pleasant to be deceived that you deceive yourself.

In one of the following articles I will try to stress more detail about this topic and to give a couple of fresh advice for those who only begins his way in the industry of online projects. Beginning investors make about 80% from total number of the existing ones — they are the main donors of the market, and sometimes are unprofitable for other players …


Invited from the street

The separate group of investors which is very similar to beginners, but with one big difference — they never wanted to earn on the Internet and didn't plan to get into this market. But one fine day their acquaintance in real came to them or simply the stranger wrote on the network and made the proposal which it was difficult to be refused.

Usually the offer begins with the phrase "I earned a lot of money in one project but I need more money, will you participate?”

Further there is a link to the project and a couple of reviews. The person who has received such offer and never has learned about the industry of online projects and its rules, in 70% of cases at least expresses interest, and the applicant is convincing in arguments that gives money. Much money.

In that case, as the propagandist, was the beginning investor that most likely "any passer-by" never acted will see his money. Many beginning investors fail in such cases— attract their friends to online projects on which they are so sure, and then for years repay debts or treat.

In the case where the propagandist is a referral, the chance to return money and to get income for "any passer-by" is big, but the risk to feel being deceived is not so small.

Very often when a professional referral come to the administrator of the project for a favorable cooperation, especially they note how many people they can "bring from the street" and advise that it is necessary to change in the project that will attract new clients.

Any passers-by are often called for eyes as «herd", "victims", and «neighbors".





 The beginning investor becomes a specialist after active 2-3 year game. This person already understands to analyze correctly a condition of the market and the specific project on it. He uses all provided tools — forums, blogs, chat, monitoring.

The main fact is that he doesn't believe that online project can really work —he understands that all is a game and a pyramid.

Usually losses of such players for 10 times less than that of beginners’, but also they have more rate.

Experts make about 15% from total number of investors and very often at a given moment become referrals and owners of monitoring.


The elite among all who plays on online projects, usually they are distinguished by the following traits:

1.     They do not believe in anyone and anything. They look for a dirty trick in anything.

2.     Have a big network of referrals who listen to their opinion.

3.     Enter the project with own money very seldom. Not more often than 1-2 projects a year.

4.     Know administrators of online projects and communicate with them.

5.     Don't read reviews and don't pay any attention to monitoring besides how many bought them this or that project.

To take such an investor to the project is the main aim of any administrator and consideration to the reaction of such investors and to get to the last letter of the large projects, which plan to be long-livers. As “Giants” are spoken at many forums.

The way from the beginning player to the professional investor sometimes takes 5-9 years and costs much … after all for this purpose to teach yourself "to feel" the good project a sub cortex even if it doesn't make smart impression,  means to make mistaken and not one , but ten times.

Now I finish the description of players on this party of the market, within 2 days I will publish the most interesting part — about those, who manages to earn money, in any case, both from administrators and from investors …



Yours faithfully, Ovod





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