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Jan 17, 2017
EcoCoins  VIP  Paying
1.30% daily for 21 days
1.65% daily for 42 days
4.00% daily for 54 days
Jan 17, 2017
1.4% - 2% daily forever
Jan 16, 2017
0.3% - 1% hourly forever
6000% after 4 days
8000% after 35 days
Jan 16, 2017
2.1% daily for 12 days
Jan 15, 2017
102% - 140% after 1 day
120% - 320% after 3 days
180% - 580% after 10 days
1750% after 5 days
Jan 12, 2017
Fattoria Paying
0.1% daily forever
Jan 12, 2017
3% daily forever
Jan 11, 2017
7RingsInvestment  VIP  Paying
5% daily for 500 days
0.3% daily for 777 days
7% daily for 365 days
10% days for 250 days
15% daily for 180 days
20% daily for 90 days
30% daily for 90 days
Jan 10, 2017
5% daily for 7 days
12% daily for 14 days
25% daily for 30 days
2000% after 30 days
4500% after 30 days
Jan 10, 2017
InChina Paying
0.10% hourly forever
0.09% hourly for 360 hours
0.30% hourly for 168 hours
Jan 10, 2017
4.5% daily for 30 days
200% after 15 days
400% after 30 days
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Jan 17, 2017
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Start: Nov 21, 2014
Living: 789 days
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Nov 26, 2014
[784 Days ago]
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105-120% after 1 days
120-180% after 3 days
150-300% after 5 days
Min-max spend: 10$-10000000$

Welcome to B10 Business Group. B10 has been created by a group of professional traders and analysts, specialized in the sphere of stocks, bonds, alternative products, currencies, futures and real estate. All members of our team are exclusively grinded in the direct global financial trading, with minimum of fifteen solid years of trading experience. We constantly work on implementing unique technologies and trading schemes that allow successful trading on the market of virtual investments in a highly profitable way. During the last eight years, B10 Business Group has worked offline and primarily with private clients within Latin American, Middle East and Western European origins. In 2014, We ( management of B10 Business Group ) decided it was time to expand our amazing asset management and financial profitable services abroad by starting the B10.BIZ website. Since our founding, we have remained firmly dedicated to a consistent investment philosophy. Despite changing market settings and growth, we remain focused on adding value to our clients investment portfolios through profitable product sales, a strong commitment to compliance and better client service. Our ultimate mission is to provide our clients with low risk long-term investment returns consistently above their respective standards along with service that surpasses their expectations and those of our competitors. At B10 Business Group, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of online financial experts. What makes us different? It starts at the top with Chairman and CEO J W Philips, who earns based on commission, only after all clients have received maximum profits. We take our investors as friends and build a strong long term relationship. We like to say that B10.BIZ is a group run by experienced financial experts that uses state of the art trading technology to maximize profit margin. B10 Business Group has built a very solid reputation by providing a variety of investment products to both private and corporate investors. This reputation will only get better as more and more worldwide investors take advantage of the investment services we provide via our website. Join today and begin a profitable online investment ride with us.

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1 Plan 3 150% after No No 5 days 10$ 50$
2 Plan 2 120% after No No 3 days 10$ 50$
3 Plan 1 105% after No No 1 day 10$ 50$
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