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Aug 17, 2017
110% - 150% daily for 1 day
Aug 16, 2017
10% daily for 60 days
15% daily for 15 days
Aug 16, 2017
2% daily for 25 days
Aug 16, 2017
0.2% daily for 816 days
0.4% daily for 410 days
0.6% daily for 276 days
0.8% daily for 7 months
1% daily for 6 months
Aug 14, 2017
AtomicHorizons  VIP  Paying
104% after 4 days
1.7% daily for 20 days
5.2% daily for 30 days
2.7% daily for 25 days
5.9% daily for 30 days
Aug 14, 2017
1.11% - 1.22% hourly for 96 hours
2.78% - 4.06% hourly for 40 hours
9% - 13% hourly for 24 hours
Aug 14, 2017
4,5% daily for 30 days
5.5% daily for 30 days
1.66% daily for 15 days
Aug 13, 2017
Investco Paying
3.6% hourly for 30 hours
2% daily for 15 days
125% after 3 days
170% after 7 days
225% after 15 days
Aug 11, 2017
1.49% - 1.60% hourly for 70 hours
2.18% - 2.80% hourly for 50 hours
11% - 15% hourly for 20 hours
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Aug 16, 2017
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Start: Sep 09, 2014
Living: 1074 days
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Sep 16, 2014
[1067 Days ago]
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1% - 2% daily for no expiration
Min-max spend: 10$-10000$
About the ART-Prestige company project Subjects with a long history always find their admirers. And sometimes they become object of antiquists’ hunting. The cost of ancient things only rises every year. However the market can be a cruel one for a seller of antiques. Beginners face a lot of risks here, and they can be punished financially if they don’t win competent expert support in time. Our long-term experience of antiques sale is unique as values of our clients are unique. We guarantee the most attractive conditions for you, full confidentiality compliance and strict following all world norms established in the market of antiques. The ART-PRESTIGE company is created for professional help to the private person, wishing to sell relics and rare objects. Our main mission and objective is to make this process most convenient, civilized, transparent and favorable for a client. Services package of our company at the sale stage: Antiques buying up. We are ready to consider your subjects and to offer the most reasonable prices. Independent antiques appraisal. Our experts draw on high technologies and also carry out the correct full value examination. We will determine the original cost of your ancient thing. You learn the exact age and state of your subject, and also the originality level within a matter of its epoch and style. Antiques restoration. This difficult hi-tech process requires special qualification and knowledge of those technologies, which were used upon creating the subject. Our masters carry out a full complex of restoration actions, deal with each product with respect and responsibility, keeping its historical authenticity. Competent execution of documentation for further sale. You will have all necessary documents for setting your thing for an auction in your hands. Sales aids at leading auctions. You don’t need to choose among thousands of auctions and to conduct transactions independently. To sell your antiques to advantage is the care of ART-PRESTIGE experts.
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Plan name Profit Type Return deposit Reinvestment Term deposit Minimum Maximum
1 Plan5 1.75% daily No yes бессрочно 3001$ 10000$
2 Plan4 2% daily No yes бессрочно 1001$ 3000$
3 Plan3 1.5% daily No yes бессрочно 301$ 1000$
4 Plan2 1.25% daily No yes бессрочно 101$ 300$
5 Plan1 1% daily No yes бессрочно 10$ 100$
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