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Aug 23, 2019
10% (accruals every 24 hours) + income from the growth of shares of the company 20-40% (accrued 30 days after the deposit)
Aug 22, 2019
0.45% - 3% daily for 35 days
350% after 11 days
550% after 25 days
800% after 50 days
1100% after 100 days
Aug 22, 2019
Brandee Paying
0.5% - 1.1% per day up to 300% of the deposit
Aug 21, 2019
1.05% - 1.4% hourly for 100 hours
2.2% - 4.2% hourly for 50 hours
18% - 28% hourly for 20 hours
650% after 10 days
1500% after 20 days
7500% after 55 days
Aug 20, 2019
10% daily for 12 days
14% daily for 10 days
150% after 8 days
200% after 6 days
250% after 4 days
Aug 19, 2019
EraINNO Paying
6% daily forever
115% after 3 days
130% after 5 days
150% after 7 days
190% after 10 days
280% after 15 days
400% after 20 days
900% after 30 days
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Aug 24, 2019
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Rules request RCB:
1.We return up to high 3000%! ref. commission from your first investment to chosen HYIP and100% from all other investments, so you get all 100% ref. comission which HYIP pays us for your deposit and up to 2900% from us as an extra bonus. So your profit from deposit can increase by several times!

2. Ref. Commission doesn't return from the deposits of "internal reinvestments", that means that from deposits are not made from the account of the payment system, but from the balance of your HYIP account . Therefore, if you want to make an immediate deposit to the project, we recommend to withdraw money and then invest again, as the first deposit.

3. If you request RCb after 48 hours your spend, we return only 80%, If your spend more 7 days ago, Ref. commission doesn't return

4. Never send the application again and not try to send false applications. In such cases, you may be denied the return of ref. commission forever.

5. Do not try to deceive us in any way possible in order to get great benefits. Such as registering clones or cheating with deposits. If you request from clones account or cheating with deposit ALL your request will be rejected.

6. At this moment returns are made only from deposits made through the Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Alert Pay.

7. Ref. comission is returned within 1-3 business days from the time of claim.

8. Some administrators of HYIP funds enter a wrong size of the referral commission, often set it too high and because of this our script counts the summ for RCB incorrectly. In these cases we will manually change the size of the referral commission and the summ of RCB in your requests. With all our desire we can't pay more than fixed.

9. Who gets the ref back from 200% must write a comment on the forum Talkgold and Dreamteammoney, if not write the following ref back you will only be 100%

10. Write correct and work email, if you write not correct email, your request reject.

11. DONT USE PROXY servers, if you do request RCB a different ip from different countries, got ready to reject RCB, and explain the reasons for the use PROXY.
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