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Start: Nov 25, 2014
Living: 788 days
Our investment:
Our spend:
Waiting payouts:
Payout ratio:
118%In profit
Last payout:
Apr 17, 2015
[645 Days ago]
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2% - 3.5% per day for 78 days business
Min-max spend: 10$-500000$

UNITED MICROCREDIT ORGANIZATION LIMITED is an officialy registered investment company that works with investing capital into international micro-credit operations, You can verify the information about registration and legitimacy of umo1 limited at the following address in order to recive receive information about the official registration of the company you need to input its name in the search line ( UNITED MICROCREDIT ORGANIZATION LIMITED ) or input the registration number in the corresponding line of searching by Company No. 09279326

UMO1 Plan is available on 2 domains , and Pay attention to the color of the connection in the nevigation Bar of Your browser (Green Bar). Our company uses the validation service of Truste Certified company . Making sure that the website works , UMO1 company is also striving to achieve technical and financial safety.

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Plan name Profit Type Return deposit Reinvestment Term deposit Minimum Maximum
1 Plan 3 3% daily No No 78 days 5000$ 24999$
2 Plan 2 2.5% daily No No 78 days 1000$ 4999$
3 Plan 1 2% daily No No 78 days 10$ 999$
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