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Oct 19, 2017
DastPay Paying
102% after 1 day
140% after 7 days
230% after 21 days
400% after 35 days
600% after 50 days
1000% after 75 days
1400% after 100 days
Oct 19, 2017
Egyptos Paying
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Oct 18, 2017
10.5% - 20% daily for 12 days
Oct 17, 2017
8% - 20% hourly for 13 hours
103% - 220% after 1 day
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130% - 500% after 5 days
400% - 750% after 5 days
900% after 12 days
Oct 16, 2017
ForexVariation  VIP  Paying
1% - 1.9% daily for 10 days
Oct 14, 2017
600% after 16 days
Oct 13, 2017
1% daily forever
Oct 12, 2017
DayNight Paying
1% - 5% daily forever
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Oct 19, 2017
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Start: Oct 10, 2013
Living: 1471 days
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Oct 23, 2013
[1458 Days ago]
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6% daily for 2 - 8 days daily bonus + 0.1%
Min-max spend: 1$-1500$
Our company works in sports betting for a long time. We will not tell you about choosing the right sports exchange and using wrong book-makers’ coefficients. We will spare you the description of different strategies, such as surebet, Oscar’s Grind strategy, Martingale strategy, D'Alembert strategy, “the corridors” strategy, Kelly criteria, etc. We will not enlighten you as to who cappers are, how to choose forecasts and assess risks. We will not teach you to choose coefficients and place bets. We will not prove the importance of statistics and analytical section. All you have to know is that we know all this. We will tell you only about the fixed matches. About our most profitable though irregular earnings. Our company cooperates for long with the sources which have a wide agent network in Russian and not only Russian football. It allows us to quickly receive information about matches results of which are settled out-of-bounds. It is a case of so called fixed matches or freak matches. Notice! Remember, please: nobody and never will sell you information about fixed matches for 100-200 roubles and even for 1000$. Firstly, those who possess such information do not need a bet boom, which is liable to suspicion that match results has been unfair. And, secondly, why anybody would sell information which allows him/her to earn MUCH more That is why we don’t sell information about the results of fixed matches, we just offer you to participate in Our business with your money and to gain money with us by common bets as well as by fixed matches. And if for common bets we don’t need cash inflow, as for fixed matches a large sum are needed for “buying” information and further bets, though profit is much bigger as well. Multiply your money with us. 6 reasons for why to work with us: We are professionals in our field of work and have many years' experience. Daily increasing interest, original plans and marketing. Maximum coverage of electronic payment system. Contribute in the preferred electronic currency. Our project’s site has all necessary advantages: unique engine, cloud hosting, DDos protection, attractive design, SSL and so on. Decent referral program. Make money on invitations. Possession of information about fixed matches.
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Plan name Profit Type Return deposit Reinvestment Term deposit Minimum Maximum
1 4 6% daily No No 8 days 500$ 1500$
2 3 6% daily No No 6 days 200$ 499$
3 2 6% daily No No 4 days 50$ 199$
4 1 6% daily No No 2 days 1$ 49$
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