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Jan 17, 2017
EcoCoins  VIP  Paying
1.30% daily for 21 days
1.65% daily for 42 days
4.00% daily for 54 days
Jan 17, 2017
1.4% - 2% daily forever
Jan 16, 2017
0.3% - 1% hourly forever
6000% after 4 days
8000% after 35 days
Jan 16, 2017
2.1% daily for 12 days
Jan 15, 2017
102% - 140% after 1 day
120% - 320% after 3 days
180% - 580% after 10 days
1750% after 5 days
Jan 12, 2017
Fattoria Paying
0.1% daily forever
Jan 12, 2017
3% daily forever
Jan 11, 2017
7RingsInvestment  VIP  Paying
5% daily for 500 days
0.3% daily for 777 days
7% daily for 365 days
10% days for 250 days
15% daily for 180 days
20% daily for 90 days
30% daily for 90 days
Jan 10, 2017
5% daily for 7 days
12% daily for 14 days
25% daily for 30 days
2000% after 30 days
4500% after 30 days
Jan 10, 2017
InChina Paying
0.10% hourly forever
0.09% hourly for 360 hours
0.30% hourly for 168 hours
Jan 10, 2017
4.5% daily for 30 days
200% after 15 days
400% after 30 days
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Jan 17, 2017
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Start: Sep 25, 2014
Living: 845 days
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Jan 19, 2015
[729 Days ago]
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4% Daily, Principal back anytime.
Min-max spend: 1$-201500$

Investment club TheBorn enables you to improve your financial well-being through simple and safe investment. The club is open from September 2014 and operates exclusively on the Internet. At the heart of the club is the principle of the classic Ponzi scheme, which has an auxiliary element in the form of working capital investments in other HYIP projects. Unlike our club from other investment projects is that we do not tell fabulous stories about investments in oil, gold, Cryptocurrency and other popular destinations. We honestly and openly declare that we have a financial pyramid, Ponzi scheme, which works by raising funds in the project and their constant turnover. Auxiliary element is a partial investment in other projects, whereby the club has a small profit, which helps to extend the life of the project and to stabilize its performance. The basic idea of the club is to create a long-term profitability of the project, in which people can make money without extra effort! Because a pyramid Ponzi we do not guarantee you eternal work and we can not promise anything, if you are afraid to invest in such projects, and you like the pseudo company and trust, then leave the site and do not come here more than ever, because it's all a scam and fraud in while all management companies, banks, hedge funds are an honest company that cares about you and your wallet. I hope you get the idea, and who do not understand what should learn, learn and learn, because only education will help you to understand that in fact represent a the above types of organizations. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with additional sections of the site, which will be added later!

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