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Oct 25, 2016
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Start: Apr 23, 2015
Living: 551 days
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309%In profit
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Aug 18, 2015
[434 Days ago]
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2.1% - 3% daily for 90 days
15% - 22% weekly for 98 days
1000% - 3600% after 100 - 360 days
200% - 900% after 20 - 90 days
7% - 10% daily for 90 - 30 days
50% - 75% weekly for anytime
Min-max spend: 10$-10000$

Global company Synergy Great Limited supports talented game developer studios. We develop the most prospective of them. Synergy Great Limited is officially registered in UK. With funding from Synergy Great, video games are designed and developed for various platforms – from simple casual browser games to global high-cost multi-user projects. The company focuses on mobile, social and free-to-play massively multiplayer online games, thereby securing a constantly growing stable source of income. In the last decade, video games have occupied a special place in the field of recreation and entertainment. And hundreds of millions of people around the world find for themselves something interesting and special in the fantastic virtual worlds of video games. Development and popularization of smartphones, tablets and game consoles, are promoted by a huge increase in demand in the video game market, which is gaining momentum with each passing second, seeing an increase in countless army of fans. According to statistics, in 2014 alone, the global video game industry generated over $81 billion dollars in revenue. A significant portion of this revenue was accounted for by multiplayer games. According to analysts, the global video games market will reach $102.9 billion by 2017. This represents a compound growth rate of 8.1% per year. The company is enjoying growing revenue from investment in the design and development of projects thanks to collaboration with independent talented developer studios and creation of fresh and innovative game products. To ensure our interaction with investors and developers is as simple and efficient as possible, we have created a single online platform for investment and profit making. Stable returns for investors, funding for game developers, a lucrative affiliate program for active users – all these are joined together to form a single and unique investment platform The platform is designed with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure convenience when making payments, – international e-payment systems, as well as the popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Investing with is a source of life for stunning game universes created by talented developers for us to plunge into a world where we can achieve even more than it seems possible. Thanks to our investment platform, each investor, together with high profits, gets the opportunity to stand at the origins of new, incredible game universes, the opportunity to write the history of modern video game industry, and the opportunity to be involved in the evolution of one of the most amazing inventions of man – video games. Synergy Great – a new level in your opportunities!

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Plan name Profit Type Return deposit Reinvestment Term deposit Minimum Maximum
1 10 50% weekly No No anytime 25000$ 100000$
2 9 7% daily No No 90 days 1000$ 100000$
3 8 200% after No No 20 days 10000$ 100000$
4 7 1000% after No No 180 days 70$ 10000$
5 6 22% weekly No No 98 days 5001$ 100000$
6 5 18% weekly No No 98 days 1001$ 5000$
7 4 15% weekly No No 98 days 10$ 1000$
8 3 3% daily No No 90 days 5001$ 100000$
9 2 2.5% daily No No 90 days 1001$ 5000$
10 1 2.1% daily No No 90 days 30$ 1000$
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