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Soft – Mining is a new field of cloud mining services brought to you by the HashCoins team of mining algorithm experts.Our team began to participate in the field of digital currency mining from Bitcoin three years ago.Our goal is to allow all users to participate in the mining to come, regardless of your age, location, investment, whether the technology or have experience

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Apr 30, 2017
1% daily for 15 days
1.5% daily for 29 days
3% daily for 39 days
Apr 29, 2017
1.5% daily for 110 days
Apr 28, 2017
SkyMoney Paying
4.6% - 6.2% hourly for 1 day
Apr 27, 2017
DreamBTC Paying
5.2% daily for 25 days
3.3% daily for 50 days
1.8% daily for 75 days
Apr 26, 2017
1.8% - 2% daily for 20 days
3.6% - 4% daily for 15 days
5.4% - 6% daily for 30 days
7.2% - 8% daily for 60 days
Apr 26, 2017
0.1% - 1% daily forever
Apr 26, 2017
0.3% daily for 2 years
0.6% daily for 280 days
1% daily for 160 days
1.5% daily for 110 days
3% daily for 70 days
5% daily for 50 days
7% daily for 30 days
200% - 300% after 30 days
Apr 25, 2017
3% daily for 30 days
Apr 24, 2017
8.5% - 20% daily for 14 days
8% - 16% daily for 30 days
115% - 250% after 10 days
220% - 350% after 20 days
320% - 550% after 30 days
650% - 1120% after 60 days
1050% - 1820% after 90 days
Apr 23, 2017
0.4% - 1% hourly forever
9000% after 15 days
7000% after 4 days
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Apr 29, 2017
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Start: Jul 19, 2013
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Jul 24, 2013
[1376 Days ago]
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5% daily for 40 days
Min-max spend: 40$-8000$
Welcome to MONEYBOXProject! A huge number of people are known to have some creative talents and gifts, and most of these people dream to fully open and fulfill their potential. However, due to the realities of the modern world, we spend most of our lives pursuing material wealth, not having the time for creativity and those truly favorite things that make us feel warm and joyful. A dream of personal fulfillment turns into a beautiful, distant and unattainable mirage. Just remember who you dreamed to become as a child, who you thought you’d be in teenage years, and who you are now? Answers will be different but one thing they’ll have in common is that almost everyone are not who they wanted to be ... Moneyboxproject is the newest financial social network, whose main purpose is to help people to start making good money, while leaving the maximum free time to indulge in your hobbies. Why are we doing this? Let's just say we find it inappropriate that in today's world gifted and talented creative people are forced to abandon their dreams and try to earn money, spending their lives working at jobs they dislike. We are very sad to see when a talented artist works as a manager to support his family and a gifted musician, instead, to devote himself to his favorite occupation, works as a salesman at a local electronics supermarket... And that, unfortunately, happens to the majority of people. Talents are buried and dreams are abandoned, unattainable, ephemeral, silly... Our team, after a thorough analysis of the Internet investment market, has decided to create a mechanism that will finally allow the participants to have a high, stable passive income, without taking too much of their precious time. We believe it will enable many to sigh with relief, look around, listen to their hears, understand what things make their life a true pleasure, and maybe realize that sometimes, dreams are not so out of reach, and sometimes, all you need to do is make a first step...
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1 1 5% daily No No 40 days 40$ 8000$
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