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Oct 16, 2017
ForexVariation  VIP  Paying
1% - 1.9% daily for 10 days
Oct 14, 2017
600% after 16 days
Oct 13, 2017
1% daily forever
Oct 12, 2017
2% daily forever
Oct 12, 2017
DayNight Paying
1% - 5% daily forever
Oct 12, 2017
2.6% daily for 1 day
2.9% daily for 3 days
3.3% daily for 5 days
18% daily for 7 days
14% daily for 10 days
12% daily for 15 days
Oct 11, 2017
4.6% - 6.2% hourly for profit 110% - 150%
Oct 10, 2017
HashFarm Paying
1.4% - 1.6% daily for 120 days
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Oct 16, 2017
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Start: Jun 23, 2014
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Jun 28, 2014
[1207 Days ago]
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1,5% daily for 200 days
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12% per week for 25 weeks
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20% per week for 25 weeks
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Min-max spend: 100$-1000000$
FX Trade point has been revolutionizing currency trading in over 150 countries. Fx lead with customized technology and personal service tailored to all levels of traders. With one fx account, traders can trade currencies and commodities using their web, desktop or mobile platforms. Personalized FX training programs, Dealing Room specialists, rewarding Introducing Broker programs and innovative Institutional Partner offerings are just some of the reasons why thousands of traders choose us every year. You may be an expert trading or you may still be wondering "what is Fx trading?" Whatever your level of experience, FX Trade point is dedicated to helping you make the most of your Fx trading. We believe that well-informed traders make the best decisions. The more tools and resources you have at your disposal, the more you will be able to prepare effectively and profit on every trade. That is why we have put together this easy guide to Fx trading. Whether you're a complete novice or just brushing up on your skills, FX trade point is here to help. This educational section covers many of the methods that you can use to make the most of your trading. The goal is to make money and lower the risk on each trade. The first step to that is understanding the the tools at your disposal as well as what impacts the markets and cause movement. You will learn the terminology you need to understand economic news and apply it correctly to your trading, as well as the technical tools to help you predict price movements. These are the basic elements of fundamental and technical analysis, which are the keys to becoming a successful trader. As an added advantage you we will also get tips about using the platform and working with FX trade point so that you can begin your trading comfortably and knowing where to turn for questions and advice.
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Plan name Profit Type Return deposit Reinvestment Term deposit Minimum Maximum
1 6 25% weeks No No 25 weeks 100001$ 1000000$
2 5 20% weeks No No 25 weeks 25001$ 100000$
3 4 15% weeks No No 25 weeks 5001$ 25000$
4 3 12% weeks No No 25 weeks 400$ 5000$
5 2 2.5% daily No No 120 days 2001$ 10000$
6 1 1.5% daily No No 200 days 100$ 2000$
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