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Jun 24, 2017
3.9% - 4.9% daily for 90 days
3.5% daily forever
Jun 23, 2017
GaiaAssets  VIP  Paying
5% daily for 30 working days
120% after 10 working days
Jun 22, 2017
AplexTrade  VIP  Paying
45% - 95% daily for 250 days
Profit of the company for the day (%) * percentage plan / 100 = percentage your profit.
With a negative profit of the company: 0.25% * percentage plan / 100 = percentage your profit.
Jun 21, 2017
BTCAxis Paying
10.5% - 20% hourly for 10 hours
103% - 200% after 1 day
120% - 800% after 5 days
400% - 700% after 5 days
900% - 1200% after 15 days
1300% - 1750% after 18 days
2000% after 20 days
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Jun 28, 2017
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Start: Aug 01, 2012
Living: 1792 days
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Aug 15, 2012
[1778 Days ago]
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26.82 daily 4 days
28.30 daily 4 days
30.10 daily 4 days
32.50 daily 4 days
Min-max spend: 10$-100000$
Description: being one of the most recognized, and better in all ways in their business with FOREX trading, has received several different awards in the industry. Clients are well informed by their advisers in making investments, doing research, confirming research, and are equipped with the highest skills taught by specialized personnel whose focus is to keep our clients winning at the game of FOREX. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have some of the best clients, and some of the best knowledge in the international trading markets. company competes highly in the field of FOREX therefore we know we are the best. Decades of experience, and time in the art of confirming our facts, and about the trading focus has taken us from good results to better and better results in our quick response trading as far as the bottom line is concerned. When it comes to there is no better choice and no better solution for your international trading needs. We look at the international market and see it as an opportunist sees an opportunity. The international market is full of lucrative, and bountiful opportunity. We have found a way to keep our competitiveness up to date, and sharp. Our professionals have the exclusive training that most in the business only wish they had. The international market is like a tiger, and we have the tail and the nose at the same time. Investing with is the wisest decision you will make. We will keep your profits coming in, and your interests in our focused. Your safe investment with us is guaranteed to be reliable, and without loss. We challenge investors to join us with international exchange. Keep your bottom line in the Black, and keep your security for the future in the best and safest way possible. As we look to the future, we know that going our way is the best way with the experience, and the leaders who can help the average investor become a power investor.
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Plan name Profit Type Return deposit Reinvestment Term deposit Minimum Maximum
1 Expert 32.5% daily No No 4 days 12001$ 100000$
2 Professional 30.1% daily No No 4 days 8001$ 12000$
3 Premium 28.3% daily No No 4 days 3001$ 8000$
4 Basic 26.8% daily No No 4 days 10$ 3000$
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